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Atmel’s commitment to engineers, Makers, and tech hobbyists also extends to students. The Atmel University program offers discounted hardware, course syllabi, contests, book recommendations, and our Tech on Tour mobile training trailer which can come park right on your campus. Students and professors love Arduino, and we are here to help with that too, no matter if it is the original Arduino Uno based on an Atmel® 8-bit AVR® chip, or the new Arduino Zero based on our latest 32-bit ARM®-based chip. Don't let the "University" in the program name discourage you if you are a high school or trade school teacher or student. We love to see students of any age get excited about embedded hardware and software. You are the generation what will create the Internet of Things (IoT) that will represent the next leap forward in technology.

We offer students and teachers a 25% discount on all chips and kits. In order to get that discount, please register, and then follow three simple steps.

Atmel is pleased to present its brand new syllabus. It's open-source and free to use as you see fit.

For those who prefer watching to reading here are some "how-to" videos. Be sure to check out the videos on the Atmel YouTube channel. Here we cover everything from our new chips, to our free Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDE), to clever applications, to the fun happenings at the Maker Faire.

Here are some helpful books on our resources page. We will continue to add good books on hardware, firmware, and projects, so check back from time to time.

For you hackers and Makers, we have posted some cool DIY tutorials so you can get to building robots, digital lava lamps, and anything else you need to secure that A+ in practical electronics.

In addition, we've got the Atmel Tech on Tour mobile trailer up and running. We are reaching out to professors all over the US to bring it to your campus. We also have conventional training all across the world. We love to see students and professors and the future technologists come to our training, and you often can get a free demo kit or other promotional items.

If you are having problems, there is the famous AVR Freaks forum to help with your questions. For our 32-bit ARM-based chips there is Don’t forget that Atmel has a complete support infrastructure and hardworking field application engineers that can help you over a rough patch. Our factory applications staff also helps out professors with course materials and bulk purchases of evaluation kits.

Stay posted for more news on that on the Atmel University Facebook and Twitter page, or our Pinterest for the more visual amongst you. Make sure to check in on our blog for your daily dose of electronics news and awesome sauce.


Useful Resources for Students and Faculty

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(Students and professors are welcome to submit blogs, tips and tricks, senior projects etc. We will do a light edit and post with their byline)

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