Atmel Automotive Touch

New Atmel Automotive Touchscreen Controller T-Family implementing new adaptive sensing technology


Supports Hover, thick glove and thick lens usage with superior water immunity Atmel® has further extended its portfolio of automotive-qualified maXTouch® touchscreen controllers with a new family of touchscreen controllers, the maXTouch T-family including: mXT641T, mXT449T, and the mXT225T. All these touch devices are AEC-Q100-compliant and fully automotive qualified and are available as grade 3 (-40 to +85ºC) or grade 2 (-40 to +105ºC) varients.

Part Number Optimized for screen size (inch)
mXT225T-AT Touchpad and screens of about 5”
Auto grade 3 (-40 to +85oC)
mXT225T-AB Touchpad and screens of about 5”
Auto grade 2 (-40 to +105oC)
mxT449T-AT Touchscreens up to 8”
Auto grade 3 (-40 to +85oC)
mxT449T-AB Touchscreens up to 8”
Auto grade 2 (-40 to +105oC)
mxT641T-AT Touchscreens up to 10”
Auto grade 3 (-40 to +85oC)
mxT641T-AB Touchscreens up to 10”
Auto grade 2 (-40 to +105oC)

All offering superior performance, multi-touch support, faster response time, robust operation and lower power consumption. The new T-family devices also provide dedicated embedded functionalities such as gesture calculation and filter algorithms that meet current automotive design requirements.

With these devices, you can create touch-based automotive products that support the identification of up to 16 simultaneous touches, touch size reporting, single- and dual-touch gesture calculation, communication of X/Y positions, gloved operation and the ability to eliminate unintended touches such as a resting hand on the screen or pad.


Key maXTouch Family Features

  • Seamless multi-touch performance for up to 16 simultaneous touches
  • Adaptive sensing technology combining self and mutual touch acquisitions
  • Supports 20mm hover
  • 12-bit x 12-bit touch position reporting
  • High-voltage option to double the SNR ratio
  • High responsiveness (<10ms for first touch from idle state)
  • Scan speed up to 250Hz, depending on configuration
  • Industry-leading current consumption
  • Sophisticated touch processing, including unintended touch and palm suppression
  • Noise rejection to enable reliable operation in harsh environments

Automotive Features

  • Fully automotive-qualified (Grade 2 and 3), operating within the temperature range of -40 degree Celsius up to +105 degree Celsius
  • Dedicated lens bending algorithms to ensure best linearity and accuracy when touching the screen while driving
  • Support thick glove (5mm) and cover lens (3mm plastic)
  • Usage of self and mutual capacity technologies will guarantee superior water/moisture immunity
  • Up to 250Hz scan speed, which supports character recognition (via host software) for alphanumeric inputs to the automotive HMIs
  • Superior noise handling and filtering capabilities enable single-layer shield-less sensor designs

Automotive Application Areas

  • Center stack displays
  • Navigation systems
  • Radio HMI
  • Decoupled touch pad HMI
  • Rear seat entertainment systems