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Office Address / Description Contact Information

Abatron AG

Worldwide BDI1000 - BDI2000

Adeneo Embedded

Worldwide Adeneo Embedded edits official Windows CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs for Atmel AT91SAM9 architectures. Since 2002, Adeneo Embedded collaborates with Atmel for supporting customers using AT91SAM9 processors, providing training, expertise and development services on Windows CE, Linux and Android to OEMs developing embedded devices with these technologies. With more than 50 engineers based in Europe and North America, Adeneo Embedded is one of the leading worldwide expert on OS integration and software development with AT91SAM9-based technologies.

Phone: +33 659 833 389 +1 858 603 0076

American Arium

Worldwide SourcePoint™ IDE and Source-Level Debugger


LC-500 JTAG Emulator, SC-1000
JTAG/ETM Emulator

Apexar Technologies S.A.

Contact: Walter H. Orchessi Estanislao Diaz 193 San Isidro (1642)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Apexar Technologies S.A. offer their customers innovation and great development capacity, with development documentation level which assets the most demanding international standards and with solutions that maximize the cost-benefits relation.

Imagine your new product and we will make it real. Apexar Technologies S.A has strong experience in designing Hardware and Software for ARM Architecture using Linux.

The Apexar PDK is a complete Embedded Linux Development Platform deployed in a useful virtual appliance. It reduces the learning curve and complexity associated with embedded Linux devices development.

You should only be worried and concerned about your application... Nothing else. Apexar does the rest for you.

Phone: +54 11 47 47 1616



ARM DS-5™ toolchain is a complete suite of software development tools for AT91SAM9 devices. DS-5 includes the best-in-class ARM Compiler, a powerful OS-aware debugger, and the unique Streamline™ system-wide performance analyzer. DS-5 assists software engineers to deliver optimized and robust software.

Artila Electronics

4F, No. 6, Lane 130, Minquan Rd., Xindian District 231
New Taipei City, Taiwan Artila Electronics is an emerging force in the industrial computer field, dedicated to minimizing mass while maximizing utility. Unlike other industrial computer providers in the market who mainly use x86 plus Windows solutions, Artila focuses on ARM-core RISC CPUs with embedded Linux solutions, matched with Artila's 10 plus years of experience in RS-232/422/485 industrial communication and TCP/IP networking. Artila's product range consists of Serial-to-Ethernet embedded modules, ARM9/Linux box computers, and ARM9/Linux SOMs (system-on-modules).

Phone: +886 2 86672340


Worldwide PathFinder development tools

Vitra, Genia, Opella

ASIX s.r.o.

Worldwide Contact vendor for a list of supported devices
PRESTO USB 1.1 and 2.0 in-system programmer
AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT89S2051, AT89S4051, AT89S52E, AT89LP2052, AT89LP4052, AT89LP213, AT89LP214, AT89LP216, AT89LP428, AT89LP828, AT89LP52, and AT89LP6440

Phone: +420-257-312-378
Fax: +420-257-329-116

Atollic AB

Science Park Jönköping Gjuterigatan 9
Jönköping, S-55318 Sweden The FREE Atollic TrueSTUDIO®/AT91SAM Lite product includes a powerful Eclipse-based IDE with editor, compiler and debugger, as well as excellent AT91SAM target support. The product have no code-size limitation and no usage-time limitation, thus providing Atmel developers with a zero-cost starting point for professional development. A Professional version adds advanced features like team collaboration, integration of version control systems and bug databases, source code review & review meetings, graphical UML modeling, and a x86/PC compiler and debugger in addition to the ARM tools.

Product information
Video tutorials

Phone: +46 708 120606


Maïsveld 84 5236 VC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Netherlands AVIX is a modern RTOS offering advanced features. AVIX is True Zero Latency. Interrupt latency equals that of the underlying hardware without a single cycle being added. Still AVIX interrupt handlers may use many system functions offering full integration between the interrupt handlers and the application threads. The dedicated interrupt stack allows for smaller thread stacks preserving RAM. Integrated power management allows easy construction of low energy applications. Integrated tracing allows critical timing aspects to be visualized on a Logic Analyzer. Exchange objects offer application construction with a high level of modularity and supports easy testing and maintenance. Finally AVIX offers everything one may expect from a modern RTOS like threads, mutexes, semaphores, memory pools, timers, event flags and messages.

Phone: +31 6 15 285 177


via Mugellese, 1 - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI)
Italy BeRTOS is a real time open source operating system supplied with drivers and libraries designed for the rapid development of embedded software. Perfect for building commercial applications with no license costs nor royalties, BeRTOS allows you to cut the economic investment for your products.

Phone: +39 055 3984627

BiPOM Electronics


ARM® Development System with Micro-IDE, GNU C Compiler, Simulator, ARM® Project Examples and OLED Display Toolkit

Phone: 713-283-9970

Blue Water Embedded, Inc.

John Cuthbertson 3847 Pine Grove Ave, Suite A
Fort Gratiot, Michigan 48059 United States Prism™ GUI Toolkit offers embedded developers a complete graphics software solution for dynamic and high performance graphical user interfaces in embedded devices. Prism software is written in C++ and designed for resource-constrained devices, Prism delivers the eye-catching graphical capabilities and time-to-market edge needed for medical, industrial, office automation and consumer markets where user interfaces play an essential role in device designs using Atmel architectures. Products include: Prism™, Prism Micro™ and Prism Insight™

Phone: 810-987-3002

BLUEdev Ltd.

