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Office Address / Description Contact Information

Climax Electronics cc

PO Box 9125
Centurion, 0046 South Africa

18 years Experience in Embedded Systems Programming, Systems Developments, Networking of Embedded Systems 

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +27 (0)82 442 6375
Fax: +27 (0)12 6652709

Accent e Technology Private Limited

#20/40, Second Main Road, Indira Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai, 600020 India

Accent offers reliable, cost effective Embedded Hardware and Software design services with emphasis on timeliness, quality and cost. We have expertise in the areas of Digital and Analog hardware, Microcontroller based Hardware & Software design, Data Acquisition and Control.

We have executed various projects in the area of Industrial Automation, Biomedical, Biometrics, Industrial communication protocols and Machine Control Systems using AVR Microcontrollers.

Some of our implementations include Modbus, CANbus & PUVA protocol. We have also developed control systems for vending machines,NDT systems, Compressors, CO2 Laser and Incubators.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: 044-4264 4268

Crystaline Infotek Pvt.

4 Crystal House #235 Navi Peth
Pune, 411-030 India Crystaline Infotek Pvt. Ltd. provides solutions and end to end integrated product development services in Embedded domain. Our focus is on developing hardware and software for various equipment, instruments, products used in consumer electronics, medical electronics, process and industrial automation, communication and so on.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +91-20-24339634
Fax: +91-20-24339635

Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

3rd Floor, Maruthi Towers #138, Airport Road
Bangalore, 560008 India Dexcel Electronics Designs is an embedded design house having expertise in 8- through 64-bit microcontroller/FPGA-based hardware as well as software development.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 10

Phone: +91-80-25216221
Fax: +91-80-25216791

Dhananjay V. Gadre

C-703, Ishwar Housing Society Sector-12, Plot-4, Dwarka
New Delhi, 110045 India Author of "Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller", McGraw Hill International, ISBN: 007134666X. Design and development of complete embedded solutions, including initial survey, prototype development, documentation, testing etc. Short term professional courses on various aspects of embedded systems are also offered.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +91-11-25079223
Fax: +91-11-25099022

Enormax Technology

27A-6, Jln PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, 47301 Malaysia

Enormax Technology was started by a small group of engineers and developers from various disciplines with the goal of providing complete product development services under one roof. With backgrounds in embedded systems, telemetry, SCADA, industrial process controls, imaging system, ultrasonic, RF communications, and software development, the founders envisioned an organization with a skill set diverse enough to bring a complete product from concept all the way to the consumer's hand.

eNormax Technology is a Research & Development firm which performs nearly every facet of R&D, design, prototype, and manufacturing of electronic products and systems. We routinely take products all the way from concept, through R&D, and into manufacturing.

With various experienced specialists skilled in R&D, circuit design, software, firmware, enclosure design, prototyping processes, and manufacturing, eNormax Technology is one of most capable product development firms.

<p><strong>Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3</strong></p>

Phone: +60-(3)-7880-2268
Fax: +60-(3)-7803-5163

HCL Technologies Ltd.

94, South Phase Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur (AMB-4),
Chennai, 600058 India

HCL has as an established Hardware Product Engineering genealogy over the past 30 years, and has the capability to take an idea from our customers and convert it in to a product using the host of services under the HCL umbrella.

Our Hardware Product Engineering services division comprises of over 700 engineers; built and refined over decades and enriched with specialist partnerships to provide specification to silicon engineering services for OEMs and component manufacturers. Service offerings include ASIC design (front and back end), FPGA design, and board design in networking, storage, computer architecture, consumer electronics, medical electronics, automotive, and aerospace.

HCL's also has over 700 engineers providing Embedded software services across different domains.

HCL has extensive experience in working with the standard 8051 based designs and also Atmel based microcontroller design. Applications: Embedded, Networking, Industrial, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 20+

Phone: +(91) 44 4226 2222
Fax: +(91) 44 4215 3333

Innovative Electronics

Blambangan 19, Surabaya
East Java, 60265 Indonesia Established in 1997, Innovative Electronics is a manufacturer of development tools, add-on modules, and custom designed control systems. We are constantly growing and supported by experienced staff in hardware design, software design, and PCB design. Our development tool products are based on various microcontrollers such as MCS-51®, AVR®, and Parallax BASIC Stamp®. We also produce Parallel Programmer and ISP Programmer Cable for MCS-51® and AVR® microcontrollers.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +62-031-5682396
Fax: +62-031-5610438

Extron Design Services Pty. Ltd.

P.O. Box 1053 Croydon 3136
Victoria, Australia Extron provides electronic design and product development services, schematic capture PCB development and firmware. More than 10 years experience with the AVR family.

Employees: 1
AVR experts: 1

Phone: +613-9761-5459
Fax: +613-9761-5609

Fluffy Spider Technologies

uite 87 330 Wattle St. Ultimo, NSW 2007
Sydney, Australia

FST are the creators of FancyPants, the award-winning software platform for developing embedded applications with advanced GUI's and high-performance multi-media.

Differentiate yourself, dramatically enhance end-user experiences, minimise hardware resource requirements and speed time to market with the FancyPants SDK, comprising API and embedded run-time. Also reach broader markets with portability across hardware and operating systems.

FancyPants benefits the innovative OEM/ODM of devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-tops, POS terminals, kiosks, digital signage, vehicle navigation and infotainment.

There's also support for multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously running within a device, including a seamless and personalisable user interface.

A fully-functional FancyPants evaluation kit is available, including C/C++ samples that run on your Linux desktop and excellent user documentation.

FancyPants is FST's flag-ship product with strategic alliances including leading suppliers of micro-kernels, operating systems, codecs, browsers, drivers and chipsets.

Optionally, FST provides custom embedded application development services, specialising in Linux and other operating systems since 1995.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +61-2-9281-9055
Fax: +61-2-9281-2944

Invetech Pty Ltd

Private Bag 44 495 Blackburn Rd. Mt. Waverley 3149
Victoria, Australia

For over 30 years Invetech has worked in partnership with clients to evaluate and develop new products and manufacturing processes for international markets.

Our 200+ staff members, from the project management, design, engineering, science and technical disciplines, possess diverse skills and experience gained from a wide range of industries and design and development projects.

Our processes, supported by our extensive in-house tools, equipment and facilities, are designed for maximum flexibility, to enable the fast and efficient development of products and systems ranging form simple consumer goods to complex biomedical instruments and production machinery.

Employees: >20
AVR experts: 10-20

Phone: +61-3-9211-7700
Fax: +61-3-9211-7703


8 Milton Street Ohai
Southland, 9635 New Zealand

We thrive on solving problems, particularly those our clients haven't been able to solve themselves.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • Digital hardware design
  • 32-bit microprocessors - Motorola 68360
  • 8-bit microprocessors - Atmel AVR, Motorola, 8051 derivatives, PIC etc
  • DSP - Texas Instruments 'C5402
  • Analog device interfacing
  • FPGAs, CPLDs - Xilinx and Altera
  • Protel DXP 2004 complete CAE
  • Firmware/Software engineering
  • VHDL, Delphi 7, C, Assembler, Matlab
  • GPS, IrDA serial protocols and interfaces
  • Mobile Satellite Telephony
  • Encryption - in software and FPGA

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +64-(3)225-4500
Fax: +64-(3)379-5354


Av. Universidad No. 160 Desp. E, Col. Centro C.P. 76000, Queretaro, Qro

Advandix was established in Queretaro, Mexico with more than 15 years of experience. Heavy expertise in the development of electronic and mechatronic applications.

Advandix experience covers the following competence areas:

  • Power electronics (switched mode power supplies in buck & boost configurations, motor control;
  • Supported communication protocols RS232/485, LIN, CAN, USB, Ethernet, etc;
  • Analog applications (sensor coupling, analog measures, etc.)
  • Digital Systems (microcontrollers, CPLD, etc.);
  • PCB design
  • Prototypes assembly and testing;
  • Training

Note: we acknowledge the value of all technical documentation (BOMs, PCB layouts, schematics, etc.) and we generate it with the same rigorous attention as the electronic design itself.

Also expert in mechatronic applications which empower us to provide with full complete products, and all the process in between.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +52 44 22 14 4048
Fax: +52 44 22 14 4048

Nanotronica S.A. De C.V.

Eje Central 879-310, Col. Narvarte, Mexico D.F.

Our company is formed by a selected group of engineers who have been designed embedded systems for more than eight years. Our extensive range of services include:

  • Hardware, firmware and software design.
  • Development of electronic products from the idea to your own product line.
  • Hardware and firmware re-engineer.
  • Printed circuit design.
  • Low cost PCB prototype and production manufacture.
  • Electronic LED signs manufacture Data loggers, ibutton & RFID readers, POS equipment.
  • Transit (Metros, Light train, bus) and automotive electronic equipment.
  • Flash memory, EEPROM memory, SPI interface, RTC, Custom & standard LCD devices, USB interface, ethernet interface, RS232/RS485 interface
  • 1 Wire communications, LED displays, Memory cards and more.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +(52)55 5669 2098
Fax: +(52)55 5669 2098

Automatizacion Int. de Mexico SA de CV / GESDC

Filosofia No. 26 Col. Industrial, Queretaro, Qro

GESDC specialize in custom hardware design and embedded software development of industrial controls, specialized communications devices (telephony), automotive controls, and embedded web applications. We can assist in any or all phases of a product's life-cycle and provide turnkey solutions.

GESDC provides consulting services that include writing embedded systems code, writing application code, designing hardware, writing specifications, porting code to new processors and assisting clients to get products to market via contract manufacturing. GESDC has expertise with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit processors, 3rd party C compilers, native assemblers and RTOS.

GESDC has experience in Hardware design, digital and analog, schematics and pcb design. Partnering with production manufacturers and it's own fast-prototyping labs. Experience in portable electronics, ultra low power design, with pc software interfaces (C, C++, VB,LabView).

