Respond to a Wide Range of Movements Instantaneously

maXFusion™ technology, integrated into our mXF1664S and mXF1188S devices, combines data from multiple sensors—accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer—to deliver accurate, real-time, motion-related information. This technology works with Windows 8- and Android-based mobile products, providing sophisticated motion detection capabilities that complement the advanced touch functions enabled by our controllers.

Your customers will notice how quickly and smoothly their device responds when they shift the device's orientation. This fast latency is made possible by our advanced and robust fusion algorithms. Because this sensor hub functionality is integrated into the controller via firmware, you can save power, cost and board space compared to what you would expend with an external sensor hub on another chip. To help you get to market faster, we provide drivers to support an array of leading high-performance sensors.

Vivid Displays

With maXFusion technology, you get:

  • Up to 3X performance enhancement through advanced fusion algorithms. This results in a visibly better user experience for gaming, navigation and virtual reality applications.
  • Up to 50 percent lower power consumption vs. competitive sensor hub solutions, and even greater current consumption savings compared to managing sensors on the applications processor.
  • Reduced design complexity with the integration of touch and sensor hub functionality in a single device—an industry first.

For non-touch-based products requiring motion detection, you can use our standalone, low-cost sensor hub controller, the Atmel mXF0100, also powered by maXFusion technology.

Key Applications

  • Gaming
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Virtual reality
  • Human interface systems

Sensor Ecosystem

Vivid Displays