Customer Satisfaction


Atmel® regularly gathers customer feedback as part of our continuing effort to improve product and service quality. This process helps ensure that we maintain excellence across our business operations.

Thanks to your responses, these surveys provide us with information we use to direct our continuous improvements. For example, we continue to refine our product sampling procedures because of the extreme importance our customers place on timely delivery.


Quality and Reliability Initiatives

As of the last available data, 88% of respondents attest to their satisfaction with quality and reliability at Atmel—a new high approval rate.

Recent Atmel quality and reliability activities include:

  • Enhancing internal customer specification review processes so that we can respond faster than our customers expect
  • Implementing a customer satisfaction program with dedicated accounts
    • Assigning quality assurance personnel to key customers in order to provide service and identify best practices
  • Unifying our change management processes so it aligns with customer expectations and prevents changes from spawning unintended consequences
  • Launching our global automotive quality improvement program
  • Developing a customer quality strategic center for Asia
    • Establishing a lab for quality/reliability testing and failure analysis at Calamba City, Philippines
    • Offering customer support through the Asia Centre of Excellence
  • Deploying a continuous improvement process dedicated to eliminating repeat failure modes
  • Strengthening the new product introduction process
  • Improving the thoroughness and speed with which we respond to customer complaints

Delivery and Logistics Initiatives

On-time delivery (OTD) continues remains a key focus, as it is for our customers. For example, we have implemented early warning processes into our sales and operation planning to reduce the time needed to schedule new orders.

Our proactive root cause investigations and corrective action processes have pushed our corporate OTD goal to nearly 95%. As part of this initiative, our customers now receive real-time feedback through an automated available-to-promise module.


Service and Support Initiatives

Atmel also continues to invest in better customer service and support systems. We are re-engineering our processes and spending more resources on technical sales support.

Thank you for taking the time to supply your feedback as part of our customer satisfaction program. We look forward to providing you with continued service and support in the future.