GESDC has experience in Ethernet, TCP/IP, serial communications, RS232, RS485, RS422, USB1.0, USB2.0, Bluetooth, I2C, SPI, LCD interfaces text and graphics, IRDA, Modbus/TCP, CAN 2.0B, J1939Modem interfaces, RF418, and RF 433 RFID and in automotive protocols as E&C, GM Class2, Keyword 82, GM lan.

GESDC project's are related to the automotive industry, industrial, commercial products. Outsourcing services: Project basis or annual basis. English Spoken, Global Engineering Services Provider. Customized Staff Hiring for long-term projects.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +52 44 22 57 0321
Fax: +52 44 22 57 0321

Expertis Tecnologia

Rio Panuco 307 Col. Tecnologico, Monterrey N.L., CP 64700

  • Product development from concept to production
  • Hardware design (Digital/Analog)
  • Firmware development (Assembly, C, C++, Java)
  • Software development (C,C++, VB)
  • RTO's (uc/OS)
  • Ultra low power design
  • Embedded TCP/IP and RTO's
  • Manufacture services (low and high volume)
  • Printed circuit design and manufacture
  • Analog telephony embedded systems
  • Automotive embedded systems

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +52 81 83 87 6292
Fax: +52 81 83 87 6292

Innovación y Desarrollo de Tecnología SFERA

San Bernardo 214 Juriquilla San Francisco Queretaro, Qro, 76230

9 year experience in research, development & design center for new technologies, new products and industrial solutions based on software & electronic hardware (analog & digital). Located in Mexico, provides quality solutions and engineering services to the whole country and the southern US.

Our outstanding project managing experience is carefully applied to obtain successful projects on technical, time & budget aspects. Enhanced skills in requirement analysis, risk analysis, architecture designs, human interfacing, modeling, hardware design, PCB design, code standardization, programming, testing, product certifications, and final user technical support warranties trouble free developments.

Heightened knowledge on latest technologies will make of your project a highly efficient and balanced solution on price, power consumption, performance & developing time.

Main fields of research & development in recent years:Video & Telephony Devices; Industrial Process Automation, Control and ERP Integration; Electronic control circuits for Household products; Laboratory equipment for medical research; Laboratory equipment for industrial processes parameter measurements; CNC controllers & drivers; Automotive electronics; Load Cell controllers; Laboratory Equipment Instrumentation; Power Control; etc.

Ranging from low volume solutions (prototype level) to high volume designs (consumer production), and from simple to very complex developments, our professional & qualified team will exceed all your expectations. Do your project the professional way, Do it the SFERA`s way.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +52 (442) 234 19 34
Fax: +52 (442) 234 19 35


119 Lower Lickhill Rd. Stourport on Severn Worcestershire DY13 8UQ
United Kingdom

CHIPenable is an independent hardware and software design service provided by Andy Gayne, a freelance engineer who has ten years experience as an Atmel-certified Field Application Engineer with several UK Atmel distributors. Andy has many years experience of electronic product design and software implementation, gained within distribution and the industrial sector, and as an FAE provided product training and engineering support to manufacturers and design companies throughout the UK. The combination of experience and in-depth product knowledge gained through Atmel-provided training means that CHIPenable is in a unique position to provide a specialised software design service for Atmel AVR, C51 and ARM embedded processors. As well as software design services, Andy is also highly experienced in circuit design, PCB layout and the production of high quality documentation. The strong focus on Atmel processors coupled with a straightforward client relationship makes CHIPenable one of the most flexible and cost-effective design support solutions for Atmel devices that is available in the UK today.

Contronix GmbH

Gohliser Strasse 22 01159 Dresden
Germany Industry automation, test and measurement, AVR programming in E-LAB AVRCo Pascal, circuit design etc.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +49-351-48292-12
Fax: +49-351-48292-22

Coastform Systems, Ltd

U18 Dinnington Business Center Outgang Lane, Dinnington Sheffield S25 3QX
United Kingdom

  • Consultancy, design, development, through full production
  • Early adopters of AVR
  • Established 1990
  • Hardware and software designs for innovative embedded solutions
  • Embedded software written mostly in C with some assembler where necessary
  • Broad range of embedded solutions from LED flashers to hydraulic lift controllers, from simple I/O units to fully networked RFID access control systems, from capacitive proximity sensing plates to touch-sensitive keyboards
  • Networking systems including RS232, RS485, CAN and internet
  • Multi-processor solutions with intra-processor communications
  • PC connectivity for configuration and real-time monitoring
  • Local or remote(internet) connections via bespoke Windows software
  • Dynamic Web servers / Web browser interfaces
  • Windows software written in C++

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +44-(0)1909-561470
Fax: +44-(0)8700-516793

egnite Software GmbH

Westring 303 44629 Herne
Germany egnite develops and supports AVR software and hardware for embedded TCP/IP and audio applications.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +49-2323-925375
Fax: +49-2323-925374

Embit srl

Via Emilia est, 911 - 41100 Modena
Italy Description Embit srl develops innovative solutions and services exploiting the potentials of short range wireless technologies and embedded systems. Embit means experience and excellent know-how on wireless technologies such as WiFi, IEEE 802.1.5 4, ZigBee, Bluetooth, UWB and RFID, offering innovative solutions and exclusive services. The company focuses on the development of spread intelligence systems able to interact with each other: small embedded systems can communicate and interact in a local network, thanks to the wireless technologies mentioned above. Embit assists its customers in the development of ad-hoc wireless solutions for embedded systems, starting from the feasibility analysis, design & development of new applications, to the production of pre-competitive prototypes, for customers operating in fields as logistics and transportation, home and building automation, healthcare and automotive. Embit wireless knowledge ranges from Wifi/IEEE 802.11abg to ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, from Bluetooth to UWB, from RFID up to proprietary solutions.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +39 059 371714
Fax: +39 059 3680498


Ingenieur-Systemgruppe Zahn Hinterm Dorf 29D-76199 Karlsruhe
Germany ISZ has been developing microcontroller based systems for more than 12 years now. We are offering both customer specific hardware and firmware solutions and also provide manufacturing capabilities by our partners. Our major customers are well known automotive industry suppliers, famous car manufacturers and industrial equipment manufacturers. The main target of our company is to develop affordable high quality, high speed systems with low power consumption that meets the customers needs 100% and fit all the requested EMC requirements like CE and E1. Due to our experience in the automotive industry we are also developing our own products like data logging systems for long term data acquisition, based on ATMEL microcontrollers and ATMEL memory products. At the moment our company owns three complete, equipped development workshop places (including IAR C compiler for AVR, Keil C compiler for AT89xx, ATMEL AVR Emulator, several programming boards etc).

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +49-(0)721-509806-11
Fax: +49-(0)721-891051


Carl-Friedrich-Gauß Str. 2 47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Germany Mobile communication, automotive, Bluetooth.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +49-2842-981-443
Fax: +49-2842-981-499

In-Circuit GmbH

Königsbrücker Str. 69 D-01099 Dresden
Germany Our Company has done >100 Designs with AVR, AVR32 esp. AP7000 with Linux running, Xmega, Atmel Radio chips together with mega1281 or Xmega128A1. Specialized in Building up Linux Systems and Low power Radio Sensor networks.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +49 351 4266850
Fax: +49 351 4266849

Iniveo Limited

60 Ashbourne Road Leek
Staffordshire, ST13 5AT United Kingdom

We have provided solutions in a wide range of applications.

Our main differentiation is our wireless skills and equipment.

Examples of past design work:

  • Use of AVR as a system health monitor
  • ETX baseboard with 8 integrated AVRs
  • Power manager for GSM / GPRS radio
  • Zigbee radio module

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +44-1538-373707

synertronixx GmbH

Vahrenwalder Str. 7 30165 Hannover

synertronixx is an electronic engineering design house, located in Hannover, Germany. We are dedicated to providing engineering services for embedded system design that fulfill the user's requirements, while maintaining a simple, quick, and effortless interface to our customers needs. Weve specialized in the design of 8 to 32-bit microcontroller-based systems for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. Our design areas include analogue, digital, embedded system design, bus systems, pcb artwork and RF up to 7 GHz.

Our design services cover a broad range of system design:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Metering, Measurement
  • Green, battery and ultra-low power design
  • Microcontroller hardware: AVR, 8051, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex M3
  • Wireless applications: ISM, WLAN, 802.15.4/Zigbee
  • Fieldbus: RS232/485, CAN
  • Connectivity: WLAN, Ethernet, USB
  • Customized Embedded LINUX Support and Distributions

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +49 511 9357 670
Fax: +49 511 9357 679



Working on development / consultancy since 2003, Multiplo has specialized in the design and construction of Mobile Robots as well as in robotics Software, both for the Industry and the Academic fields.

We use AVRs widely in our designs, specially in our main / flagship product: Multiplo™, a Hi-Tech Constructive System, specially targeted to allow the user to design and prototype his own fully-functional robots.

In the Research / Academic area, Multiplo is working together with researchers and educational institutions via formal cooperation and development agreements.

We have also experience in CNC Machine Controllers, Servocontrol development and in hi-level industrial software integration.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +54 (11) 4704-7468
Fax: +54 (11) 4761-4165

Alejandro Weinstein

1 Norte 525, Of. 505., Vina del Mar

Experience in developing embedded systems for industry applications, including telemetry, communication interfaces and others.

Experience in developing embedded systems for the home market, including light control and home automation.

The projects involve the integration of AVRs with other peripherals, like RF transceivers, cellular modems, flash memories, iButtons and others.

Phone: +56-32-687497
Fax: +56-32-687497

Apexar Technologies S.A.

Malaver 3797, (B1605BDM) Munro, Buenos Aires

We are a company dedicated to the design of products and integrated systems through the development of hardware and software.