Worldwide Fuzzy logic can be successfully applied to address decision problems or to control complex non linear systems, or to model a process subjective to relative criteria / constraints. Demo of fuzzy logic inference system implemented on Microsoft .net Micro Framework, deployed on the AT91SAM9261-EK

BLUEdev developed an innovative fully Object Oriented architecture
- redesigning the HAL and part of the PAL layers
- that makes use of the best practices and techniques of the Object Oriented paradigm and enables for quick, safe and optimized porting of the .Net Micro Framework itself to any platform.

As an example of our approach we have used our framework to add a Touch Panel driver in the sample porting kit provided by Microsoft for the AT91SAM9261 Evaluation Kit. Fuzzy logic can be successfully applied to address decision problems or to control complex non linear systems, or to model a process subjective to relative criteria / constraints. Demo of fuzzy logic inference system implemented on Microsoft .net Micro Framework, deployed on the AT91SAM9261-EK

BP Microsystems

Worldwide BBS: 713-688-9283

Universal Engineering Programmer

AT89C1051 AT89C2051, AT89C51 AT89C52, AT89S51, AT89S52 AT89C55 AT89C55WD, AT89LV51 AT89LV52, AT89S8253 + All TS8xC51xx, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx

Phone: (800) 225-2102 713-688-4600
Fax: 713-688-0920

CALAO Systems

Worldwide Linux-ready "TinyCore" single-board computer (SBC) modules with AT91SAM9G20, AT91SAM9263 and AT91SAM9260

CMX Systems, Inc.

Worldwide All AVR® platforms, CMX-RTX: Real Time Multi-Tasking O.S., CMX-Tiny+: Tiny Real Time Multi-Tasking O.S., CMX-MicroNet: Small TCP/IP stack, CMX-FFS: Flash File Systems

CMX-RTX is a truly preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS for the AT91 series of processors. CMX-Tiny+ is a real time kernel specially designed for those processors that have a small amount of RAM embedded on the processor's silicon.

CMX-RTX: Real Time Multi-Tasking O.S., CMX-MicroNet: Small TCP/IP stack

Phone: +1 (904) 880-1840
Fax: +1 (904) 880-1632

Code Confidence Ltd.

17 Hurrell Road
Cambridge , CB4 3RQ United Kingdom The Code Confidence Tools provide the most productive development environment for embedded application engineers working with the eCos® real-time operating system. Regular on-line updates ensure compatibility with the latest Eclipse IDE and C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT).

Phone: +44 1223 755200

Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.

Luis Torrico 17 Industrial Drive,
Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917 United States Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing System On a Module (SOM) Computers since 1992. All products are produced in our state of the art, IPC-610 Class 3 facility located in Smithfield, RI. Cogent also offers hardware design services as well as licensing of our SOM designs for high volume off shore manufacturing. 

Cogent has designed and manufactured many kinds of modular development systems based on ATMEL ARM (ARM9EJ-S) MCUs & MPUs which are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. While our boards derive much of their functionality from the CPU, we supplement that functionality with carefully selected peripherals, memory and power. Our Atmel based SOM's provide a cost effective platform for Low Power CPU's. The development kits consist of a base board (e.g. CSB705) and a SOM board (e.g. CSB737-SAM9263, CSB739-SAM9G45 etc.). The kits come with integrated WiFi off an SDIO port, Ethernet, USB, and accessibility to many of the peripherals as well as the address and data buses. The kits support multiple types of LCD's with touch screen e.g. 4.3", 5.7", and 7".

Phone: 401-349-3999

CoreWind Technology Co., Limited

Room 2402, MingChengGuoJi GuangChang, Buji Town
Shenzhen City, 518112 China is an open community to provide support and discussions for Atmel AT91SAM chips through this website. It is an open source project that came from CoreWind Technology.
Product list:
AT91SAM9G20 Single board
AT91SAM9G45 Development kit

Phone: +1 401-349-3999



ARM Development Suite

Jaguar USB JTAG debugger interface

Starter kit for T89C51Rx2

Crystalfontz America, Inc

12412 E. Saltese Avenue
Spokane Valley, Washington 99216 United States The CFA-910 is an ARM based single board Linux computer with a 6 inch diagonal E Ink Vizplex display. Despite a very thin profile, it is built with an Atmel AT91SAM9G45 processor, 128MB of memory, large capacity SD card storage, plus Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces. Since the module runs embedded Linux, many high-level applications such as networking tools, browsers, PDF readers, even spreadsheets, are instantly available. Developers writing their own software will find ready to use toolchains, cross-compilers, package managers and broad support from the mobile Linux community. One of the best features of e-paper is that it uses zero power to keep an image on screen, so your image can be shown even after the device is turned off.

Phone: 888-206-9720

Dalian uLoong C&S Co., Ltd.

No.10 Building Software Park, Dalian
LiaoNing, China Peatep™ is a kind of embedded software development practice mode that on the basis of actual projects,use eclipse development environment and arm microcontroller and μTenux real time operate system in the enterprise to develop product.

Phone: +86-411-8476-9979

Data I/O

Microcontroller Programming Solutions
AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S2051, AT89S4051, AT89LP2052, AT89LP4052

AT89C1051 AT89C2051 AT89C4051, AT89C51 AT89C52, AT89C55 AT89LV51, AT89LV52 AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT89C55WD, AT89C51RC AT89S51, AT89S52 AT89C1051U, TS8xC51xx, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx

Phone: +1 (425) 881-6444; 800-426-1045
Fax: +1 (425) 867-6972

Direct Insight

Worldwide Distribution in UK of the IAR's IDE and Kickstart Kits for AT91SAM7X/S, AT91SAM9XE, AVR32

Distribution in Europe of the Sophia Systems' EJ-Writer, Production-ready Flash Writer for ARM-based microcontrollers featuring single button operation


Worldwide eCosPro® Developer's Kit includes Eclipse based graphical IDE for eCos application debug & development, GNU C/C++ compilers for ARM®/Thumb® instructions sets, GNU debugger and RedBoot bootstrap firmware.


