Bringing Convergence Home

Today's intelligent home and building automation solutions offer new levels of comfort, security, and efficiency. To develop the sophisticated solutions that meet the needs that consumers demand, designers need standards-based, flexible technology that can provide:

  • Innovative touch control to enable a variety of home devices, including remote controls, control panels, or thermostats
  • Power efficiency to meet the needs of today's green applications
  • Compatibility with standards-based technology to bring innovative solutions to market, fast
  • Support for wireless networking to enable home connectivity
  • Robust security through hardware authentication and secure communication, which is essential for highly networked devices

Efficient, Secure, Intelligent Solutions

Atmel® offers a wide variety of solutions that are optimized to meet the needs of residential or building electronic equipment that provides monitoring and control capability:

  • Fire and Security — Fire and security applications help customers safeguard people, property, and business resources, while providing peace of mind. Whether you are designing an entry-level detector or an advanced, networked control panel, Atmel® can offer a solution that's right for your needs.
  • Comfort and Control — In a competitive marketplace, customers demand sophisticated features, intuitive controls, and a rich variety of connectivity options for environmental control products. Atmel® delivers a complete range of microcontrollers and other components that enable you to build power-efficient solutions that provide seamless network connectivity. Our advanced touch technology supports a responsive, precision interface and lets you set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Telecare — Telecare equipment helps enable elderly people to live independently at home by providing remote health monitoring and assistance. Atmel® technology can provide an ideal platform for fall detection equipment, a promising application that can automatically alert emergency services. Atmel solutions can provide support for reliable communication, together with power efficiency, in a compact design.

The Atmel Advantage

As networks and electronics become commonplace in the home and office, the market for intelligent security and comfort solutions is growing. Atmel technology lets you build smart, energy-efficient solutions that deliver the features and performance your customers demand.

  • Intelligent Connectivity — Interoperability and standards compliance are critical to meeting the needs of a networked home or building environment. Atmel technology is designed for maximum compatibility with leading protocols and industry standards. Our full range of wireless solutions features ZigBee® and 6Lowpan support.
  • Power Efficient — Atmel picoPower® technology provides power saving modes that let you dramatically enhance your product battery life, without sacrificing performance.
  • Advanced Touch Solutions — Our capacitive touch solutions, together with Atmel 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers, enable you to design responsive, intuitive equipment including remote controls, control panels, or thermostats.
  • Robust Security — Network security is key as home and office automation systems become more connected via Ethernet, wireless LANs, or narrow band systems. Atmel solutions include integrated hardware security that's right for your needs, from SHA-256 based authentication solutions (Atmel CryptoAuthentication™) to a comprehensive, secure micro solution.

Customer Success Stories

Discover how leading Home and Building Automation manufacturers are building advanced solutions with Atmel technology.

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