NEW Course Syllabus


We often get requests from our field application engineers and professors for academic teaching materials.

When tools change frequently, it can be hard for professors to stay up to date with course matter and lab exercises. That’s why at Atmel we’ve made it a priority to develop coursework that is not only cutting edge and relevant, but also written in association with our partner universities.

We have developed a comprehensive open source 16-week lesson plan, which we are making available to any professor or university, and which we believe will prove exceedingly helpful.

Take the material, adapt it as you see fit, use it, learn from it, give us feedback about it, it’s yours!



zip Folder Icon  Assignment 1

zip Folder Icon  Assignment 2

zip Folder Icon  Assignment 3

zip Folder Icon  Assignment 4

zip Folder Icon  Assignment 5

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PDF Files

PDF File Icon  Section 1 – Introduction to the AT91SAMD20 and the Development Environment

PDF File Icon  Section 2 - Port Control on SAMD20

PDF File Icon  Section 3 – Interrupts

PDF File Icon  Section 4 - Timers

PDF File Icon  Section 5 – SERCOM