We are specialized in the area of microcontrollers, communications, base and application software and embedded systems for controlling, networking and medical equipment.

We have great experience in working with ATmega core. We have designed our own real time operative system and our own graphic engine for the AVR.

In the medical area we have made several projects as an Intensive Care Neonatal Incubator, Humidity Servocontrol Module, Oxygen Servocontrol Module, a Tabletop Pulse Oximeter among others. In other areas we have also made an AVL Integrated System, a Beacon Control Module, a Servo Position Control of a Guillotine.

We also make:

  • Schematics and PCB Design.
  • Software and hardware redesign in any development stage.
  • Specialized consultancy.
  • We make a product out of your idea!

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +54-11-4747-1616
Fax: +54-11-4747-1616


150 Duquet Ste.Thérèse, Québec
Canada Expert in intelligent distributed control systems based on programming microprocessor networks to support specific local functions, CIMEQ has identified high-potential market segments using short-range wireless network technology and is pursuing the mission of becoming Quebec's standard-setting laboratory and unique centre of expertise in this industrial field. The CIMEQ also offers the following services: electronic circuit and systems design, hardware and software design, technology transfer and technology watch.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: (450) 971-7820
Fax: (450) 971-7802

SH Scientific Systems Ltd.

860 Malaspina Crescent Nanaimo, BC V9S 2Z7

SH Scientific Systems Ltd. specializes in the areas of measurement, control and data analysis. Specific expertise and experience is available in the following areas:

  • Research and Development (R&D) project planning and documentation
  • Electrical Engineering, focusing on microelectronics and hardware/software integration
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): development of algorithms and their implementation on Motorola and TI DSP devices
  • Microcontroller-based measurement and control systems: design and development using Atmel flash-based devices
  • Modeling and problem formulation: development of science-based models of processes, leading to the optimization of solutions
  • Oceanography and coastal marine management
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Water quality instrumentation and data analysis
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS): development of GIS databases and applications

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: (250) 753-2466
Fax: (250) 753-2466

DFM Technology, Inc.

10043 Park Dr. Surrey, BC
Canada DFM Technology Inc. has extensive experience in solving customer's problems using innovative solutions. We help the client understand and identify their goals. We then document these goals and create a roadmap to attain these goals. We believe the client needs to be involved in the solution so they have the understanding of the solution for later reference. Then we work hard to achieve the goals set out and hang around until victory is attained. We then are available to support the project through the life cycle of the project. Our streamlined corporate structure allows the flexibility that our clients require.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: (604) 671-3153
Fax: (604) 582-1385

Dunn Engineering Inc.

Suite 801, 1280 Old Innes Rd.Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5M7

Dunn Engineering Inc. (DEI) is an electrical/electronic technology company that provides design and development services, aimed specifically at meeting corporations' outsourcing requirements. They offer a full range of services to provide clients with complete turn-key solutions, including: system and circuit design; firmware and software development; prototypes; system integration / testing / commissioning.

Dunn Engineering's experience and expertise includes: Microcontroller / DSP / FPGA Design; Analog design; Power electronics; PCB design / layout; Firmware; GUI / Database software. DEI's comprehensive services and excellent technical skills are complemented with a rigorous development process, well planned and structured project management with clear, achievable milestones, and flexible, highly responsive customer service. Dunn does everything they can to help its clients meet their objectives and deadlines.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: 613) 248-9588
Fax: (613) 248-3411

Kramer Consulting Limited

12 Falconer Dr. Unit 3 Mississauga, ON

Phone: (905) 858-3170
Fax: (905) 858-7523

Pacific Design Engineering

8505 Eastlake Dr. Burnaby, BC V5A 4T7

Pacific Design Engineering (PDE) is a product design company. We provide contract engineering in specialized areas and can assume turnkey design responsibility for a complete product, from idea to production. Featuring a quality-driven design methodology that ensures integrated and engineered solutions, we specialize in Product Strategy and Industrial Design, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Design, RF/Wireless Product Design, Solids Modeling & Analysis, Printed Circuit Board Layout, Precision CNC Machining, Design/Build and New Product Introduction. Since 1988 our team of award-winning designers have successfully completed projects for clients from consumer and medical products to telecommunications and heavy industries, helping them get to market quickly with winning products.

Our Electronics Engineering group is focused on micro-controller development of low power and mobile applications for our clients. We have extensive experience with computer input devices and have developed many devices for the high volume consumer market. We have also integrated micro-controller development with our extensive RF capability in low power 27MHz design and 2.4Ghz spread spectrum applications.

Employees: >20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: (604) 421-1311
Fax: (604) 421-9202

Blank Slate Technologies

3327 Trelawny Cir. Mississauga, ON L5N 6N6
Canada Blank Slate Technologies is a contract engineering firm. We provide design, prototyping and production in the area of Embedded Control, Digital and Analog Design, Software Development (Assembly, C, C++, Embedded and PC Applications), Telecommunications, Peripherals, Machine Control, etc.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: (905) 824-2760
Fax: (905) 824-3040

Scientific Solution, Ltd

P.O. Box 627 672 Barriere Lakes Rd. Barriere, BC V0E 1E0

Scientific Solutions Ltd. offers complete design, prototyping, testing, and evaluation services for electronic and electro-mechanical devices and can provide other technical services at all stages of product development.

We have provided specialized designs in the fields of digital, analog, mixed signal, ultra low power, wireless, real-time applications. Many of our successful designs have been manufactured in volumes well into the millions of units.

Aside from providing you with the winning design solutions you need, we can generate complete project and/or manufacturing specifications including: schematic design, full bill of materials, simulation and testing results, PCB design and Gerber files, firmware source and programming files, assembly and fabrication drawings, end user documentation, and manuals.

For successful designs, contact Scientific Solutions Ltd.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: (250) 672-9222
Fax: (250) 672-9214

Pioneer Microsystems, Inc.

1322 Regency Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Pennsylvania United States

Embedded systems design and development, including:

  • Embedded system hardware design from Schematic to PCB and all steps between.
  • Embedded system software design, with or without having designed the hardware.
  • Heavy experience in portable applications with character and graphic LCD display.

Analog circuit development:

  • Instrumentation, op amp circuit design, low noise, precision.
  • A/D interfaces include SAR, slope, and sigma delta.
  • Motor controler design includes stepper, servo, PM DC, and brushless DC. To 6Hp.
  • Switched mode power supply development includes off line, DC/DC, high power.
  • When performing motor and power supply design, we use a circuit network analyzer to study stability.

General design specialties: Our specialty is product reclamation, where obsolete parts have driven a product into a crisis situation. We also perform design reviews on BOM availability, and perform Design For Manufacturability studies.

We work in C for software, and thru hole and SMT for hardware. We can write programs for Windows. We have a small CNC machine for manufacturing parts.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (412) 369-9920
Fax: +1 (412) 369-9014

Avayan Engineering Services

P.O. Box 994 Webster, NY 14580
New York United States Engineer Jose I Quinones has been working with embedded system design for well over 5 years. Four years ago, the expertise shifted from Motorola and Intel architectures to the AVR 8 bit RISC microcontrollers. Thanks to the powerful coding scheme and the extremely versatile development tools, AES has been able to come up with solutions for motion control applications, sensor interfacing, data acquisition, serial communications, complex time waveform generation and many other algorithms. AES expertise relies on assembly coding but C coding knowledge is also made available to customers.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (585) 305-5430

Innovation Design and Solutions, Inc

1044 Washington Dr. Centerport, NY 11721
New York United States Low-power embedded applications, wireless and internet connectivity, telecommunications, design cost reduction, system optimization for speed and performance.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (631) 427-1112
Fax: +1 (631) 427-0656

Microprocessor Designs Inc.

P.O. Box 160 65 Longmeadow Dr. Shelburn, VT 05482
Vermont United States We are an established product design and development firm specializing microcomputer based hardware and firmware from concept to completion. Our specialty is designing with small microcomputers designed for real-time tasks such as sensors, actuators, motors, etc. The group is familiar with a wide variety of microcomputer as well as standards and protocols and can therefore see projects to fruition efficiently. Projects typically include Product Feasibility, System Design, High Level Design, Low Level Design, Prototype and Transfer to Manufacturing phases. In addition, the team stays involved during production to assure product quality by developing sophisticated functional testers and incoming inspection test stations.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (802) 985-2535
Fax: +1 (802) 985-9106

Odic Incorporated

37 MacArthur Ave. Devens, MA 01434
Massachusetts United States

We are embedded design experts with a diverse set of design successes, including medical, consumer, communications, and control products.

We specialize in small, battery powered embedded applications.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (978) 487-1210 x12
Fax: +1 (978) 487-1510

Paragon Designs LLC

4 Northfield Ln. Bay Shore, NY 11706
New York United States

Paragon Designs offers expertise in electronic design, development, and advisory services including system architecture, algorithm and software development, embedded programming, analog & digital circuit design, motion control, PCB layout, and documentation.

