Create a New Breed of Mobile Products

Our maXTouch® S Series devices—the newest in our capacitive touchscreen controller family—make possible what was previously impossible.

Atmel maXTouch S Series Chip

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Key Applications

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks and Ultrabooks
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • e-Readers
  • GPS Systems
  • Portable Media Players

Smart, Sleek and Sophisticated

With Atmel® maXTouch S Series devices, you get an array of features and capabilities that enable a superior user experience: intelligent touch processing algorithms, unparalleled noise suppression, high responsiveness, pinpoint precision and sensor hub technology that fuses together input from motion-processing sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. Build a highly responsive, high-fidelity touch experience in mobile devices from smartphones to Windows® 8-compliant Ultrabooks™ and more—even in the most punishing noise environments. Deliver an enhanced customer experience, especially with applications such as gaming and navigation.

Integrated Sensor Hub Functionality

Vivid Displays

Enhance gaming, navigation and similar applications by integrating real-time location, orientation, direction and inclination data with maXFusion™ sensor hub technology, which fuses sensor inputs from accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. With maXFusion technology, you can simplify design of low-power, Windows 8-based tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks, while enhancing the device motion experience for your customers. maXFusion technology delivers accurate sensor processing, optimized latency and low current consumption to Windows 8 products. maXFusion technology can also be used to bring real-time motion processing to Android-based devices.

maXFusion technology is also available in standalone Atmel microcontrollers. The Atmel mXF0100 is a complete Windows 8-certified sensor hub solution based on an Atmel AVR® microcontroller and maXFusion technology. maXFusion technology provides maximum flexibility in sensor support, working with devices from Atmel's sensor partners including the most popular sensors selected by smartphone and tablet manufacturers. You can also use low-power Atmel AVR® UC3L microcontrollers and your own firmware to perform sensor fusion processing.

More Vivid Displays

Build thinner, lighter smartphones, tablets, notebooks and ultrabooks with brighter, more vivid displays. A key maXTouch S Series feature, our thinner sensors let you use the latest sensor constructions with the noisiest displays, while still delivering unbeatable touchscreen performance.

Vivid Displays
Solves Noice Problems58% Thinner Devices7% Brighter Displays30x Increase in SNRFaster Refresh RatesExcellent Linearity

Stylus and Broad OS Support

maXTouch S Series controllers support both thin passive stylus and Atmel maXStylus® active stylus. Broad operating system support includes Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

» More about Active Stylus

  • High Responsiveness
  • Low Jitter
  • No False Touches

Flawless Touch Performance

Enable your customers to achieve flawless touch performance using any charger. maXCharger™ Technology, another key maXTouch S Series feature, makes charger noise control possible.


Shorter Design Cycle

You won't need to develop any firmware to configure your controller to a particular touch sensor stackup, display or charger. And best of all, our thinner sensors require no synchronization to the display or dedicated listening channels. So maxTouch S Series devices are as easy to develop with as previous-generation maXTouch devices.

maXTouch S Series Devices

The devices available in this new family include:

With 3,432 nodes, the mXT3432S provides a touchscreen controller for high-performance Ultrabooks up to 14.1" and notebooks up to 17.3" running the Windows 8, Android and Linux operating systems.

With 1,664 nodes, the mXT1664S provides a single-chip device for high-performance tablets with screen sizes of 10" and above, with support for Windows 8, as well as touchscreen-based products up to 17" diagonal running other operating systems. The mXF1664S is a touchscreen controller with sensor hub functionality for tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks up to 13", as well as for convertible laptops.

With 1,188 nodes, the single-chip, high noise immunity mXT1188S provides optimized performance for tablets ranging from 7" to 10" and running the Windows® 8 and Android operating systems. The mXF1188S provides sensor hub functionality to similar touch-based mobile devices.

With 540 nodes, the mXT540S provides optimal performance for Windows 8- and Android-based smartphones, superphones and tablets up to 7".

With 336 nodes, the mXT336S provides the ultimate interface for superphones with screen sizes up to 5.5".

With 224 nodes, the mXT224S opens you up to new design innovations for screen sizes from 3.5" to 4.3".

With 112 nodes, the mXT112S delivers a smartphone-like interface to not only feature phones but also products such as game consoles, digital still cameras and global position systems (GPS) with screens up to 3.5".