AT91 TOOLS: PLL Ratio Computing
  1. Capture the input frequency which drives the PLL,

  2. Capture the targeted PLL output frequency,

  3. Optional: Filling in the right minimum input frequency last field or remaining blank.This field can be left blank, but, filling in with the correct information (ref. to the PLL electrical characteristics) can reduce the computing time.

and no more ....

The divider field is a 8-bit field.
The Multiplier is a 11-bit field.
The user has to be careful when he is going to use the results from this tools: The PLL has input and output frequency constraints. Look after the electrical characteristics to have more information about those constraint numbers.

Input Frequency (in MHz)
Targeted PLL output (in MHz)
Minimum PLL Input Frequency (in MHz)

Divider Value
Multiplier Value
Real Output Frequency (in MHz)
Resulting Error (in %)