Worldwide AT91SAM7X512 board with Ethernet, serial, USB device, microSD slot, Analog/Digital IO and Graphic display.
Real-Time operating system
TCP/IP stack
FTP server, Web server
Modbus over TCP, Serial and USB
Fat file system on SD card

Phone: +41 (0) 22 771 47 56
Fax: +41 (0) 22 771 47 58


Worldwide C Programming for Embedded Microcontrollers ISBN 978-0-905705-80-4 Features of this book: - Use only free or open source software. - Learn how to download, set up and use free C programming tools. - Start learning the C language to write simple PC programs before tackling embedded programming - no need to buy an embedded system right away! - Start learning to program from the very first chapter with simple programs and slowly build from there. - No programming experience is necessary! - Learn by doing - type and run the example programs and exercises. - Sample programs and exercises can be downloaded from the Internet. - A fun way to learn the C programming language. - Ideal for electronic hobbyists, students and engineers wanting to learn the C programming language in an embedded environment on ARM microcontrollers.

ELNEC s.r.o.

Worldwide Universal programmers and concurrent multi-programming systems for parallel and in-system programming
Contact vendor for a list of supported devices.

Phone: +421-51-7731007
Fax: +421-51-7732797

EMAC, Inc.


SoM-9G45M - System on Module featuring the Atmel AT91SAM9G45 ARM9 processor with SODIMM200 format, 256MB SDRAM, 4MB DataFlash, 1GB NAND Flash, Ethernet & External Watchdog. 

SoM-9M10M - System on Module featuring the Atmel AT91SAM9G45 ARM9 processor with SODIMM200 format, 256MB SDRAM, 4MB DataFlash, 1GB NAND Flash, Ethernet & External Watchdog. 

SoM-9260: AT91SAM9260-based system on Module. Contains the core components of a SAM9260-based system. 

SoM-150ES: System on Module Carrier board for SoM-9260. Contains power supply, peripheral I/Os and connectors.

Xeomai Real Time Extensions for ARM-based Linux. 

SoM-9G20M: AT91SAM9G20-based system on Module.

Phone: 618-529-4525x100


Tower B 4/F, Shanshui Building, Nanshan Yungu Innovation Industry Park, Liuxian Ave. No. 1183, Nanshan District
Shenzhen, South China China

A global supplier of embedded software and hardware services based on ARM technology, Embest is dedicated to providing embedded engineers with easy-to-use development tools, reference designs which make electronics development faster, more economic and reliable, so that customers may achieve a shorter time-to-market and improved product quality with a lower cost.

The products and services of Embest include embedded development kits, reference designs, ARM educational platforms, embedded SBC, development software, custom design and manufacture, as well as terminal product solutions that cover a wide range of industries.

Phone: 0755-25635626-860

emlix GmbH

Worldwide emlix develops embedded open source systems for controlling and networking devices and facilities. As a service provider active exclusively in the sector of open source software, emlix offers you know-how and development services in the fields of customer-specific system development, board support, application development and seminars.

Phone: +49(551)-30664-0

emtrion GmbH

Worldwide Industrial 32-bit CPU Modules based on AT91 and AT91SAM9 family products

EUROS Embedded

Worldwide EUROS is a real time operating system that takes into consideration the requirements in the embedded field by minimal memory requirements,short response times,flexible communication mechanisms and a large set of available drivers and protocol stacks.

Express Logic, Inc.

Worldwide ThreadX® RTOS, NetX™TCP/IP Stack, FileX™ File System


Worldwide Farsight is a leading Embedded Technology Service Supplying Organization of China. As a Microsoft Embedded Partner and ARM ATC (ARM Approved Training Centre), Farsight aims to spread the most updated and practical technology to the developer, serves the Embedded Industry of China with most valuable technology training service. At present, Farsight offers 9 series, including more than 20 classes of course, covering Embedded Linux, Windows CE, VxWorks, ARM, FPGA, DSP etc. Each year, Farsight serves for more than 100 enterprises and over 1500 students.

Phone: +86-10-82600385

GAO Research Inc.

Worldwide Telecom ITU compliance software (Fax, Modem, Telephony and VoIP)

Phone: +1-416-292-0038 ext. 231

Green Hills Software, Inc

Worldwide MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE):

TimeMachine™ debugging suite:

Order a free evaluation CD for MULTI IDE:

Hitex Development Tools

Worldwide HiSIM-ARM, HiTOP


DProbeHS : Standard Romless emulation & Enhanced Hook for 8051, 8xC51/52, 80C31/32, TS8xC51xx, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx
MX-51Emulator - AT89/AT89S ICE

Phone: (US only): 800-45HITEX; international +1-949-863 0320
Fax: +1-949-863 0331

IAR Systems


IAR Systems® is the world leading independent vendor of development tools for embedded systems. The highly optimizing C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite IAR Embedded Workbench® provides full-scale support for the Atmel ARM-based microcontroller families, built around the ARM Cortex-A5/M0+/M3/M4, ARM7 and ARM9 cores, as well as for the Atmel AVR 8-bit and 32-bit families and 8051-based families. IAR Systems also provides a range of integrated in-circuit debugging probes and starter kits, and the graphical state machine design tool IAR visualSTATE®.

