"Atmel Provides a Competitive Advantage to its Customers Through Timely, Innovative, Defect-Free Products and Outstanding Service Driven by a Culture of Systematic, Continuous Improvement."

At Atmel, our quality policy is serious business. Service, quality, and innovation: these are core elements that explain our long-term success. We devote our efforts to delivering committed service, highest-quality products, and rapid innovation so that our customers retain the trust they hold with Atmel.


Environmental Policy

"The management at Atmel is committed to providing for the environment by decreasing our sites' overall ecological impact. Our goal is to make measurable improvements in all of the environmental aspects of our manufacturing activities and products. This commitment follows our continuous improvement philosophy and will by achieved by setting goals and objectives, followed by a plan to implement, review and audit our achievements.

Atmel has always been committed to upholding local, state and federal environmental regulations and will continue to do so in the future.

As part of our worldwide ecological obligations and commitments, Atmel will actively pursue ways to prevent pollution and reduce energy, water and other natural resource consumption by our facilities.

Additionally, we realize our sites' obligations to the community. In keeping with this, we have employed methods, and will continue to employ methods and implement appropriate actions to prevent and mitigate any environmental impact that could happen as a result of our operations."

We design, manufacture, and deliver products that respect the environment and the demands of sustainability. For more information on green policies, visit our Green page.


Atmel Quality Handbook

Atmel’s Quality Handbook describes our system of continuous improvement, Quality Business System, Reliability qualification and monitoring, as well as the related infrastructure to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Many of our quality and reliability documents are available in .pdf format. To read them, you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.