Telecare equipment helps enable elderly people to live independently at home by providing remote health monitoring and assistance. Atmel® technology can provide an ideal platform for fall detection equipment, a promising application that can automatically alert emergency services. Atmel solutions can provide support for reliable communication, together with power efficiency, in a compact design.

Features and Benefits

  • Atmel AVR® XMEGA™ microcontroller delivers robust processing ability on an extremely small footprint, to accommodate small, lightweight devices that are worn or carried by people.
  • Second-generation Atmel picoPower® technology enables the AVR XMEGA to further extend battery life of portable devices for maximum power efficiency.

Telecare Devices

  • Fall detector devices can provide medical alert monitoring for senior citizens and people with health issues, on a 24/7 basis.

Remote Patient Monitoring (Fall Detection)

Remote Patient Diagram

Atmel can help you develop a complete telecare solution, from the gateway to sensor and patient monitoring applications.

Low power consumption is a critical requirement for fall detection systems, including the monitoring portable device carried by senior citizens or people with health issues, as well as the fixed sensor in the home. High feature integration is key to providing support for applications that require a very small form factor.

The Atmel AVR XMEGA family meets these requirements, enabling developers to build reliable, efficient solutions with a compact form factor as well as long battery life. Its Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) includes 32x8-bit registers, enabling you to implement highly efficient arithmetic processing.

Reference Designs

[ + ] Wireless E-Paper Display Reference Design

[ + ] GPS Tracker Reference Design

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