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AT24C01C/02C/04C/08C Automotive

AT24C01C/02C/04C/08C Automotive Complete

(file size: 936KB, 23 pages, revision C, updated: 09/2016)

1Kb/2Kb/4Kb/8Kb, 2-wire bus Serial Automotive EEPROM with full memory Write Protect.

AT25080B/160B/320B/640B Automotive

AT25080B/160B/320B/640B Automotive Complete

(file size: 885KB, 25 pages, revision E, updated: 09/2016)

8Kb/16Kb/32Kb/64Kb SPI Bus Serial Automotive EEPROM, supports Mode 0 and 3 operation.

AT24HC02B/04B Automotive

AT24HC02B/04B Automotive Complete

(file size: 764KB, 20 pages, revision D, updated: 08/2014)

2Kb/4Kb, 2-wire Bus Serial Automotive EEPROM with half memory Write Protect.