Specializing in embedded process monitoring and control applications utilizing:

  • AVRs, and other 8/16 bit processors, DSPs, FPGAs
  • Communications (UART, USB, CAN, I2C, TWI, SPI, Ethernet, Wireless)
  • User Interfaces (Windows GUIs, graphical LCDs, touchscreens)
  • Sensors (thermal, pressure, vacuum, optical, hall, incremental and absolute encoders)
  • Analog (precision low noise, high-speed detection, sample-hold, isolation, and A/D, D/A conversion amplifiers, laser diode amplifiers and modulators)
  • Motors: Brush, Brushless, Stepper, Sync AC (Position, Velocity, Torque, and PLL servos and microstepping controllers)
  • Software/Firmware (Visual Basic, C, assembly)
  • Schematic entry PCB layout (Viewlogic/Workview Office, Pads PowerPCB, Orcad Capture/Layout)

From complete turnkey solutions for new product development to performance and operator/communications interface enhancements of existing products we provide the technology to set your product apart from the competition.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (631) 987-0324

Sunrise Labs, Inc

5 Dartmouth Drive Auburn, NH 03032
New Hampshire United States Sunrise labs excels in architecting and implementing embedded micro-controller applications for medical devices, instrumentation, and high reliability industrial applications. Our full time team of over 20 engineers has significant technical expertise in diverse engineering disciplines including: complex analog and digital circuit design; multi-tasking real-time systems; hardware; embedded and pc software; and systems integration. Sunrise Labs has been developing products that work for over 17 years. Our engineer listen, query, confirm and understand your goals. We then incorporate that knowledge, combined with our experience to make the critical recommendations around system level trade-offs required to drive optimal architecture and technology decisions.We work with clients to leapfrog competition, accelerate project schedules and allow internal engineering resources to stay focused on core competency areas. Please contact us to learn more and set up a complimentary brainstorming session to discuss your technical challenges!

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (603) 644-4500
Fax: +1 (603) 622-9797


115 Cedar St. Milford, MA 01757
United States TechEn has developed solutions for medical products, short range wireless networks, automotive systems, industrial systems and research instruments using AVR controllers. TechEn has experience with the full range of AVR microcontrollers, including the MegaAVR and TinyAVR. TechEn provides a full range of design services, including: conceptual development, circuit design, firmware development, PCB layout, prototype fabrication, and lab and field test.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (508) 478-0042
Fax: +1 (508) 634-3208

ABL Controls, LLC

2120 South Calhoun Rd. New Berlin, WI 53151
New Berlin, Wisconsin United States

We have developed over 50 industrial control products utilizing Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Designs include the full range of AVR models, from AT90S1200 and ATTiny through ATMegas. Active projects are using current-generation models including Tiny2313, Mega48/88/168, Mega162, Mega169, Mega16, Mega32, and Mega64. Applications include counters, timers, encoders, pressure regulators, HVAC, stepping motors, door controls, monitors, and other controllers in a variety of industries such as food processing, chemical, industrial, and commercial. Most products have communications capability with interfaces such as RS232, RS485, Modbus, DeviceNet, IrDA, and USB.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (262) 782-3800
Fax: +1 (262) 782-3800

AVID Technologies, Inc.

2112 Case Parkway South Twinsburg, OH 44087
Ohio United States

AVID Technologies provides design services to companies involved in electronic product design and production. A complete spectrum of Engineering Services is available from AVID, including the following:

  • Full Turn-key Advanced Electronic Product Creation
  • Product Definition (Concept, Architecture, Technology Plan, Specification)
  • Electronic HW Design and Development (Circuit Design, Simulation/Analysis, Design Reviews, FMEA, Reliability Prediction, DFM, Prototyping, Pre-production)
  • Software Design and Development; C & Assy. (Design and Coding, Debug and Design Verification, Design Reviews, SW and Product Documentation)
  • PCB Design and Advanced Packaging (Critical layout, High Speed Signal Integrity, Controlled impedance, Multi-layer, High Density, SMT, Double or Single Sided Placement, CAM Setup/Penalization, High Vibration/Shock environmental constraints)
  • Industrial and Mechanical Design (3D rendering, design, rapid prototyping and tooling, fabrication or forming, using ProE, SDRC, and AutoCAD)
  • Compliance Testing/Certification (Product Validation, CE Mark, UL, CSA, FCC, Intrinsic Safety, SAE, MILSPEC)
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Mgmt (Sourcing, Prod Test Devel, scheduling, Prod Support)
  • Project Management (Project Planning, reporting, risk management, contingency planning, budgets, Task and project reviews AVID's experience cuts across all markets, in multiple areas of technology, with the capability to address all or a portion of our client's product development needs

Employees: >20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (330) 487-0770
Fax: +1 (330) 487-0777

Creation Technologies, Inc.

400 W Bell Court, Suite 350,
Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154 United States

Creation Technologies has completed numerous complex designs using the ARM microcontroller family, QTouch Cap Touch product line, the megaAVR microcontroller family, and the tinyAVR microcontroller family.

Creation Technologies provides focused and responsive design and manufacturing for medium-volume, complex electronic products (13 manufacturing locations). Creation Design Services completes end-to-end (turnkey) product designs. Design capabilities include: Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, Firmware Design, and Software Design. In addition, Verification and Validation Testing along with Risk Management are completed on projects.

Creation Design Services maintains ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications. Creation has significant experience with the design and manufacturing of medical devices requiring 21 CFR 820 (FDA QSR Classes I, II, and III). Creation engineers excel at design for medical, industrial, and wireless applications.

Employees: > 1000
AVR experts: 5-10

Phone: +1 (414) 216-0151
Fax: +1 (303) 674-1020

Design Concepts, Inc.

5301 Buttonwood Dr. Madison, WI 53718
Madison, Wisconsin United States Design Concepts is a 30-year-old company that offers design, consulting, and engineering services. Our staff consists of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers, and prototype specialists. Embedded control designs have included RF data transmitters and receivers, DC, AC, and Stepper motor control applications, sensor interfaces which include pneumatic, optical, magnetic, and accelerometer sensors, low power/low current battery applications and high voltage/high current applications. Products have been developed for the laboratory equipment, consumer, industrial, agricultural, and food industries.

Employees: >20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (608) 221-2623
Fax: +1 (608) 221-2133

InCircuits, Inc.

4284 Reiland Lane, Shoreview MN 55126
Minnesota United States

Engineering Solutions that Enable Your Technology.

InCircuits Incorporated provides electrical engineering design and development services for custom electronics using professional CAD tools and Laboratory equipment. This gives InCircuits, Incorporated Engineering the capability of providing you with high quality and highly reliable product designs that are timely and cost effective. InCircuits, Inc. has developed many new products using AVR micro-controllers.

InCircuits, Incorporated Capabilities and Experience includes the following:

  • System Design
  • Sensor Design
  • Analog Signal Conditioning, Analog Signal Processing, Analog Circuit Design
  • Micro-controller, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Circuit Design
  • FPGA development
  • RF Wireless data link development
  • Power Supply Design
  • Stepper and DC Motor control
  • Circuit Simulation, Mathematical Analysis
  • Schematic Design, Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Software Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Proof of Concept and Breadboard Assembly
  • Manufacturing Prototype Verification and Validation

How You Can Benefit

  • Experience in new product design, we treat your products as if they were our own
  • Significant expertise in software and electronics based device technology
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Competitive pricing results in a much higher expertise to dollar ratio for your project

How Can We Help You?

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (651) 765-4225
Fax: +1 (651) 765-4226

Indesign, LLC

8225 East 56th St. Indianapolis, IN 46216
Indiana United States

Phone: +1 (317) 377-5465
Fax: +1 (317) 377-5455

Intellivention LLC

1009 Kettle Woods Dr. Verona, WI 53593
Verona, Wisconsin United States Formerly Oberstar Consulting, Intellivention LLC provides mechanical, electrical hardware/software design/development for high reliability control/instrumentation systems as well as laboratory & teaching equipment. Our services include analog and digital circuit design, PCB layout, fabrication, and support software (C & assembly), mechanical design, prototyping, and manufacturing. We have over 15 years of high reliability embedded systems development specializing in control, instrumentation, and signal processing - including space flight hardware development, human performance instrumentation, seven-axis robotic manipulator for spaceflight; STK500 - development system expansion cards (providing additional digital/analog I/O, encoder counters, CAN, RS485, LCD, and 4x4 keypad), AVR based embedded wireless data loggers, online motion control with data logging, coordinated control system hardware development for NASA's BioPLEX Material Handling System robot, AVR based embedded internet/Keypad/LCD kits, and Stepper motor controllers.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (608) 347-3667

Matrix Product Development, Inc

13 North Bird St. Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin United States

Matrix Product Development prides itself in its complete realm of experience, encompassing both electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. This includes SolidWorks modeling, plastics, electronics and prototyping.

Matrix Product Development has experience in circuit design, plastic and enclosure design, rapid prototyping, electronic packaging, embedded controllers, software in C or Visual Basic, custom sensors, smart sensors, internet appliances, access control, wireless communication, RFID, stepper motors, food processing equipment, cleaning systems, software, and 3D modeling. This provides a unique opportunity to find all that you need to get your project on its feet, all in one company.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (608) 834-1661
Fax: +1 (608) 834-6443

Shellitron Electronics

9160 Nottingham Way Mason, OH 45040
Mason, Ohio United States

Shellitron successfully develops diverse arrays of projects for its demanding clients. These embedded processor based systems can be rapidly programmed & prototyped at our facility, including PCB layout.

With 20+ years experience, our expertise includes the following specialties:

  • Precision medical analog & digital signal processing Processor based PWM motor drivers.
  • Switching power supplies & smart battery chargers.
  • Laser driver and infrared low-noise detector electronics.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • PLL & AGC processor based smart tuning.
  • PC system control via visual Basic & LabviewPrecision sensors (sub-arc second) & accelerometers.

Contact Shellitron to discuss how we can quickly turn your concepts into real products at reasonable rates.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (513) 398-1860

Teleffects Systems

5355 S Tuckaway Ln Greenfield, WI 53221
Greenfield, Wisconsin United States 30+ years experience in hardware and software development including CAN, Lin, and Ethernet, graphical user interfaces, industrial, medical and automotive controls.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (414) 282 8225

Tonka Tronix

Champlin, Minnesota United States

Electronic Design And Proto Type Manufacturing

A Full Service Electronic Design Consulting Service

Embedded Microcontroller Design, Software Design, System Design

Tonka Tronix, Inc. is a full service electronic design consulting service specializing in Atmel Embedded Microcontroller based designs.

