Atmel MSL2012/23/24 LED Drivers: Efficient Power Management and Color Control


High-Performance Lighting Solutions with Atmel MSL2021/23/24 LED Drivers

Striving to lower power consumption in your multi-color, multi-string LED lamps? With a patented adaptive power control scheme and temperature compensation circuitry, the new Atmel® MSL2021/23/24 series of solid state lighting (SSL) LED drivers delivers the most efficient power management for high color-rendering index (CRI) luminaires.

The MSL2021/23/24 devices drive one dominant LED string and one color LED string to achieve the target correlated color temperature (CCT) and replicate the color spectrum to attain a high CRI value.  Competitive LED drivers, by contrast, are more expensive and complex to use, requiring  an external microcontroller and firmware to address temperature compensation.

The Atmel series consists of three devices:

  • The MSL2021 is the first LED driver with integrated temperature compensation for the color LED string
  • The MSL2023, with its I2C serial port and internal pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators, and the MSL2024, featuring PWM inputs, are suited for development with Atmel’s general-purpose and communications AVR® microcontrollers

Key Functions and Features

  • Color control of two-color LED light engines
  • Direct control of offline AC/DC controllers
  • Adjustable temperature compensation for controlling color over temperature
  • PWM and peak current control of each LED string
  • Accurate “white point” adjustment using proprietary temperature compensation scheme
  • Control of single or two-stage power factor correction (PFC) AC/DC or DC/DC supply via Efficiency Optimizer
  • Initial calibration at factory and storage of system defaults via integrated EEPROM
  • Smooth start-up to avoid “red flash”
  • Comprehensive fault management


Key Applications

Use the MSL2021/23/24 LED drivers for:

  • General lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Mood lighting


Get Started with an Evaluation Kit

The MSL202X Evaluation Kit will give you a head start on your LED lighting design. The kit includes:

  • An isolated AC/DC power supply that runs on universal input (90VAC to 240 VAC)
  • An integrated LED load board with one white LED string and one red LED string
  • An on-board AVR microcontroller to I2C to USB/parallel bridge for programming and controlling the LED driver

Contact your local Atmel sales office for availability.

MSL202X Evaluation Kit