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Exchanging ideas with your fellow design engineers is a great way to minimize your design time and get support for your design activity. Find out what others are talking about on the various related community sites and join the conversation.

  • Atmel Community
    Join more than 300,000 members in highly-technical desscutions on designs, devices, and tools. The Atmel Community includes:
    • AVR Freaks
      The largest and most-established community focused on Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. It's a vast knowlwdge base with more than 1 million forum posts.
    • Atmel SMART ARM-based MCUs and MPUs
      The Atmel ARM-based MCU community area provides forums for discussing all topics related to Atmel's ARM-based MCUs and MPUs.
    • Internet of Tings (IoT)
      A collection of community forums for discussing Internet of Things (IoT) applications, security, connectivity, ecosystem, and services including Atmel's enabling technologies.
    • Capacitive Touch
      Forums for discussing Atmel's capacitive touch solutions ranging from touchscreen controller to devices for buttons, sliders, and wheels.
  • Atmel Spaces
    A collaboration space for software and hardware projects that work with, or on, an Atmel product.
  • Embedded Design Blog
    Bits & Pieces from the Embedded Design World

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