The advantage of Tonka Tronix, Inc. is that you have the talent and manpower when you need it, without the additional overhead when the project is completed. With Tonka Tronix, Inc. you pay only for the services when you need them. From concept to production or anywhere in between, Tonka Tronix, Inc. can assist you in your designs. A few of the services available are:

  • Overall system design
  • Schematic capture
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Proto type assembly and testing
  • Software development - Micro Controllers - Assembly, C
  • Software Development - PC - Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Linux - C, C++, Java, HTML
  • Electronic Component Purchasing
  • Product Cost Estimating
  • EPROM/EEROM/FLASH/PAL/GAL/ Microcontroller Programming

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (763) 201-1020
Fax: +1 (763) 201-1022

Transition Engineering, Inc.

14 Denny Pl. Cincinnati, OH 45227
Ohio United States Embedded Software Design, Altera Programmable Logic, ASIC design, Digital Signal Processing. Covers both Hardware and Software in all areas.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (513) 271-5177
Fax: +1 (513) 271-4443

ControlTek, Inc.

204 SE Stone Mill Dr. Suite 225 Vancouver, WA 98684-3507
Vancouver, Washington United States Embedded Systems for industrial, medical and commercial applications. Expertise in hardware, firmware and software design using 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers, microprocessors and DSP.

Employees: >20
AVR experts: 1-3

Fax: +1 (360) 896-9913

Embedded Engineering Services, Inc.

3236 13th Avenue West Seattle, WA 98119
Washington United States

12+ years experience developing complex circuits and software solutions for embedded environments including two solid years of development using the AVR Core and FPSLIC devices. Microcontroller based systems include:

  • Compact Image Scanner
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Enclosure Monitoring System
  • Digital Audio Format Converter
  • Gaming System Display Driver

Microcontroller designs represent only a small subset of our expertise. Embedded Engineering Services, Inc. provides direct electrical engineering consulting services for all hardware and software components of embedded products. From engineering assistance on large systems, to full project management of turnkey and combined design efforts we have the experience, skills, and resources to drive your product from conception to production and everywhere in between. We encourage you to visit our website and see for yourself the advantages of engaging with eES for all your electrical engineering resource needs.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (206) 691-0650
Fax: +1 (206) 691-0651

Embedezyne LLC

2555 Westfall Road Sparks, NV 89436
Nevada United States

As a team of experienced designers in all aspects of product development, Embedezyne LLC is dedicated to providing turnkey hardware and software needs for our customers. We are a dynamic company and seek to find solutions to customers needs, whether it be cutting edge technology or existing legacy products, we meet our goals.

We have expertise in many designs, to name a few are LVDS to DVI Conversion Controller, Ethernet to USB Converter, LVDS backplane board design, PCI Video Graphics Card, Wireless communications controller, PCI Audio Card, PCI NIC Card, Automotive Controller, Buck, Boost, SEPIC Converters, Embedded Controller Boards, Fiber communications board, Firmware and hardware coding for embedded controller, Programming C, C++, and Assembly, GUI Test applications, USB 1.0 and 2.0 full speed and high speed host and device controllers.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (775) 250-2995

Encore Electronics

611 Laird Lane Lafayette, CA 94549
California United States Pro Audio and Electronic Music related products. Midi controllers, and other real time user interfaces.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (925) 360-5495
Fax: +1 (925) 957-1568

Infinetix Corp.

2721 North Van Marter Suite 4 Spokane, WA 99206
Washington United States Embedded System development, EE, SW, PCB Layout. DSP expertise, Embedded Web Server Products. Instrumentation and control applications.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (509) 922-5629
Fax: +1 (509) 927-4318

JEM Innovation Inc.

125 Stearman Ct. Erie, CO 80516
Erie, Colorado United States Complete product development; from conception through production. JEM provides electrical design, board layout, software/firmware development and mechanical design. All focused on manufacturability. We also provide complete assembly and test. Consulting services available. Very familiar with patent prosecution and other documentation issues.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (303) 926-9053

Jody P. Ono

2264 La Mesa Ct. Davis, CA 95616-6301
California United States

  • Embedded Microprocessor & Microcontroller Hardware/Software Design
  • Real-Time Systems Design, Development, Debugging
  • Multitasking Operating System Development & Deployment
  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Win32 Driver/Application Design & Development

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (530) 758-5957
Fax: +1 (530) 758-7261

Metal Express Inc.

333 N. Snowmass Circle Superior, CO 80027-6125
Colorado United States

Ingenious electronic design and layout of AVR based circuits. Design and manufacture more than 25 products using AVRs, all are state of the art Surface Mount Design and micro miniature. Many are smaller than a nickel, and exceptionally low in cost. Latest designs use MELF AVR mega package - exceedingly small, yet powerful enough to operate most products and machines. Designed several AVR programmers.

Very efficient & highly structured assembly language AVR programming, allows high speed operation. Experts testify that my assembly language programs are more readable than most C language programs. Rich knowledge with all hardware AVR features.

Successful graduate of special AVR training in Trondheim, Norway, and ASIC/AVR training in Colorado Springs, CO. Was top Senior Field Applications Engineer for Atmel in San Jose and Denver areas. RF expert from 128 kHz to gigahertz.

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering gives you advanced packaging options and choices of materials for highest performance. Specialist for vibration, heat transfer, plastic injection molding design, castings, sheet metal, stampings, CNC, CNC lathe, and all modern manufacturing processes for best product features at the lowest cost.

Expert for motor controls, power supplies, displays, keyboards, encoders, actuators, mechanisms, robotics, automatic assembly machines, speciality equipment, space vehicle sensors, telemetry, satellite and laser tracking systems.

Designed and manufactured Atmel's development kit for a 13.56 MHz wireless secure AVR. My design saved Atmel $1,100 per kit by designing an emulator using mega16 and mega8.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (303) 859-9476
Fax: +1 (720) 528-7940

Northwest Logic

1100 N.W. Compton Dr. Suite 1000 Beaverton, OR 97006
Oregon United States Northwest Logic is a full service board, FPGA, and software engineering design services provider. Key areas of system expertise include Communications, PC Motherboard, PCI, DSP, and Video/Audio. Key software skills include embedded application development, device drivers and GUIs.

Employees: 10-20
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (503) 533-5800
Fax: +1 (503) 533-5900

Power Innovations

One Bayview, Suite 12 Los Gatos, CA 95030-5943
California United States Experts in assembly language application development, from tinyAVR through megaAVR. Thirty years experience in real-time systems design for industrial controls and consumer electronics. We have designed more than twenty successful AVR-based products, including battery-powered devices, AC lighting and power controllers, and sensor systems.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (408) 354-8895
Fax: +1 (408) 354-8735

Pringle Electronics Group

5530 Sierra Springs Drive
Pollock Pines, California 96726 United States Thirty two years experience. Embedded systems hardware and software development, analog and digital circuit design, microprocessor based systems, embedded ethernet/web, PCB design, FPGA and CPLD development, VHDL, product development, product/project definition, analysis and consulting. Design projects have included CAN bus systems for medical, automotive and industrial applications, electric vehicles, wireless networking, embedded control including motion control, data acquisition/instrumentation, telecom, automotive/RV, gaming, audio, video, medical and sports products, remote systems.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (530) 644-9921
Fax: +1 (530) 644-9921


10875 North Dover Street, Unit 200, Westminster, CO 80021
Colorado United States Product development including electronics design, firmware, software, mechanical and industrial design.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (720) 257-7154
Fax: +1 (303) 429-5025

Zietlow Design

295 Berkleley Park Blvd. Kensington, CA 94707
California United States "Zietlow Design provides clients with expert advice on the design and manufacturing of consumer and industrial products. We have over a decade of industry experience and specialize in analog electronics, signal processing, digital systems as well as mechanical and optical engineering. Our services range from advice during the product definition phase all the way through complete design, prototyping, debugging, regulatory approval and documentation to lining up manufacturing for your products. We are glad to work with you at any or all stages of the process. Please contact us to help us help you."

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (510) 295-5095

Buffer, Inc.

P.O. Box 1168 Riverview, FL 33568
Florida United States

Buffer, Inc. primarily develops embedded system products for other companies. Buffer, Inc. provides consulting services that include writing embedded systems code, writing application code, designing hardware, writing specifications, porting code to new processors and assisting clients to get products to market via contract manufacturing. Buffer has expertise with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit processors, 3rd party C compilers, native assemblers and real time operating systems. Buffer has developed products and firmware for the Atmel AVR and Atmel ARM processors.

Buffer, Inc. has experience in Ethernet, TCP/IP, serial communications, I2C, SPI, LCD interfaces, IRDA, Modbus/TCP, PCMCIA, CAN 2.0B, Modem interfaces, RF418, and RF 433.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (813) 671-3159
Fax: +1 (813) 671-7025

Embedded & Mobile Systems Inc.

1400 NW 9th Ave. #19 Boca Raton, FL 33486
Florida United States Embedded systems for condition monitoring, PC peripherals.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (561) 703-3677
Fax: +1 (561) 948-4707

Embedded Solutions

18408 Belvedere Rd. Orlando, FL 32820
Florida United States 20 years of developing embedded mcu designs for use in video projectors, monitors, lcd displays, and set top boxes.Also embedded measurement / control systems for monitoring power plant turbines and generators. Proprietary network for distributed i/o in automotive / marine apps.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (407) 325-3524
Fax: +1 (407) 568-7893

Pegasus Technologies

108 Pawnook Farm Rd. Lenoir City, TN 37771
Tennessee United States

Phone: +1 (865) 717-9339 x201
Fax: +1 (775) 261-0914

Ruff Designs

191 Amber Wood Run, Chapel Hill NC 27516-4496
North Carolina United States

Chris Ruff has been in the electronics field for 26 years. Additionally, Ruff Designs maintains a network of talented engineering professionals, suppliers, and subcontractors to assist in developing solutions for your product design. Ruff Designs offers the ability to research, design, document and program microprocessor-based products into production.

