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Li-Ion Battery Management

Battery efficiency and lifespan are key elements for automotive battery applications. Li-ion batteries are up to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than conventional NiMH batteries, yet store considerably more energy. While Li-ion batteries offer concrete advantages in terms of size, weight, recharge speed, life span, and resistance to memory effects, they also quickly lose capacity, and are potentially unsafe if overcharged or discharged too deeply. A battery management system is required to avoid this to happen. For such systems, Atmel provides Li-ion battery management devices that offer high accuracy analog measurement functions in combination with efficient active cell balancing ensuring the optimum usage of the batteries capacity.

Features and Benefits

  • Active balancing — Atmel's battery management is the industry's first solution that features active cell balancing for high cell count Li-ion batteries to prevent energy loss.
  • Highest accuracy due to simultaneous cell voltage measurement of the cells in the entire battery stack leading to precise state-of-charge and state-of health calculation.

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