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Car access keys have evolved radically from the simple steel key to today's role as the human interface to the car. High security is a must for car access applications, and is also required by insurance companies worldwide.

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems combined with immobilizers are standard in nearly all cars today. Passive Entry/Go (PEG) applications offer the ultimate convenience for car users, and are well-established in current luxury vehicles. As consumers demand additional convenience, these features are increasingly making their way into medium-class cars. To meet these demands, developers need cost-efficient electronic system solutions that support a high level of integration.

Atmel® introduced its first dedicated car access transmitter in 1997, and continues to recognize the importance of automotive security. We offer a wide range of car access devices that are ideal for developing complete system solutions with the highest levels of security and convenience, supporting remote keyless entry, immobilizer, passive entry/go or combi key applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Atmel provides a complete line of ICs (RF, LF, Atmel AVR® microcontrollers) to create complete car access and remote start systems
  • Broad product scope includes dedicated RF transmitters, receivers and transceivers, as well as microcontrollers
  • Support for open standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm provides robust security
Car Access Diagram

Atmel enables a uni-directional RF link for the keyless entry function to open or lock the doors. The immobilizer system is built with a bi-directional LF link operating with the AUT64 crypto algorithm.

Car Access2 Diagram

Atmel supports a bi-directional RF link for the RKE function as well as for the extremely secure duplex RF link in a Passive Entry Go system. The lF link is used for the wake- up channel in a PEG system as well as for the immobilizer function to start the RF communication.

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