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Unlimited possibilities with flexible touch sensors

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What Would You Create with a Revolutionary Touch Sensor?

What if you had a high-performance, highly flexible touch sensor that enabled you to develop products with curved surfaces, or even add functionality on edges? What would you create with a breakthrough new sensor for your touch-enabled tablet, phone or other products?

Welcome to a new era of design possibilities with the revolutionary Atmel® XSense® touch sensor technology.

  • Build light-weight, sleek, edgeless smartphones, tablets or other touch-enabled products.
  • Implement truly unique industrial designs with narrow borders.
  • Deliver a better touch experience to your customers.

The Next Wave of Touch

Consumers are demanding more robust and advanced touch-based products with larger screens and longer battery life. Traditional touch sensor solutions, however, won't stand up to these new market requirements because of their brittle nature.

How XSense Stacks Up

XSense is a flexible, film-based touch sensor. What else makes XSense revolutionary? It's the total package, which delivers:


Flexibility for curved surfaces

Narrow Border

Narrow border for larger active screen areas

Highly Accurate Stylus Performance

Highly accurate stylus performance (active or passive)

Narrow Bond Area

Narrow bond area for better device reliability

Low Sheet Resistance

Low sheet resistance for better noise immunity and lower power

Larger Touchscreens

Support for larger touchscreens, for products of different form factors