Atmel | SMART Arm-based Microcontrollers



From home automation to smart metering to wearables and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications, a new generation of connected products increasingly powers our lifestyle. Internet and wireless enabled devices embedded with microcontrollers give ordinary “things” new powers.

Atmel makes it easy for designers to create a more intelligent, more connected world. Atmel® | SMART™ ARM®-based microcontrollers drive smart, connected devices in the era of IoT, wireless, and energy efficiency. These solutions include embedded processing and connectivity—as well as software and tools—designed to make it faster and more cost-effective to bring smart products to market. Atmel | SMART MCUs combine powerful 32-bit ARM cores with industry-leading low-power technology and intelligent peripherals.


Atmel | SMART ARM-based Microcontrollers

The Atmel | SMART product line includes microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated Flash memory and powerful embedded processors (MPUs)that use external memory. All these devices offer industry-leading power consumption and performance coupled with an easy-to-use development system.



Atmel | SMART includes the SmartConnect wireless IC family, which combines ultra-low power Atmel MCUs with wireless solutions and complementary software. The product line includes both Wi-Fi and Zigbee® modules, allowing designers to easily add wireless connectivity to any embedded system.


Smart Energy

Smart electrical grids use digital information and communications technology to deliver better efficiency, greater reliability, and lower maintenance. By enabling communication between suppliers and consumers, Atmel Smart energy products allow utilities to offer more flexible and sophisticated pricing and delivery.