In-System Debugging

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There is no faster way
to identify bugs!


Atmel® Studio 7 connects seamlessly to all Atmel debuggers and programmers.

One of the biggest advantages of modern Flash microcontrollers is their ability to send debug data to a PC, giving you a perfect view of what goes on inside.


Easy Updates

Fast in-system programming allows software updates to be downloaded in seconds. Self-programming and custom bootloaders allow microcontrollers to receive code updates via any interface, even across a radio link. Use a custom bootloader to encrypt the transfer and keep your code safe.

I/O View

I/O View

With the debuggers connected, Atmel Studio 7 can present the status of the processor, memories and all communication and analog interfaces in views that are easy to understand, giving you fast access to critical system parameters. There is no faster way to identify bugs and optimize a design, in the lab or in the field.



The Atmel Studio 7 simulator accurately models the Atmel AVR® architecture and AVR devices. It simulates the CPU, including all instructions, interrupts and most of the on-chip I/O modules. This simulator currently only supports AVR devices.

The simulator operates within the Atmel Studio 7 application as a debug target. This enables the user to use the normal debug commands such as Run, Break, Reset, Single Step, Set Breakpoints and Watch Variables. The I/O, memory and register views are fully functional using the simulator.