Application Specific Touch Controllers


Alternatives to Mechanical Buttons, Sliders and Wheels

Atmel® QTouch Capacitive sensing is available for Atmel 8 and 32-bit microcontrollers. Some microcontrollers even have built in dedicated hardware touch controller for highest sensitivite, lowest power consumption and superior noise immunity.

For increased flexibility Atmel offer a wide range of capacitive touch options.


Dedicated Touch Devices

Atmel dedicated touch devices are discrete touch controllers that require a minimum of technical expertise about capacitive sensing. Simply hook them up to touch senors on PCB and power up. With built in run time environment tracking and calibration, a robust touch solution can be achieved with very low development time. These devices are ideal for demanding applications where a single chip solution is needed. Some touch devices are designed for Safety Critical Touch Interfaces, and offer IEC/EN/UL60730 compliant design features. These are perfect fit for class B or class C safety-critical products.


Microcontrollers with Touch Hardware

Atmel offers a range of general-purpose microcontrollers with built-in capacitive touch sensing module (PTC). These devices offer high quality fixed-function touch technology supports adjacent key suppression that increases accuracy on small keypads and makes the buttons on touchscreens easier to capacitive touch sensing with a minimum CPU use, leaving most processing power for user application.


Touch on General Purpose 8 and 32-bit Microcontrollers

In addition to dedicated touch devices and microcontrollers with touch capabilities, Atmel also offer a reliable and robust QTouch library that adds touch capabilities to virtually any 8 and 32-bit Atmel microcontroller. All device families are supported, ranging from the smallest tinyAVR devices to the most powerful Atmel SMART ARM microcontrollers. QTouch Library is ideal for adding touch to your existing microcontroller, or in cases where you want to design everything yourself.