Notice Regarding Personal Information Transfer

  1. Introduction: On April 4, 2016, Microchip Technology Inc. ("Microchip," "we," "us," or "our") acquired Atmel Corporation and its affiliates (collectively, "Atmel"). A copy of the press release is available on Microchip's website,

    For purposes of this notice, (a) "Atmel Websites" means any Atmel websites, websites hosted on Atmel's behalf, or Atmel's mobile-device applications, (b) "Microchip Partners" means Microchip's or its subsidiaries' agents, representatives, or distributors, or other third parties with whom Microchip or its subsidiaries have a business relationship with; (c) "Microchip Privacy Policy" means Microchip's privacy policy accessible at or a successor URL; and (d) "Personal Information" means any information identifying you as an individual or related to an identifiable person.

  2. Information Transfer from Atmel to Microchip: Following the acquisition, both companies have been working to review and integrate existing business operations.

    To that end, Atmel may, at any time, transfer, to Microchip, its affiliates, or its service providers, any Personal Information you or someone acting on your behalf provided Atmel electronically or otherwise, or that Atmel otherwise collected (collectively, "Your Information") offline or from your use of any Atmel Websites.

    You may have provided, or Atmel may have collected, Your Information in a number of ways including, without limitation:
    • from your application or registration with Atmel for an account (e.g. myAtmel Account);
    • your access or use of, or interaction with, any Atmel Websites (including, without limitation, when you upload, download, collaborate on, or share files or other information);
    • when you purchased or otherwise obtained from Atmel any products (including, without limitation, any software) or services;
    • when you requested technical support, return material authorizations, or marketing literature or other publications, or other information regarding Atmel products or services; or when you visited or attended any tradeshows, or Atmel-sponsored events or training.

  3. Use of Your Information. Microchip may use and disclose Your Information as provided under Atmel's Privacy Policy located on the Atmel Websites as well as under the Microchip Privacy Policy. In addition, Microchip may use and disclose Your Information in connection with the following:
    • to register you, or the company you represent, in our systems, including, without limitation, for you to have a myMicrochip account,
    • an account on, or account to order product samples from Microchip or any Microchip Partners;
    • to request you to verify or update Your Information or request any additional Personal Information or other information from you to complete the registration on our systems;
    • to activate certain Microchip or Microchip Partner software or other products you license, purchase, or otherwise access;
    • to perform data analysis, usage-trend monitoring and analysis, or fraud monitoring and prevention; or
    • to confirm validity of software licenses, and to operate and expand our or our subsidiaries' business activities.

  4. Who Microchip may share with: As part of Microchip and Atmel integrating their business operations, and as further provided under the Microchip Privacy Policy, Microchip may share Your Information with its subsidiaries, distributors, sales representatives, and others as described in our policy. For Microchip's current list of distributors and sales representatives, please visit or its successor URL. The Microchip Privacy Policy describes the purposes for which the third parties may use Your Information.

  5. Managing Your Information Post-Transfer: Once Your Information is transferred to Microchip, if you would like to correct, update, deactivate your account with Microchip, or view Your Information, please see the instructions set forth in the Microchip Privacy Policy, or please contact us at In your correspondence, please include your name, email address, account identification, and purpose of the request. We may need to verify your identity in connection with your request.

  6. Cross-Border Transfer. Your Information may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Microchip, its subsidiaries, or its service providers maintain facilities. You acknowledge and understand that the protection of Your Information will be subject to the applicable laws of each such jurisdiction, which may not provide for the same protection as your country of residence.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact us at

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Rev. 8 February 2017


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