Reliable, Robust Operation

More than ever, consumers have high expectations for home appliances. They demand sophisticated, feature-rich products that are reliable and easy to use. To meet these needs, developers of white goods need technology that provides:

  • Advanced motor control features for safe, quiet operation
  • Green, power-efficient technology, as well as energy measurement and control through connectivity with smart metering networks
  • Advanced human machine interface (HMI) support through touchscreen technology for a rich, easy user experience
  • Flexible, compatible connectivity to integrate devices with the outside world
  • Standards-based certification to enable reliable, high-quality solutions

Atmel QTouch Technology for Home Appliances

Home appliance OEMs are now expected to develop goods that automatically shut down if a fault is detected within the system. The certifications that call for this stringent level of safety—IEC/EN 60730—cover mechanical, electrical, electronic, EMC, and abnormal operation of appliances.

By designing with Atmel® QTouch® capacitive touch controllers for button, slider and wheel capability—which are certified-ready devices—manufacturers can now more easily design household appliances that meet these certifications. One of our newest certified devices, the Atmel AT42QT1481, provides a high button count at low cost, along with the flexibility to construct button sensors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our certified devices - combined with superior Atmel conducted immunity (CI) - makes Atmel the leading capacitive touch supplier for all home appliance user interfaces.

  • Hardware Benefits — POR, BOD, CI, RAM, Flash, EEPROM, WDT, ADC, clock, and zero cross detector
  • Software Benefits — Spread spectrum, software interrupts, memory tests, registers (I/O & CPU), Atmel Software Framework
  • FMEA — Sequence tests running continuously in the background to detect device and interface failures
  • High Button Count – Single device with high button counts capable through Atmel QMatrix® sensing algorithm
  • Conducted Immunity – Great noise and EMC immunity
  • Moisture Tolerant – In outdoor designs and/or environments with humidity
  • AT42QT1481 – 48-button device with above feature sets

Advanced, Energy-Efficient Solutions

Atmel® offers a wide range of solutions that are ideal for a variety of household appliances:

  • Refrigeration — Power efficiency is key for refrigeration equipment. To meet today's green energy requirements, refrigerators and freezers must include support for global efficiency standards, as well as advanced communications for smart metering. The Atmel® intelligent, customizable microcontrollers provide flexible connectivity options and power efficient architectures that are an excellent fit for refrigeration applications.
  • Cooking — Cooking appliances such as stoves, microwave ovens, and conventional ovens, often require a combination of temperature and mass sensors, programmable timers, and sophisticated motor control for fan and other devices. Some include remote controls, and rich, responsive touch control interfaces are key for ease of use. Atmel® industry leading touch solutions and customizable microcontrollers are ideal for cooking appliances.
  • Washing — Washing machines require support for motor controls, water level and temperature sensing, and user interface components that can withstand harsh environments. Standards-based, secure connectivity is also a must for appliances that will connect to a home network. Atmel® offers a rich array of microcontrollers and touch screen solutions that can power today's advanced washing equipment.
  • Motor Control — Microcontrollers are more and more common in motor control applications and are replacing Application-Specific Standard Products (ASSP) and ASICs. Since microcontrollers feature embedded peripherals, they provide more flexibility and offer a better cost solution compared to other solutions.

The Atmel Advantage

Atmel is uniquely qualified to provide advanced, efficient solutions that are ideal for use in home appliances. We offer a broad range of Atmel AVR® microcontrollers that are a perfect fit for many white goods applications. Atmel also enables you to create more innovative products by taking full advantage of our world class performance, high end peripherals, and Flash memory. For feature-rich HMI support, the Atmel industry-leading touch technology delivers unbeatable performance and versatility.

  • Extensive Portfolio — the Atmel AVR 8-, 8/16- and 32-bit AVR microcontrollers can fit a wide range of products
  • Power Efficient — More than ten years focus on power efficiency enables AVR microcontrollers to more easily comply with standards such as Energy Star and European Regulations for stand-by current
  • Advanced Touch Solutions — Atmel has the industry's most robust touch sensor technology, delivering industry-leading performance through our Atmel maXTouch™ microcontroller solutions. With our Atmel QTouch® library, you can add capacitive touch buttons, wheels and sliders at zero additional cost. Standards-based wireless support (802.15.4 ZigBee® Standard covering 2.4Ghz and sub-giga) lets your product support smart metering for energy control in the home
  • Solid Security — Atmel offers easy to integrate secure authentication solutions to meet the needs of the smart meter and smart grid era, and enables a variety of key management strategies
  • Wireless Connectivity — Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® are provided by partners, H&D Wireless, to enable the industry's smallest WLAN module, complete with software drivers for wireless audio streaming

Reference Designs and Resources

  • Atmel EVK1100 : The EVK1100 is an evaluation kit and development system for the Atmel AVR UC3 A Series 32-bit microcontroller. Includes USB connectivity.
  • Atmel EVK1101: The EVK1101 is an evaluation kit and development system for the Atmel AVR UC3 B Series 32-bit microcontroller. Includes USB connectivity.
  • Atmel EVK1104: The AVR32 EVK1104 is an evaluation kit for the Atmel AT32UC3A3256 which combines the Atmel state-of-art AVR 32-bit microcontrollers with an unrivalled selection of communication interface like USB including On-The-Go functionality, SDcard, NAND flash with ECC and stereo 16-bit DAC.
  • Atmel EVK1105: The EVK1105 is an evaluation kit for the Atmel AT32UC3A0512 which demonstrates the Atmel state-of-the-art AVR 32-bit microcontrollers in Hi-Fi audio decoding and streaming applications. Includes USB connectivity.
  • Atmel AT88CK109STK3: Evaluation kit for Atmel CryptoAuthentication™. Enables easy security integration with AVR and ARM.

RF Kits

  • Atmel ATAVRRZRAVEN 2.4 GHz Evaluation and Starter Kit: The RZRAVEN 2.4 GHz Evaluation and Starter Kit enables development, debugging and demonstration of a wide range of low power wireless applications including IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee networks.
  • Atmel ATmega128RFA1 Evaluation Kit: The ATmega128RFA1 evaluation kit enables development, debugging and demonstration of IEEE 802.15.4 compliant wireless applications such as ZigBee and 6LoWPAN.
  • Atmel AVR Raven: The AVR Raven has a 2.4 GHz transceiver, on board picoPower AVR application processors and LCD display.
  • Atmel RZUSBstick: The AVR RZUSBSTICK consists of one USB stick with a 2.4 GHz transceiver and USB connection to your PC.

ZigBit Wireless modules

RF Design Software

  • Atmel BitCloud: ZigBee PRO BitCloud is a full-featured, 2nd generation embedded software stack from Atmel. The stack provides a software development platform for reliable, scalable, and secure wireless applications running on Atmel wireless platforms.
  • Atmel IEEE 802.15.4 MAC: The IEEE standard 802.15.4 defines the protocol and compatible interconnection for data communication using low data rate, low power and low complexity, short-range radio frequency (RF) transmissions in a wireless personal area network (WPAN). Atmel developed the MAC stack software for different target platforms (microcontroller and board) and RF transceivers.
  • Atmel RF4Control - ZigBee RF4CE: The RF4Control software stack is the Atmel ZigBee RF4CE compliant platform.

Additional Software Suites: