Shortening development of safety critical home appliance products up to twelve months, the QTouch® Safety Platform from Atmel® adds mandatory safety for capacitive touch-enabled user interfaces for home appliances.

Atmel's QTouch Safety Platform is pre-qualified for the VDE/UL 60730 and 60335 Class B certifications enabling household appliance designers to focus on more innovative, easy-to-use interfaces that support capacitive touch button, slider and wheels on an Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex M0+-based MCU rather than focusing on safety certification features. The QTouch Safety Platform ensures excellent noise tolerance through dynamic hardware and firmware noise filtering passing IEC61000- 4-6 10V conducted immunity with very little design effort. In addition, it provides FMEA support and moisture tolerance.

Offering easy-to-use software and hardware tools, the QTouch Safety Library firmware and QTouch Composer Development Software can be downloaded free of charge from the Atmel Gallery.

Key Features

  • Up to IEC 61000-4-6 15V Conducted Immunity tolerant QTouch Safety Library
  • IEC/UL 60730 and 60335 Class B certified QTouch Safety Library
  • Advanced noise and moisture countermeasures – adjustable for any environmental conditions
  • FMEA support
  • Fast response time

QTouch Robustness Demo Evaluation Kits

Demonstrating best-in-class capacitive touch performance, the evaluation kits comes pre-loaded with pre-qualified 60730 Class B software that can be easily reprogrammed and debugged using the embedded debugger. The evaluation kits passes all standard home appliance EMC tests.