We solve difficult technical problems and provide leadership in product development cycles.

Specializing in embedded microprocessor hardware and software design, RD further provides expertise in PC-based programming for test tools. We have designed microprocessor-based solutions for the following industries: test and measurement, industrial, process control, machine tool, audio/video, madical instrument, government documentation systems, security industry, and many other industries.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (919) 929-7942
Fax: +1 (919) 968-4394

Thomas Glembocki

103 Downing Pl. Apex, NC 27502
North Carolina United States Networking - TCP/IP, Ethernet, LAN, Bluetooth, data acquisition, remote sensing, embedded control systems.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (919) 362-8532
Fax: +1 (208) 977-3089

UST Research Inc

13438 Mallard Cove Blvd. Orlando, FL 32837
Florida United States Portable instrumentation and calibration devices for industrial measurement and control. Data loggers and Data Collectors. Intelligent communication interfaces between different physical variables as flow, power, current, voltage, pressure. Panels meters and displays.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (407) 826-4782
Fax: +1 (407) 826-4782

JCM II, Inc.

6574 N. State Road 7 PMB 102 Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Florida United States

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (954) 345-2253


1979 S. Bibb Dr. Tucker, GA 30084
Georgia United States

MICRODESIGNS is a 25-year old electronics design and manufacturing company specializing in industrial controls and instrumentation. We offer hardware and software design, PCB layout, wiring and cabling, packaging, enclosure and marking design, and documentation. MICRODESIGNS builds and tests in prototype, pilot run, and hundreds quantities. For higher volumes, we work with contract manufacturers. Our customers are large companies like General Electric Co. and small local companies and inventors. MICRODESIGNS is proud to have customers and products throughout the world.

MICRODESIGNS is very experienced in industrial controls including commercial HVAC thermostats, cooler/freezer refrigeration controls, pool and spa controls, DALI lighting controls, LED lighting, motion controls, NiMH battery charging, and user interfaces and remote controls. A recently completed project was an asphalt paver control system using 4 microcontrollers.

Instrumentation is another MICRODESIGNS specialty. We have developed ultrasonic inspection systems used in titanium billet and steam turbine bore inspection, eddy current components used in aircraft engine inspection, thermo-luminescent dosimetry data acquisition systems and accessories, large electrical machine partial-discharge analysis monitors, nuclear fuel quality inspection systems, and a low-level radiation data acquisition system.

MICRODESIGNS resides in its own 8,000 sq. foot brick building in an industrial park in the Atlanta, GA, USA area.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (770) 493-6318
Fax: +1 (770) 493-7270

BiPOM Electronics, Inc.

16301 Blue Ridge Rd. Missouri City, TX 77489
Missouri City, Texas United States BiPOM Electronics, Inc. is a Houston-based manufacturer of high-quality embedded systems including single-board computers, custom micro-controller systems and peripheral boards. Our main focus is Atmel microcontrollers, including 8051, AVR and ARM families. Our standard microcontroller boards have the versatility to serve both educational and engineering applications. Our custom microcontroller designs have been incorporated into oil rigs, medical equipment, evaluation kits, gas detectors, solenoid testers and military power supplies. BiPOM's unique peripheral architecture allows expanding the base microcontroller system with low-cost, stackable peripheral boards for unlimited applications. BiPOM is continuously expanding the microcontroller peripheral offering with the latest technologies such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, Organic LED (OLED), and Memory Cards. BiPOM has experience in Ethernet (TCP/IP, IPX, Embedded Web Servers), GPS, RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, X10, EEPROM, Flash, digital, analog, data acquisition, power supply design, motor control.For custom AVR and ARM designs, we offer manufacturing services including schematics capture, PCB layout (surface-mount and through-hole), prototyping, assembly, testing and turnkey manufacturing. Software capabilities include firmware development in C (WinAVR, GNUARM), BASIC (BASCOM-AVR, BASCOM51) and Assembly.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +1 (713) 283-9970
Fax: +1 (713) 283-8625

Embedded Technology System Solutions, Inc.

Dallas, Texas United States

Texas United States Develops new microcontroller-based products, existing products, algorithms, systems, software, Iphone App and firmware designs. AVR 8, AVR 32, Cortex M4 ARM, ARM7, ARM9, Combine MCU designs with DSP chips to enhance product capabilities. Applications include automotive, industrial, aerospace, medical, telecom, oil industry, Low power wireless, Home automation, Sensor Network, maintenance and battery applications.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (214) 3357183
Fax: +1 (972) 883-7146

Gintuga Technologies, LLC

555 Republic Drive, Suite 200, Plano, TX, 75074
Plano, Texas United States

Gintuga Technologies is a technical engineering "R & D for Hire" design center based in Texas but with off-shore R & D locations in Philippines and Australia. Our vision is to be your integrated strategic extended development partner providing cost effective service in the following areas:

  • Electronic Product Development and Test Support.
  • Development-for-manufacture support with virtual collaboration using Internet virtual meeting place.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • low volume/high mix production in Asia.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (214) 245-4828
Fax: +1 (214) 550-1408

MetaControls inc.

468 Tumulty Dr. Ballwin, MO 63021
Missouri United States We are an engineering design-consulting corporation. From concept through manufacturing support, we will solve your complex design issues. For over 30 years we have designed products for fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (314) 283-7409
Fax: +1 (636) 527-9710

Pivot International, Inc.

14125 West 95th St. Lenexa, KS 66215
Lenexa, Kansas United States

Pivot International specializes in Turnkey Product Development.

With over 15 years of experience in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering and Industrial Design, our customers benefit from a combination of technical expertise and innovation.

We are dedicated to providing visionary technology and efficient project management, enabling our clients to bring their products to market quickly.

In addition to client specified design capabilities, Pivot International also provides Global Materials Sourcing and Off-shore Manufacturing, guaranteeing you superior quality at an affordable price.

Phone: +1 (913) 438-5200
Fax: +1 (913) 438-5201

Systec Engineering, LLC

P.O. Box 1123 Euless, TX 76039
Euless, Texas United States Systec Engineering, LLC is an electronic engineering firm specializing in the design of embedded microcontrollers. We have been designing with the AVR microcontroller since 1999. Our designs are being shipped as successful products by our customers in the consumer and industrial marketplaces today. Systec Engineering handles all phases of the product cycle: concept development, requirements analysis, circuit design, PCB layout, firmware development, prototyping, assembly, and test.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (817) 864-9197
Fax: +1 (817) 684-1019

Gordon Minns & Associates

29039 North 59th Street Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Cave Creek, Arizona United States

Gordon Minns & Associates

Turn-Key Product Design Solutions in Medical/Dental, Industrial, and Consumer Electronics.

Full range of product development services:

  • Analog, sensor, digital circuit design
  • AVR and other microprocessor software in C and assembly language
  • Industrial Design using 3D software, Tooling and Packaging
  • FDA, CE, UL , FCC and other regulatory agency approvals
  • Sub-systems and enhancements for new and existing products

Experience in:

  • Medical/Dental products, including life support systems, Automated test fixtures
  • Digital Audio/Video, Sensors and Data Logging, Ethernet-based remote control and monitoring
  • Industrial, machine tool, and HVAC controllers

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (480) 215-1340
Fax: +1 (480) 991-2393

ApT Consultants, Inc.

1547 Vista Grande Rd. El Cajon, CA 92019
El Cajon, California United States

ApT Consultants, Incorporated is a US-based company founded in 1981 to provide product development and design services. We specialize in microcontrollers and are experienced in firmware/software (C, Assembly, Visual C, Visual Basic, C#), analog and digital circuit design, CPLD/FPGA design, mechanical design, printed circuit board design and packaging. We have completed 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCU designs using Atmel AVR and 8051, Texas Instruments MSP430, Microchip PIC, Renesas, Silicon Labs, Philips, Dallas, Epson and Samsung microcontrollers.

Product areas:

  • Low Power (battery)
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Data Acquisition
  • Machine Controls
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Communications
  • Automotive Test Equipment
  • Disk/Tape Drives

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (619) 579-6916

Computer Solutions

7121 Royer Avenue, West Hills, CA 91307
West Hills, California United States Flexible solutions to control problems utilizing in-circuit programmable Atmel AVR microprocessors for industrial, aviation, medical, and commercial applications. Sensor inputs, analog inputs, digital interface, inter-device communications, high-level language programming, as well as assembly coding for tight, fast program execution. Experience with UL, FAA, and FCC regulatory agencies. More than 35 years of hands-on design experience. Design and development of new products, fault-finding and correction of existing products, and function enhancement of otherwise obsolete devices. Capabilities include hardware design, software development, packaging, PCB design, and prototype assembly. In-house machine shop. Experienced in Industrial controls, aviation related systems, medical, telephone, energy conservation, inspection, HVAC controls, environmental systems, machine tools, and manufacturing machines.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (818) 999-1235
Fax: +1 (818) 999-2665

Gottlieb Inventions, Inc.

1305 Simpson Wy. Suite G Escondido, CA 92029
California United States Gottlieb Inventions, Inc. is a product manufacturer as well as design consultant. We have expertise in analog, digital, RF, PCB, and control system design. From quick, low cost designs to complex integrated systems, we run the full range of capabilities. We handle software, hardware, and pcb design for atmel AVR microcontrollers.

Phone: +1 (760) 743-2006
Fax: +1 (760) 743-2006

JTZ Engineering

2462 W. 230th St. Torrance, CA 90501
Torrance, California United States

Even though we are located in Southern California, JTZ works with companies all over the world. Established in 1985, JTZ Engineering, Inc. is a full time design company actively involved in consumer and industrial product development specializing in the Security Industry, Printer Controllers, Test Environment Support and Control Subsystems. We have been working successfully with AVR controllers since 1999.

