ARM Yourself with Atmel | SMART


Slash Time-to-Market for Your Complex Embedded Devices

As you push the boundaries of performance and power you want the underlying design technology to be easy to use and secure. The Atmel | Smart™ line of ARM-based microprocessors (MPU) use external memory to give you the power you need for Linux and other high-performance applications. Atmel’s SMART portfolio of ARM®-based embedded microprocessor units (MPUs) gives an optimal mix of features and functions at the right price.


Atmel SAMA5D3 – Versatile, High-Performance, Low-Power Embedded Microprocessors


Building on the success of the Atmel SAM9 ARM926EJ™-S eMPUs, the ARM Cortex®-A5 based Atmel SAMA5 family is our next generation of embedded microprocessors meets your every industrial design need. Leveraging the advantages of the ARM Cortex-A processor, the SAMA5 family offers enhancements in the performance vs. power equation compared to its predecessor and to competitive products.

Operating at 850DMIPS at under 200mW, the SAMA5D3 embedded MPU is ideal for any high-performance, low-power and cost-sensitive industrial applications. These uses include control panels, smart grid devices, and bar code scanners—anything that needs high levels of connectivity, enhanced user interfaces, robust security, or is battery powered. Learn more about the SAMA5D3 family.


Atmel SAM9G/X – High-Performance Microprocessors with Enhanced Connectivity


The Atmel SAM9G and SAM9X ARM926EJ-S™-based embedded MPUs are high-performance, highly-integrated processors that deliver a rich set of connectivity peripherals, including dual Ethernet, dual CAN, triple USB ports and seven UARTS. Additional features include an integrated soft modem, high-speed serial communication, TFT LCD controller and LPDDR/DDR2 memory support. Low voltage, low power consumption and reduced system cost make the SAM9X series ideal for cost-sensitive machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Learn more about the SAM9G and SAM9X families.


SAM9N/CN – High-Performance Entry-Level Microprocessors with Security


Atmel’s SAM9N and SAM9CN embedded MPUs run at 400MHz and are the ideal devices for cost-sensitive industrial applications that require security features. The SAM9N and SAM9CN offer:

  • A solid peripheral set with multiple connectivity interfaces
  • Low power consumption and reduced system cost through innovative design techniques
  • Cryptographic engine and secure boot for highest security implementation

Design Support for Atmel ARM-based MPUs – Complete Range of Hardware and Software Solutions


Working with the Atmel SAMA5D3 and SAM9G series of embedded MPUs offers tremendous flexibility in the choice of software tools and operating systems. You can access free Linux distributions at and free Android ports on our dedicated website Android4SAM. For non-OS users, Atmel also delivers the softpack, a set of C drivers that run on our evaluation kits and can be used for board bring-up and quick prototyping. We also collaborate with an ever-expanding global network of partners that deliver hardware and software solutions-- including Real-Time Operating Systems for our embedded MPUs.

Full-featured evaluation kits make your design process easier and reduce your time-to-market. Multiple partners also offer system-on-modules (SOM). Atmel provides design, layout and Gerber files for download, as well as datasheets, application notes, and user guides. Atmel tech support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you get answers fast. Contact us at