IAR Systems is headquartered in Sweden, and has sales and support offices in the US, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, and the UK, and distributors in 30 additional countries. More information and free evaluation versions are available at

IniCore, Inc.

Worldwide System Design Board SDB-750

IOTEK Information technology Ltd.

Worldwide IOTEK is leading embedded system & application development training and design service provider in PR China focusing on ARM based Embedded OS Linux/WinCE/Android/Vxworks, etc.

Phone: +86 4006 570 510


Worldwide iW ARM9xxG2 is an AT91RM9200 based reference design applied for VoIP and various applications\

Japan area:


Kolon Science Valley 2, #1014-2, 811 Guro-Dong, Guro-Gu
Seoul, South Korea JBOSN RTOS is a multi–layered, modular, pre–emptive RTOS with a short response time and minimal memory requirement, device manager, filesystem, network, window system. It provides a complete multitasking environment. It is built around the JBOSN real–time multi–tasking kernel and a collection of service servers that implement a logical collection of kernel services. Any combination of components can be incorporated into a system to match your real–time design requirements.

Phone: +82-2-2025-2955


Worldwide USBware™ offers a complete, high quality and small footprint embedded USB software protocol stack, allowing device manufactures to easily incorporate standard USB Host, Device and OTG connectivity.

PC USB drivers working with AT89C51SND1 and AT89C5131

Phone: +1-877-514-0537 (USA) +972-9-8858611 (Worldwide)
Fax: 1-877-514-0538 (USA) +972-9-8850619 (Worldwide)

KADAK Products Ltd.

Worldwide AMX
KwikNet TCP/IP Stack



MDK-ARM is a complete software development environment for SAM3 and SAM4 devices. It is specifically designed for MCU applications, it is easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding embedded applications. MDK-ARM includes numerous examples and board support packages for many Atmel evaluation boards. The integrated debugger features advanced analysis functions and supports the SAM-ICE debug adapter as well as Keil ULINK2, ULINK-ME and ULINKpro.

Email: (International):

Logic Technology B.V.

Worldwide ARM® Keil™ C/C++ compilers

American Arium Linux debug solutions

Europe and Israel
Tel: +31 77 307 8438
(Main Office)

Tel: +49 89 99216 434
(German Office)

Matrix Multimedia Limited

Worldwide UK / Flowcode - Advanced Graphical Programming Languages for Microcontrollers

Phone: +44 (0) 870 700 1831

Mentor Graphics


The Mentor Embedded™ ReadyStart™ Platform for Nucleus® real-time operating system (RTOS) is the enablement platform system developers have been looking for. It integrates comprehensive software IP, development tools and services into a single, "ready-to-use" package enabling developers to hit the ground running with a fast, deterministic solution. ReadyStart has the tried and tested Nucleus RTOS at its heart with a wealth of middleware including wired and wireless connectivity. The advanced 2D/3D Inflexion™ UI is fully integrated to enable compelling and radical differentiation of products requiring a screen. To accelerate time to market even further, example demonstrations are included for different market segments: E.g. white goods, metering applications, secure terminals, industrial, and consumer. ReadyStart is integrated with Mentor’s EDGE™ Debugger and Inflexion™ UI Express to create a single, integrated environment for simplified development. For total design support, ReadyStart has professional service packages ranging from a simple aid for first time users to complete system design.

Micrium, Inc.

1290 Weston Road, Suite 306
Weston, Florida 33326 United States

Micrium provides high-quality embedded software components by way of engineer-friendly source code, unsurpassed documentation and customer support. The company's world-renowned real-time operating system, the Micrium uC/OS-III, features the highest-quality source code available for today's embedded market. Micrium's products consistently shorten time-to-market throughout all product development cycles.

Micrium delivers to the embedded marketplace a full portfolio of embedded software components that complement its μC/OS-III RTOS. A TCP/IP stack, USB stack, CAN stack, File System (FS), Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as many other high quality embedded components are now available.

Phone: +1 954 217 2036

Micro Digital Inc.

Worldwide Worldwide. SMX® Modular RTOS is a no-royalty, preemptive multitasking RTOS that offers good support for the latest AT91SAM processors. SMX supports the on-chip USB host, USB device, Ethernet, NAND, SD, and LCD controllers. Kernel, TCP/IP stack, 802.11a/b/g/i/n WiFi, USB stacks, FAT filesystem for flash media, flash file system, GUI, and other modules are offered independently so you buy only what you need.

Phone: +1-714-437-7333


Worldwide Softmodem Bricks

NexGen Software

Worldwide Embedded TCP/IP, Embedded GUI, Micro-browser


Worldwide Europe
Philog offers a complete USB solution either on PC or embedded side:
USB host Stack 2.0 portable in any environment (Simple scheduler or OS) and processor; including OHCI/EHCI/UHCI, HIGH, FULL and LOW speed devices, ISOCHRONOUS, INTERRUPT BULK and CONTROL, transfer modes.
Several USB drivers also exist : Full Serial Emulation, Mass storage, Pictbridge, PC/SC...

Alexis Ibinga
Yoann Lamy


Worldwide phyCORE® - ARM7/AT91M55800A
8051 Single-Board Computers and Evaluation/Development Kits +
T89C51CC01 Development Kit

Phone: +1-206-780-9047 800-278-9913
Fax: 206-780-9135

Phyton, Inc.