Recent experience includes:

  • Aircraft system tester
  • Access Control Systems for the Safe and Banking industries
  • Communications interfaces for data conversion and collection
  • Battery operated devices for multi-year operation
  • Fuel control subsystems
  • Real Time audio control system
  • Inspection Equipment controller
  • Dallas TAG devices for security applications
  • DC/DC converters, Step Up or Step Down

Our designs have been produced at production levels of 3000 a week, to 100 a year. Whatever the size of your project, JTZ can assist in getting your ideas to market. We also have experience with very large project and have a number of associates that can be called in if needed. At JTZ we are able to do full product development including system design, layout and packaging, with surface mount designs as a specialty. We also provide services for low volume production and management of contract manufacturing for our designs. JTZ has also set up in-house manufacturing for clients just starting in electronic products.

Project outlines and/or design requirements can be emailed to for quoting. Or you can start by contacting Kaye for more information on JTZ and to set up an appointment.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (310) 534-8559
Fax: +1 (310) 534-1084

Laritech, Inc.

330 Zachary St. #102 Moorpark, CA 93021
Moorpark, California United States Laritech, Inc. was founded in 1995 as an engineer-friendly design and manufacturing company. We specialize in embedded control particularly in the CAN bus protocol. We also serve the embedded control market in Ethernet, Serial and GPIB interface implementations. Laritech has the ability to design hardware, write firmware, layout PCBs, build prototypes, small and medium volume production boards, and do final board testing. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and our procedures are thorough. We have over 500 completed AVR designs to date. See our website for more information.

Employees: 40-60
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (805) 529-5000
Fax: +1 (805) 529-5151

Raztek Solutions, Inc.

1575 Lewiston Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087
Sunnyvale, California United States We have proven knowledge and expertise developing embedded systems using wide range of processor and DSP architectures (AVR, ARM, proprietary cores), using various RTOS and Embedded Linux. We also have unique knowledge and experience providing embedded Java solutions.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (408) 499-7025
Fax: +1 (408) 746-2806

SoftwareFlair Inc.

17720 Retrac Way Grass Valley, CA 95949
California United States Software/Hardware Design Consultants: Embedded systems, Firmware, RTOS, Device Drivers, FPGAs.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (530) 268-3809
Fax: +1 (530) 268-8361

Swope Designs, Inc.

1222 Research Park Dr. Davis, CA 95618
Davis, California United States

Complete Turn-Key system design, prototype development, and testing services.

SDI has expertise in the following:

  • All major uC platforms including Atmel AVR
  • 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers (both hardware and software)
  • PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip)
  • UAV Flight systems
  • Aircraft Stability Control Systems
  • Real-time Control Systems (PID, Fuzzy Logic, Non-linear)
  • Analog design, (Sensor interfacing & filtering, power conversion, and more)
  • Both analog and digital (DSP) filtering techniques
  • High-speed digital design
  • Motor control
  • Networked embedded systems (I2C, CAN, etc.)
  • Schematic Capture/ Layout
  • Robotics systems design, AI algorithms
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical part design (CAD based)
  • In-house CNC prototyping capabilities
  • Design for reliability
  • Robust system testing (Electrical and environmental margin testing)
  • Failure Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (530) 756-6191 x26
Fax: +1 (530) 756-5179

Touch Your Idea Solutions

11315 Rancho Bernardo Rd. Suite 134 San Diego, CA 92127
San Diego, California United States Touch Your Idea Solutions has product development experience since 1985, developing embedded applications specializing in prototyping an idea. Touch develops proof-of-concept devices, from documenting the specifications, to firmware/software and microcontroller hardware, to digital/analog circuits. Products developed include: printers, lasers, smart card readers, wireless shipping sensors, automotive payment systems, truck alarm systems, laser military training systems, wireless traffic control systems and golf gadgets. Touch will also help troubleshoot existing products to correct problems, add legacy enhancements, and provide unbiased third party design review. Experience includes Atmel AVR, 8051, PIC, MSP430, Motorola, Dallas and others.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (858) 722-1963
Fax: +1 (866) 705-0762

Two Point Seven Inc.

17814 Greyhawk Pl. Granada Hills, CA 91344
Granada Hills, California United States Two Point Seven Inc. provides consulting and engineering services to end users or OEM's. We have over 25 years of experience in the electronic and computer fields, ranging from telecommunication, video, image processing, computer graphics, printing, IT, and industrial control systems. We have been involved in the design and manufacture of pre-press color imaging workstations, printer controllers, network systems, motor controllers, video processing, and multimedia display kiosks. We pride ourselves in providing personalize service before, during and after any design development.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (818) 804-5290
Fax: +1 (818) 804-5307

Tier One, Inc.

4080 McGinnis Ferry Road Suite1304
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005 United States

Phone: (770) 569-2691
Fax: (770) 234-6899

CPU Ready Consulting Inc.

#136, 16625 Redmond Way Suite M Redmond, WA 98052
Washington United States

Low risk, Rapid Prototyping and Full Design of Hardware and Hardware with High Level Software Integration. We take ideas from Concept to Proof and beyond. Spec, no spec, or in the middle of your project? You can talk to us. Experienced team has designed circuits for and worked with:

  • Full-Color LCD displays
  • Low/Green Power management, Power Stealing and Power Isolation circuits
  • USB In-System Programming at manufacturing
  • Sensor design
  • Control Systems including High Voltage Motor, Servo, HVAC and more
  • Home Automation(X10, IR, RF, Security, HVAC)
  • SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485 and other communication interfaces
  • Much, much more

We also specialize in taking your new or existing embedded level hardware design and integrating it with high level operating systems and the Internet. Your sensor, system or device can be viewed, controlled and operated live by anyone with an Internet connection. Visit our website and get the head start on your project today.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +1 (206) 295-2495
Fax: +1 (775) 796-3816


146 Intervale Road, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-1165
Massachusetts United States More than 20 years experience in the design of embedded systems of all scales combined with five years working with Atmel microcontrollers, evaluation systems and tools allows ECROS Technology to leverage these devices into the widest range of applications. Use of the ECROS operating system allows the rapid design of highly modular firmware that can be quickly ported from one Atmel platform to another. Design of support circuits, including power, digital and analog interfaces, connects the microcontroller to the real world and a full range of services, from requirements to finished product optimizes the development process. Please see the Web site for more information.

Phone: +1 (617) 969-5741

Metodo2 snc

Via IV Novembre 11
Cologno Monzese (MI), Italy

Our expertise is based on hardware design of digital system with microcontroller 8/32 bit, software development on embedded systems with or without OS (FreeRTOS, uCosII, Linux, windows CE). Some key projects on medical and industrial field. Expertise in protocols (Ethernet, WiFi, ZigBee) and sensors management.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: +393478025947
Fax: +391782755290

M.d.C. Technology S.a.s.

Via delle Panche 183a
Firenze (FI), 50141 Italy

SME in the microelectronics sector, with a special focus on wireless technologies. All technical resources have a degree in Electronic Engineering, and at least 15 years of experience.

We can work on all phases of the product development (schematic, PCB layout, components selection, firmware and software), and also manage mid-sized industrial productions for our Customers.

We designed devices in many market segments, among them nautics, agriculture, green (geothermical) energy, home automation, RF, control of electrical motors.

We have a wide experience with all types of AVR (Tiny/Mega/XMega), and AVR32 controllers. We can also support customers with Zigbit-based applications.

Phone: +39.554.4050535

AND Technology Research Ltd.

4 Forest Drive
Theydon Bois, Essex CM16 7EY United Kingdom

AND offers a complete range of services to support both electronic & software product development. Our specialism is in the field of embedded electronics/software design where we offer not only electronic design services but also provide crucial cutting-edge software development, required to drive the most demanding of tomorrow’s products.

ANDtr supports individuals & companies that look to:

  • Develop new electronic & software products
  • Outsource research & development of new/existing product concepts.
  • Integrate consultancy & professional input on electronic/software/embedded design & development into their development lifecycle.
  • Assess & test new/existing products (compliance, reliability, conformity testing)
  • Develop new or identify existing in-house IP (Intellectual Property).

ANDtr also produces PC software to aid firmware development for electronic designs, produces products for Broadcast, Medical, Automotive & Green industries in addition to helping companies identify existing in-house IP, or developing new IP to allow them to gain a competitive edge.

Employees: 4-9
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: Tel: +44 (0) 1992 814655
Fax: Fax: +44 (0) 1992 813362

egnite GmbH

Worldwide Nut/OS, a scalable RTOS and TCP/IP stack for 8 and 32-bit CPUs with a Posix-like API.

Phone: +49 (0) 2305-441256
Fax: +49 (0) 2305-441487

Worldwide FreeRTOS is the worlds most popular open source RTOS designed specifically for microcontrollers. It is free to download, free to deploy and can be used in commercial applications.

Industrial Smart Software Technology

Worldwide Real-time Java platforms (MicroJvm), Java acceleration (IceTea) and development tools (MicroEJ).
Software libraries such as TCP/IP, MicroUI, etc.

Phone: +33 (0) 240 180 496


Worldwide Tel: +49-751-56146-0
Fax: +49-751-56146-29
USA: Tel: 413-584-5650
Fax: 413-584-5647

CANopen and DeviceNet software stack

USB to CAN dongle for in application programming

CAN hardware dongle + CAN Analyzer

Phone: +1(603) 471-0800
Fax: +1(603) 471-0880

Larry Barello

Worldwide Real Time Multitasking kernal

Mortensen, Tom

Worldwide Assembler

Nilsen Elektronikk

Worldwide AT90S/ATmega RTOS

Phone: +47-6758-3162
Fax: +47-6758-9761


Worldwide IrDA/IrRC protocol stacks

Phone: +47-959-70-714

SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH

Worldwide embOS is a priority-controlled real time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications.

