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Powering the IoT for Seamless Connections

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being hailed as the next big area of growth. The specific predictions vary, but the number of electronic devices connecting to the Internet is anticipated to increase dramatically, with the IoT representing tens of billions of devices in just the next several years.

At Atmel, the IoT is already at the heart of what we do. We started preparing for the IoT a decade ago, and now offer the industry's most comprehensive, most highly integrated IoT solution.

We power the edge nodes that form the link between individual devices and the gateways that connect to the cloud. We supply makers and designers with all the basic building blocks – from embedded processing and connectivity to sensors, security, and software – and tie it all together with a rich ecosystem of design tools and development partners, so it's simple to leverage our expertise.

At each step along the way, we bring innovation, ease of use, and integrated solutions, so you can conserve power, extend battery life, ensure data security, and conform to wireless standards in the next big IoT design.

It's our way of powering the possibilities of next-generation designs.