Worldwide Programming adapters for AVR microcontrollers in PLCC, SOIC, SSOP, TSOP, QFN, MLF, BGA, and QFP packages.

CodeMaster™ developmment environment with CMCTM compiler software simulator and JTAG emulator support

Line of ChipProg™ programmers for parallel and in-system programming

PICE-52 In-Circuit Emulator Romless & Enhanced Hook emulation for 8051 and T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx.
JEM-52 on-chip emulator for AT89LP213, AT89LP214, AT89LP216, AT89LP428, AT89LP828 and AT89LP6440...

Gang programmers.
ChipProg Universal ISP capable programmer
AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S2051, AT89S4051, AT89LP2052, AT89LP4052, AT89LP213, AT89LP214, AT89LP216, AT89LP428, AT89LP828, AT89LP6440 and AT89S52E

Programming adapters for AVR microcontrollers in PLCC, SOIC, SSOP, TSOP, QFN, MLF, BGA, and QFP packages..

AT89C1051 AT89C2051, AT89C2051x2, AT89LP213, AT89LP214, AT89LP216, AT89LP428, AT89LP828, AT89LP52, AT89LP6440, AT89LP2052, AT89LP4052, AT89C51 AT89C52, AT89C55 AT89C55WD AT89C51RC, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S8253, TS8xC51xx, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx

PDS-51: 8051 High-Level Software Simulator/Debugger (includes IDE, macro-assembler)

Phone: +1 (718) 259-3191
Fax: +1 (718) 259-1539

QNX Software Systems


Quadros Systems, Inc.

Worldwide No single real-time operating system can hope to meet the needs of every application. That's why we created the RTXC Quadros RTOS family. Choose the RTOS model that works best for your AT91SAM-based application. All of our solutions offer small footprint and low latency.
- RTXC Multistack RTOS
- RTXC Microcontroller RTOS
- RTXC Single Stack RTOS
- RTXC Dual Mode RTOS

RnD Technology Ltd.

Andy Chan
Worldwide Hong-Kong - WiFi and Wired Internet Radio

Phone: +852-2187-2731


Worldwide PEEDI - JTAG Emulator for AVR32 based MCUs with built-in support for open source and commercial debuggers.

Flash Programmer for AVR32 UC32 devices.
Standalone JTAG Flash Programmer for AVR32 based MCUs with an MMC/SD slot.

PM9G45 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9G45, SODIMM200 format, 128MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 8 MiB Atmel Serial DataFlash , 256MB NAND Flash, Ethernet, DS2401

PM9263 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9263, SODIMM200 format, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB PSRAM, 4MB NOR Flash, 4MB DataFlash, 256MB NAND Flash, Ethernet, DS2401

PM9261 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9261, SODIMM200 format, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB NOR Flash, 4MB DataFlash, 256MB NAND Flash, Ethernet, DS2401

PM9G45 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9G45, SODIMM200 format, 128MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 8 MiB Atmel Serial DataFlash , 256MB NAND Flash, Ethernet, DS2401

PEEDI - JTAG Emulator for AVR32 based MCUs with built-in support for open source and commercial debuggers.

Standalone JTAG Flash Programmer for ARM7 and ARM9, Cortex - M3 and Cortex-A8 based MCUs with an MMC/SD slot.

Phone: +43 1 236 11 01

Rowley Associates

Worldwide C Compiler

CrossWorks for ARM

RTJ Computing Pty Ltd

Worldwide simpleRTJ - JAVA Virtual machine


Europe (Headquarters): SEVENSTAX GmbH
Worldwide SEVENSTAX offers a wide range of RFC- based implementations of all important Internet protocols for embedded systems:
- TCP/IP suite
- Web server with web 2.0 support
- Security, TLS/SSL
- Web Services, XML/SOAP
- Network Management
- ZeroConf, Bonjour
- fast Media Streaming
- embedded Instant Messenging
- Mail, File Transfer, Telnet
- Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, USB, Bluetooth
- CAN, FlexRay
Complete, high quality and small footprint embedded internet protocol stacks and applications

Technostax Inc.

Phone: +49(0)511 213 592 52

Shenzen Embest Information & Technology Co., Ltd

Tower B 4/F, Shanshui Building, Nanshan Yungu Innovation Industry Park, Liuxian Ave. No. 1183, Nanshan District
Shenzhen, South China Worldwide Embest IDE for ARM

Phone: 0755-25635626-860

Signum Systems

Worldwide JTAGjet, JDSnet, Chameleon Debugger
USP-51: Emulator Base Unit, 40 MHz, 256K memory, 32K*80 Trace Buffer, POD-51: Probe for 8XC51/52, 80C31/32, USP-51: In-Circuit Emulator Romless & Enhanced Hook emulation for 8051, 8xC51/52, 80C31/32, TS8xC51xx, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx

Phone: 1-800-838-8012; 805-523-9774
Fax: 805-523-9776


Erwin Authried
Worldwide ARMTwister PCMCIA-2

Phone: +43 1 6009594

Sophia Systems

Worldwide EJ-Debug JTAG emulator for ARM7 includes Sophia's high-level language Watchpoint debugger UniSTAC-II/J JTAG + ETM emulator for ARM7 includes Sophia's high-level language Watchpoint debugger.

Special Computing

Worldwide USA / WinCE and .net MicroFramework-related Development and Training Services

Phone: Tel: +1 425-443-6775


Worldwide ELinOS is a development environment based on Linux for the creation of embedded systems for intelligent devices. With ELinOS the memory demand of Linux is reduced, first time Linux can conform to the reduced hardware resources of embedded systems.