J-Link, JTAG emulator, designed for ARM7™ or ARM9™ family including Thumb® mode

Phone: +49-2103-2878-0
Fax: +49-2103-2878-28

Omniwave, Inc.

Contact: Doug Guillot, B.S.E.E.
7240 Ledroit Ct SW
SW Washington, Washington United States

Over 20 years experience in developing embedded systems with a primary focus on firmware development.

  • C language for Atmel AVR32, SAM7 (ARM7), AVR and SAM3 (Cortex-M3) microcontrollers.
  • Development tools include Atmel Studio 6, IAR Embedded Workbench, AVR ONE, JTAGICE
  • Designs incorporating Cellular, Satellite, 802.15.4, Keypads, LCD display, Touch controller.
  • Use of chip peripherals including Timer/Counters, TWI, USART, SPI, RTC, USB, Ethernet, DMA, HSMCI, and ADC.

Hardware development:

  • Schematic Entry and PCB layout
  • Standard lab tools (scopes, meters, soldering)
  • Rapid prototyping through small production runs

Special Expertise:

  • Satellite Communications (SBD, RUDICS)
  • Cellular modems
  • 802.15.4 low-power wireless networking
  • Sensor interface and ADC conversion
  • Custom bootloaders. Remote/local DFU (device firmware update)
  • Low power and sleep modes
  • Infrared protocols (IrDA, RC5, etc)
  • LCD interfacing
  • Custom protocol development
  • Data logging and real-time monitoring
  • Standard lab tools to support board bring-up and rapid prototyping.

Other Expertise

  • Windows application development using Microsoft Visual C#.

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: 206-458-7524 206-234-1228(Cell)

CustomDev, LLC.

Contact person:Alfredo Herrera
#119 2212 S. Chickasaw Tr. Orlando
Florida 32825 United States

Design and development of small devices and their software counterparts

A description of two completed or ongoing Atmel AVR Projects:

For eMedyx an ISO 7816 I2C smart card reader was designed and built for other projects using only an ATMEGA328p, crystal, 2 capacitors and 2 resistors. Very simple, inexpensive and flexible design.

For eMedyx completed a multi-factor contact and contactless smart card reader/fingerprint reader/authentication device which contains then entire medical records of the cardholder as well as their photo and fingerprint Minutia for authentication. The device contains a full color 3” graphic LCD and a keypad. It contains 2 ATMEGA328p, one for the ISO7816 contact smart card reader and another for the rest of the functions (central controller). The project has a full companion national database as well as web portals etc.

From the project for eMedyx we created a development board for biometric and multi-factor authentication devices. Uses the same components as the one above.

For TouchPoint Systems, as capacitance keyboard based on the QT60486, ATMEGA329p and FTD232 to control the Kiosks. The companion kiosk multimedia software was also developed.

Employees: 1-3

AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: (407) 286-7029
Fax: (509) 479-2819

Embedded Genius, Inc.

21781 Ventura Blvd #329
Woodland Hills, California 91364 United States

Embedded Genius, Inc. specializes in the key elements of system design: hardware, layout, & firmware/software. Our Engineering Department can assist in the various product life cycle stages starting from initial requirements to production release to supporting legacy products. Our design processes can adapt to accommodate a wide range of objectives (prototypes, time to production, anomaly resolution, etc.) without sacrificing the constant focus on reliability, cost, quality, maintainability, and most importantly our customer’s time to profit!

With over 20 years of experience, including the Automotive & Heavy Equipment Industries, we offer a strong background in robust system design. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • USB (HID, CDC, etc.)
  • Wireless (Zigbee, GSM/CDMA, GPS)
  • CAN/RS-232/422/485
  • Data Acquisition
  • Battery Powered
  • Qtouch
  • EMI/ESD/RFI (Regulatory Requirements)
  • Surge Protection / Optical Isolation

Employees: 1-3
AVR experts: 1-3

Phone: 818-383-6981

Viveris Technologies

1, rue Traversière - BP 20327 - 94598 Rungis Cedex

Since 20 years, Viveris supports companies in their development of complex electronic systems. Strong technical expertise and software skills, allow Viveris to fulfill the needs of key players in the industry.

Relying on its 400 employees, Viveris offers a full range of services, from technology survey, or feasibility study, to production of complete turnkey products. The company has its own measurements facilities and handles production with high quality standards as required by industrial, medical and military businesses.

The Viveris' core business is "numeric" and more than 95% of products designed here are built around MCUs, either AVR or ARM7/ARM9 core based. Software capabilities covers from "direct main application" on tiny MCU to real time kernel integration as well as BSP development for popular OS.

Employees: 20+
AVR experts: 4-9

Phone: +33 1 41 73 08 20
Fax: +33 1 41 73 08 49

BitStruct, LLC

Colbert, Washington United States We provide embedded device design and firmware development for controller devices using ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3, and Cortex-M4 SoCs. Whether your project has the needs for a full microprocessor and operating system or an application specific embedded controller, we can provide the services to tailor the system software for your hardware. We have experience with USB design and host and device software implementation. We also have experience interfacing with a variety of LCDs and power controllers.

Phone: +1 509 232 1874

Device Solutions Inc.

3211 Moorefields Road Hillsborough, NC 27278
North Carolina United States

Device Solutions (, located in Research Triangle Park, NC provides design, development, integration, and certification services for a broad spectrum of market applications including asset tracking, medical devices, utility monitoring and consumer products.  With core expertise in embedded system design, certifications, carrier approvals, and factory ramp, the Device Solutions team has the breadth of knowledge to efficiently bring products to market.

Employees: 15 
CryptoAuthentication experts: 2
AVR Experts:  2

Phone: +1 (919) 732-7872 x701

Hallsten Innovations Ltd.

245 Robinson Ave
Barberton, Ohio 44203 United States

Hallsten Innovations Ltd. provides inspired consulting solutions for your engineering needs in the development and creation of advanced electronic products. Throughout our careers we have been privileged to have developed and deployed over 5 million devices worldwide (3 million of which had Atmel silicon). Many of these innovative products have earned the highest industry awards, disrupted the market, and have become the standard against which competitors measure themselves for our clients. You will not be disappointed you reached out to us and we can reference dozens of clients who have been pleased with our outputs which are on-time, within budget, and designed to your specification.

Employees: 2 
AVR Experts:  2

Phone: +1 (234) 200-6162
Fax: +1 (586) 816-6162

Venture Technologies Inc

85 Rangeway Rd. N.
Billerica, Massachusetts United States

Venture Technologies develops products with embedded wireless capability. We specialize in products where the market demands more than off-the-shelf modules can provide, most typically much lower cost, much lower power, longer ranger, faster response, RF location, challenging RF environment, etc.

We deliver these solutions using a combination of our proprietary modular, customizable radio platform (RFOS) which runs on Atmel device families, plus our system architecture and product development capabilities. RFOS can provide 400/868/900/2.4 band support at all permissible powers, DSSS, FHSS, TDMA, CDMA, different modulation schemes and a host of other variants. We can integrate standards-based radios such as Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy when these are needed. We develop complete products including all mechanical design and user interface or we develop just the electronics and embedded software, antenna, etc., as our client's desire.

Examples of our work includes:

  • Smart-energy commercial lighting mesh network system, with very fast response
  • Smart-home wireless HVAC controllers with 5+ year battery life
  • Supermarket cart advertizing & information system
  • Remote control dog training collar
  • Wellhead tank level monitoring system.

We frequently incorporate sensors and have a deep capability and track record in interfacing to different analog and digital sensors.

(not AVR, but using Atmel radios and devices)

  1. A municipal LED lighting monitoring and control system
    • Commands issued from personal device to a controller
    • Star oriented mesh network to permit integration of lights well out of range of controller
    • Unlimited hops
    • Sophisticated multi-axis multiplexing allows very fast response times despite unlimited mesh
    • Network self-configures
    • Communication is Bi-directional
  2. A control system for clothes driers
  • User interface including key inputs and displays
  • Main program sequencing
  • Control of power systems – motors, heaters
  • Monitoring of sensors
  • Safety systems; self monitoring, watchdog, automatic shutdown

Phone: +1 978-667-9890
Fax: +1 978-671-0114

GreenTech Labs

#140, 2nd Cross, 1st Phase, Reliable Residency, Harlur, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560 102
Bangalore India Greentech Labs develop and manufacture heavy-duty switching power supplies and motor drive from a few watts to several kilowatts.

Phone: +91-80-22579011

J&S Technology

Unit 806, Tower A, Skyworth Bldg. Gaoxin South 1st Ave. Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China J&S focuses on product solution development of Smart Remote or accessories to after-PC smart devices (Smart TV, tablet, or Smart Phone).

Phone: 86-755-23997177

Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd.

13, Jeevanchhaya Society, L I C colony, Paud Road, Pune 411 038,
Pune, Maharashtra India Maven Systems provides end-to-end (hardware to embedded to web / mobile) technology solutions in ZigBee/RF and metering applications

Phone: +91-20-32403635

Seeba Systems

1/53, Umashankar, 642/1, Bibwewadi, Pune-411037
Pune, Maharashtra India Seeba Systems is a Design House and consultancy in the field of Industrial Automation and Embedded & Power Electronic Control Solutions.

Phone: +91-9545553277, +91-20-24412665

Zezhao Electronics

Rm B-2, 11F, 11#Building, No. 518 Xinzhuan Rd, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Songjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai,
Shanghai, China Shanghai Zezhao Electronics focus on providing components, reference solution, technical and sales support to domestic electronics enterprise, meters, motor control and touch keys applications.

Phone: +86-21-54179891

Compunix LLC

Phoenix, Arizona United States

Digital Systems Associates, Inc.

Santa Ana, California United States

Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc.

San Diego, California United States