Atmel Automotive Solutions for Car Access Applications

Car Access represents the subsystems that allow vehicle entry and user authentication prior to starting the engine. Three subsystems are used today to achieve these results. They are Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Immobilizer (IMMO), and Passive Entry / Passive Start (PEPS). Each of these sub-systems requires a mobile component; a key fob in the hand or pocket of the authorized user. In addition, there is a base station module in the vehicle which communicates with the key fob. High levels of security are a must for car access applications. These systems can provide financial incentives to users in the form of lower insurance premiums.

For all of these sub-systems Atmel offers cost-effective solutions with a high degree of integration. Recognizing the need for high-level system design, Atmel offers free open communication protocols based on the 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

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Atmel Solutions for Car Access Applications

Remote Keyless Entry / Remote Start (RKE)

Passive Entry / Passive Start (PEPS)