System General

Worldwide PowerLab Universal Programmer, T9600 Universal Programming System

AT89C1051 AT89C2051, AT89C51 AT89C52, AT89S8252 AT89S8253 AT89C55WD, AT89C51RC AT89S51, AT89S52, T8xC51xx and new AT89C51xx

Phone: +886-2-2917-3005 408-263-6667
Fax: +886-2-2911-1283 408-262-9220

taskit GmbH

Seelenbinderstrasse 33
Berlin, 12555 Germany

Stamp9G20 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9G20, 53 x 38 x 6 mm with up to 512MB NAND-Flash and 128 MB SDRAM, EEPROM

Stamp9261 - CPU Module with AT91SAM9261, 53 x 38 x 4 mm with up to 64MB NOR-Flash and 64MB SDRAM, EEPROM

Panel-Card - Display Module based on AT91SAM9261 from 3.5'' to 7'' available, 64MB NOR-Flash, 64MB SDRAM

PortuxG20 - SBC based on AT91SAM9G20 with up to 512MB NAND-Flash and 128MB SDRAM, USB, Ethernet, RS232 and customizable extension port

Phone: +49(0)30 / 611295-0

Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH

Worldwide Complete USB Software solution. Includes firmware for USB Host Stack and USB Device Stack, as well as the appropriate device drivers for the PC.


Worldwide LinuxLink by TimeSys is a web-based subscription for both first-time and experienced embedded Linux developers that provides the code, tools, support, and information needed to quickly create a custom platform for their devices using AT91SAM microcontrollers.

Trenz Electronic GmbH

Trenz Electronic GmbH Borriesstr. 61
Bünde, 32257 Germany

Eddy-CPUs are programmable, low cost, serial to LAN embedded CPU modules built around different Atmel ARM core processors. The compact-sized Eddy-CPU modules provide complete embedded network connectivity with standard Linux preloaded, and supports RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces. Eddy CPU modules are available with different form factors, like small 25 mm x 45.5 mm x 6 mm modules, or 59.75 mm x 61.8 mm x 7.6 mm DIMM modules. 

With the Eddy-DK Development Kits, developers can first program (with Eclipse based IDE LemonIDE) and testing Eddy applications, before integrating Eddy CPU to user's hardware.

Eddy Device Servers are boards to develop embedded serial control server which connects a number of serial devices to network. Eddy device servers are built around Atmel ARM CPU's and integrates Flash, RAM and two 10/100 Ethernet ports.

Eddy Device Servers are divided into two different models depending on the interface. It supports RS-232 or Combo (RS422, RS485).

Phone: 0049 5223 41652
Fax: 0049 5223 48945

Validated Software


SAM_VS is an RTCA DO-178B Level A compliant Validation Suite of documentation, tests and test results for the internal boot loader in the AT91SAM processors. Available for all AT91 and AVR processors. For use with any avionics application with or without an RTOS. SAM_VS Web Info.

The µC/OS-II_VS is a complete certifiable package of standards, requirements, designs, test code and all related documentation for Micrium's µC/OS-II real-time operating system (RTOS) running on AT91SAM processors. Available for all major safety-critical standards including avionics (DO-178B), industrial (IEC-61508), medical (FDA/IEC), nuclear and transportation.



Xeltek develops and manufactures universal Parallel, ISP, Production and Automated Programmers since 1991. Located in Silicon Valley, Xeltek works closely with neighboring semiconductor companies to build up the largest device library in the industry and provide support for the latest IC chips (i.e. PICs, EEPROM, FLASH, microcontrollers, high density eMMC). Universal programmers and adapters from the SuperPro® line cover programming demands from engineering development to automated volume production at competitive prices; universal socket adapters support various package types such as PLCC, SOIC, SOP, TSOP, QFP, SDIP and uBGA. As of September 2014, Xeltek supports over 92,600 devices from over 300 IC manufacturers and will continue to release faster programmers to meet new performance expectation for both parallel and in-system (LabVIEW interface) programming technology.

Contact: Cynthia Truong Xeltek Inc. Marketing & Sales

Phone: 408.530.8080 Ext 612
Fax: 408.530.0096

xVerve Technologies

Worldwide Canada / Signalyzer - USB JTAG Emulator for ARM7 and ARM9 families of Microcontrollers

Phone: +1 604 613 6704

You i Labs

515 Legget drive, Suite 310
Ottawa, Ontario, K3K 3G4 Canada uSwish, a Rich User Interface platform.
isGPU, intelligent software Graphics processing for 2D and 3D.

Phone: 613-592-5227 ext. 323

ISEE 2007, D.L.

Calle Vallespir, 19. Planta1.
Sant Cugat del Valles, 08173 Spain

Embedded COMs
Radar Technology
Custom Designs

Metodo2 srl

Via IV Novembre 11 20093 Cologno Monzese (MI)

Hardware and Software embedded systems design, development, consulting, training, production of small and large scale. Main field:

  • Network Wireless systems (Wi-Fi, ZigBee)
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical applications
  • Linux, Windows CE, eCos operating systems

Phone: +39 3406745795

ISEE 2007, S.L.

Calle Vallespir, 19. Planta1.
Sant Cugat del Valles, 08173 Spain

We offer our consulting services for hardware design, hardware manufacturing, firmware or Operating System over your custom platforms or software consulting.

CooCox Colink/CoLinkEx


Colink/CoLinkEx – hardware open JTAG/SW debugging probes for ARM Cortex MCUs.

