Atmel Automotive Solutions for Body and Convenience Applications

The body and convenience category encompasses many functions and features readily visible to the driver and passengers. These functions provide for unique branding and differentiation opportunities for automotive OEMs. This includes functions such as door controls, window controls, sunroof controls, steering column controls, and climate controls. Although these functions and features are diverse, they share many common design challenges, among them:

  • Network connectivity through standard bus interfaces
  • Low power operation
  • Physical size constraints
  • Stringent EMC requirements
  • Compliance with strict automotive qualification demands, including industry standards and automotive-qualified fabs

Atmel continues to build on decades of experience in automotive electronics design, and offers a broad portfolio of products to address these design challenges. This includes standalone transceivers, drivers, and microcontrollers, as well as highly integrated space-saving System Basis Chips (SBCs) and System-in-Package (SIP) solutions.

Atmel Solutions for Body and Convenience Applications

Adaptive Headlight Control

Ambient Lighting Control

Door and Mirror Controls

HVAC and Climate Control (Flaps and Fans)

Seat Control

Steering Column and Dashboard Controls

Sun Roof Control

Window Lift Control