Creating New Sights and Sounds

Home entertainment systems continue to evolve in size and sophistication, delivering new levels of experience and adventure to consumers. Home Entertainment has expanded to become a true indoor electronic playground for children and adults alike, with systems incorporating large-screen displays, gaming consoles, audio equipment, and docking stations. Often a single remote control gives users complete command of these environments. Atmel® solutions for home entertainment help you address your most pressing design challenges, including:

  • Delivering innovative capabilities that entice consumers to upgrade and expand their systems
  • Responding to consumer demand for energy-saving solutions
  • Integrating wireless and touchscreen technologies
  • Connecting and protecting more home entertainment products
  • Robust RF interference protection

Powerful, Intuitive Control for Home Entertainment

More and more home electronic products are linked to share the connection between video and audio. Atmel technology enables you to provide support for a full array of home and audio applications:

  • Video — From the one-stop shopping provided by Atmel AT91SAM ARM®-based or Atmel AVR® microcontroller families to the world's most sophisticated touchscreen technology, Atmel shows you new possibilities for video solutions. These technologies multiply your design options and enhance connectivity while driving down size, complexity, and power consumption.
  • Remote Controls — Ultra-low power Atmel Wi-Fi Direct single-chip offers future-proof solutions for advanced remote controls for TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs and other modern network-connected CE devices that already have built-in Wi-Fi. Alternately, you can take advantage of easy-to-implement remote control applications using the Atmel ATmega128RFA1 wireless Atmel AVR microcontroller with ZigBee® RF4CE certification. The Atmel Sensor Hub solution combines the expertise from our sensor partners with our MCU know-how to provide you a tailored system solution which can implement up to a full 9-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) capability. This will give precise orientation and direction information allowing more intuitive menu navigation for an exceptional user experience.

The Atmel Advantage

At Atmel, our goal is to surround you with great technologies to achieve the home entertainment experience that your customers expect. Atmel also provides proven tools and libraries that can reduce cycle time and ensure high-quality results.

  • Advanced Touchscreen Solutions — With the Atmel QTouch® library you can add capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels at no additional cost. If your product uses a high-end touchscreen solution, Atmel maXTouch™ technology offers the industry's lowest power, highest performance single-chip touch solutions.
  • Wireless Solutions — If your application requires remote control support for ZigBee® RF4CE, the Atmel AVR family offers 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers supporting the RF4CE specification.
  • Low-Power Wi-Fi Solutions — To develop a platform that allows your home entertainment devices (remote controls, TVs, DVRs, set-top boxes, etc.) to connect seamlessly with each other without dongles or WAPs (wireless access points), Atmel offers Wi-Fi certified single-chip solutions that deliver both ultra-low power and support for Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Sensor Support  — The Atmel Sensor Hub solution combines the expertise from our sensor partners with our MCU excellence to provide you a tailored system solution for processing and integration of real-time data from your product’s surroundings. Furthermore, this platform is complemented by easy-to-use hardware and software tools to help with your development. Whether you are looking for a system to develop your own differentiators, a high level set of gestures or an off-the-shelf solution, Atmel has you covered.
  • Lower Power Consumption — Long before most consumers were concerned about saving on electric bills, Atmel began developing low power consumption solutions. You can be confident that your Atmel AVR®-powered applications will comply with ENERGY STAR ratings and other standards, while also increasing customer satisfaction by offering longer battery life.
  • High Security Hardware Authentication — Atmel offers a wide variety of secure authentication and storage solutions for seamless integration with Atmel AVR and ARM®-based microcontrollers.
  • High-Computing Performance — Explore new, more imaginative designs by taking advantage of Atmel AVR microcontrollers with integrated DSP and ARM-based high computing performance, coupled with a high-end peripheral set and Flash memory technology.
  • Ease of Development — Our extensive software library, reference designs, and evaluation kits help you to reduce development time.

Enabling Technologies

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