Download CooCox software manager

Colink supports JTAG debugging. CoLinkEx supports JTAG and SW debugging. They both support CooCox software, MDK, and IAR.

The hardware information is all open. Users can easily get all components needed with less than 8 dollars

CooCox CoIDE


CoIDE – a free Internet-based component-oriented IDE for ARM Cortex MCUs. 

Download CooCox software manager

CoIDE has integrated any reusable code (such as OS, peripheral libraries, drivers and so on) as a component, which can considerably speed up your development.

CoIDE is based on Eclipse, integrates GCC compilers, and supports a variety of links, including  Colink, CoLinkEx, Nu-Link, J-Link, ST-Link, KT-link, OpenJTAG, etc.

CooCox CoSmart


CoSmart – a free graphical intelligent pin configuration and code generation tool for ARM Cortex MCUs. 

 Download CooCox software manager

CoSmart can detect pin setting conflicts,  generate complete source code, chip package figures, pin configuration reports, module configuration reports, and IDE projects all by just clicking your mouse.

CooCox CoAssistant


CoAssistant - an easy-to-use free online register assistant for Cortex MCUs. 

Download CooCox software manager

CoAssistant integrates Reference Manuals of chips and demonstrates the info. Intuitively.

There are multi-methods to modify register values, and the modification has real-time response on hardware.

CoIDE also integrates CoAssistant in the Peripherals View.

CooCox CoFlash


CoFlash – a free stand-alone Flash programmer for ARM Cortex MCUs.

Download CooCox software manager

CoFlash supports user-defined flash program algorithm, Image file (currently .bin or .elf ),  and has intuitive user interface with both GUI and Command line mode

CooCox RTOS Solutions


CoOS - a free and open RTOS specially designed for Cortex MCUs.

Download CooCox software manager

  • Scalable, minimum system kernel is only 974Bytes

  • Adaptive Task Scheduling Algorithm

  • Supports preemptive priority and round-robin

  • Stack overflow detection option

  • Semaphore, Mutex, Flag, Mailbox and Queue for communication & synchronisation

  • Supports the platforms of ICCARM, ARMCC, GCC

CooCox CoX


CoX - Unified peripheral interface based on Cortex MCUs. More portable, reusable, and low-cost.

Download CooCox software manager

  • Based on BSD protocol, free and open-source
  • Peripheral interface with unified standard (function, interrupt…), including mandatory and non-mandatory interface, the available scope is more widely
  • Meet the private properties of different MCU, realize the function of all kinds of peripherals API
  • Lightweight interface, without damage for code size and speed
Extensive help documentation, including schematics

Oaces by Honeywell

Honeywell Automation India Ltd. (HAIL)
56 & 57, Hadapsar Industrial Estate,
PUNE , 411 013 India

Company Description

Oaces is a strategic Business Unit of Honeywell Automation Limited India.

As a Life cycle support and technology services provider, Oaces partners with its customers to help develop their products faster and more efficiently, thereby reducing time to market and overall engineering costs.

As a Honeywell brand, Oaces is committed to excellence in quality with complete focus on customer satisfaction.

Products and Services

Oaces specailizes in electronics hardware design, microcontroller firmware design, Analog frontend electronics design, mechanical/enclosure design and User interface application development.

Besides the core skills, Oaces is well equipped with skill set and experience in EMI/EMC pre compliance testing and certifications, design for manufacturability, product value engineering and product feature enhancements ike wireless interface.

With its thorough domain understanding, Oaces has the capability to engage with customers in various engagement modes that align with customer’s existing product development strategies. We can also help our customers in newly developing or fine-tuning their product development strategies.

Oaces has multiple strategic alliances with large as well as mid size product manufacturing companies for their R&D requirements to prove its credentials in design centre management

Expertise Strength

Design Engineers – 300 plus
ATMEL experts – 7-10


Enrique Mariñas 36, Planta 2, Local 6-7
A Coruña, 15009 Spain

PRODIMAR is a well known Design House in Spain.Specialized in MCU/MPU designs under Linux and Android.

Phone: 00-34-981276300


3 Ha Zabarim St. P.O.B 9023
Zoran, 42823 Israel

ShiraTech develops and sells ARM- based Systems-on-a-Module (SoM) which are complete embedded computers built on a single board. Current products include ARM9-based SoM, available with Debian Linux, and a rich software suite that includes sample applications and middleware. We also offer end-to-end integration and turnkey development services that include the full cycle of hardware and software development including firmware and applications.

Phone: +972-77-5007265


Harmony Tower 24F 1-32-2 Honcho, Nakano-ku
Tokyo, 164-8721 Japan

eSOL is a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions.

eSOL's eT-Kernel real-time OS ensures proven real-time capability and high reliability in Atmel SAMA5D3 eMPUs-based systems. The eT-Kernel has been used worldwide in various markets including automotive, industrial, medical and consumer equipment and aerospace. Multiple scalable profiles constitute the eT-Kernel lineup to fit any system size and purpose, including the POSIX-compliant eT-Kernel/POSIX with high Linux compatibility.

The eT-Kernel comes with development tools, middleware components, and professional services in eSOL’s integrated eT-Kernel Platform. The eT- Kernel Platform enables software developers to improve time to market, cost, productivity, quality and other business drivers.

Founded in 1975, eSOL is based in Tokyo, Japan. eSOL has been the only OS vendor accepting an investment from ARM since 2009.  

Phone: +81-3-5302-1360

SEGGER Microcontroller


SEGGER develops hardware and software development tools specifically for embedded systems.

The J-Link and J-Trace family of debug probes offer the world’s fastest debugging experience. These devices are unique in that they are cross IDE and cross platform compatible, while outperforming all others in any environment they are used. Supports ARM/Cortex™ MCUs and most IDEs. This is the only probe you will ever need!

The Flasher ARM and Flasher Portable are some of the fastest, feature rich, and most robust production and field flash programmers available. These devices are designed for ease of use, with a straight forward configuration utility and the option of a single button-press operation, user interface control, or driven via simple commands, these devices integrate seamlessly into any programming project.

The SEGGER RTOS and middleware consist of:

These are developed in-house and supported by the engineers that wrote the code, with over 20 years of use across all embedded markets.

Phone: +49-2103-2878-0


Emprog Inc.

303 Twin Dolphin Drive, suite 600
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
United States

Emprog Inc, is a privately owned company, headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA (USA). Its main vision is to provide the engineering and embedded community with the best integration, development and distribution of productivity development software and hardware tools targeted mainly towards the ARM® architecture.

With over two decades of combined experience in selling, marketing and supporting software and hardware development solutions, the Emprog team has the knowledge, expertise and the best skill-set needed to service hi-tech companies working on embedded systems designs or technology products.

Emprog is a provider of enhanced integration of standard development tools for Embedded programming. The company’s flagship product ThunderBench has the best deployment of an Eclipse IDE platform for embedded use. ThunderBench for ARM enables thousands of engineers to develop their products using high performance 32-bit Cortex/ARM devices in several industry areas such as automotive, medical, consumer electronics, automotive, wireless, LED, and telecom. A wide range of partners and Middleware vendors are supporting ThunderBench via plugins.

Phone: 650-425-1125

InterNiche Technologies, Inc.


Royalty Free, TCP/IP Source Code

Whether your product requires TCP/IPv4, IPv6, SNMP agent support, an HTTP Server, Secure Communications or PPP or any of our other modules, InterNiche's small-footprint and RFC compliant modules are easy to integrate into your design. Written in portable ANSI C and designed for use on a wide range of RTOS and CPU architectures, InterNiche's products are available under royalty-free license terms, include complete and user friendly documentation and highly responsive support services, which includes access to technical experts via email, web, FAX and telephone.

Phone: +1 408-540 1160 Ext 211

Abelon Systems


Based in the UK, Abelon Systems are an embedded systems design consultancy specialising in command and control systems, process control and data acquisition. We design embedded firmware systems, machine to machine communication protocols, data aggregation and systems integration solutions. Of particular interest are reactive, contextual systems which adapt their behaviour on the basis of user interaction. Our main markets are the Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Medical Device sectors, but the ubiquitous nature of the technology we use means it can be applied to many other sectors. We have amassed considerable expertise in developing embedded systems based around Atmel ARM processors and other Atmel peripheral devices.

Phone: +44 131 449 9173

G5 Engineering Solutions, Inc.

1591 Summit Lake Dr., Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32317 United States

Hardware, Firmware, Software and Systems. Mechanical Design and Packaging. Wireless (BT/BLE/Zigbee/WiFi/802.15.4), Industrial, Military/Defense, Medical and Consumer Devices. Standard Products.

Services: Requirements Definition, Rapid Prototyping/Proof of Concept, Detailed Design, Manufacturing Development, Product Integration, Product Testing, Obsolescence Redesign, Hardware Drivers

Technology Expertise: Operating System Customizations and Driver Development (Linux, Android, and WinCE). Application Software Development (Android and WinCE). Embedded Microprocessors (ARM). Low Power Consumption Power Management for Battery Operated Devices. High Density PCB Layout Designs.

Number of Employees: 27

Number of ARM Experts:7

Phone: 850-391-7601


2/F, Block 3, Huang Zhou Industrial Park, Che Bo Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, 510660

Programmer, TKScope Debugger for SAM and AVR devicesp.

Phone: +86-020-28872524/22644261/28872342/28267985

MiceTek International Inc.

7F., No. 303, Chungming S. Rd., Taichung 403,

MICETEK is one of the leader suppliers on designing and manufacture tools for developers to reduce their design cycle and fasten the product to market. MCP-104 is an multi-function In-System Programmer and support Atmel’s Microcontrollers that based on ARM Cortex M0 to M4 series such as SAM3A,3N,3S,3U,3X,4LC,4LS,4E,4N,4S,D20E,D20G,D20J series.

Phone: +886-4-2302-6168


15/D-19, SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri,
Chennai, 603103 India

SANDS is a product design, engineering and manufacturing company providing technical support for both system design and software development.

Rugged System On Module (RSOM-1001) from SANDS is a SAMA5D3X based core board for low-power, high feature and rugged embedded applications as in IoT, Industrial Control and Automation, Portable Instruments, Defense, and Avionics. The reliability of the module is increased by the use of dedicated PMU, and IEEE-1386 connectors for increased connectivity against shock and vibration. The module has both the Gigabit and 10/100 PHY. Also, the RSOM comes with built-in FPC connector, to accommodate 3.5” LCD for compact embedded systems.

Phone: +91 4427470001

Boardcon Embedded Design

Room702, XinAn Business Building,
45Zone, BaoAn District,

Shenzhen, 518133 China

Boardcon Embedded Design is supplier for Computer on Module for AT91SAM9G45 and development kits for ATSAM9G25.


Phone: +86-755-26481393
Fax: +86-755-27571552