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The Atmel® remote control technology supports your audio and video design applications. Choose from a wide variety of remote control interfaces for your docking solutions. Take advantage of low-cost, easy-to-implement remote control applications using the Atmel ATmega128RFA1 wireless Atmel AVR® microcontroller with ZigBee® RF4CE certification. Atmel is among the first to have our wireless platform ZigBee RF4CE certified. In addition to a broad wireless technology capability, Atmel also provides Sensor Hub solutions that combine the expertise from our sensor partners with our MCU know-how to provide you a tailored system solution which can implement up to a full 9-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) capability. This will give precise orientation and direction information allowing more intuitive menu navigation for an exceptional user experience.

Features and Benefits

  • A broad product portfolio of ARM® and R R® devices.
  • Wireless capacitive touch remote control based on single-chip wireless AVR microcontroller simplifies PCB (printed circuit board) design
  • Eliminate line-of-site barriers with the Atmel ZigBee RF4CE certified wireless platform
  • Atmel SleepWalking™ Intelligent Peripherals significantly reduce power consumption
  • High-speed data transfer between remote control microcontroller and peripherals with reduced processor overhead
  • Flexible and scalable sensor hub platform with easy to use hardware and software tools to help with development.
  • The patented capacitive touch acquisition methods, Atmel QTouch® and Atmel QMatrix™, provide more choices for buttons, sliders, and wheels with a small or large number of keys
  • Atmel FlashVault™ Code Protection creates secure on-chip storage for secret code and software intellectual property
  • Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ provides secure authentication and storage
  • Sensor management to provide 6- and 9-axis IMU capability with many sensor partners
Remote Controls Diagram

Atmel solutions enable you to build complete wireless environments with a capacitive-touch remote control based on either single-chip wireless AVR microcontroller, or using an Atmel microcontroller with external low-power IEEE 802.15.4-compliant transceivers. For a Universal Remote Control, use an Atmel microcontroller that offers an embedded LCD controller. For joystick applications in gaming, the Atmel AT91SAM ARM-based solutions offer benefits such as high performance, low-power, and system-level integration. Atmel remote control solutions will help to enhance your RF network with an optimized bill-of-materials (BOM), with one chip to handle wireless plus touch.

  • For details on capacitive touch technology, click here
  • For details on wireless technology, click here

Recommended Atmel Applications

The Atmel high-throughput, low power consumption microcontrollers provide the choices you need to suit any application. Our microcontroller products are supported by the Atmel touch library, development tools, applications notes, and world-class Atmel support to help you reduce design cycle time.

Atmel Products

Remote ControlMicrocontrollerCapacitive TouchWirelessSecurityRecommended Evaluation Kit
Low end remote controltinyAVR® and megaAVR® 
AVR XMEGA 8-32KB flash
Buttons, Sliders and Wheels 

QTouch library
- STK600
Capacitive Touch: QT600
Wireless: AVR Raven
High end remote controlSingle-chip (Microcontroller and Transceiver)
Buttons, Sliders and Wheels 

QTouch® Library
Single-chip (Microcontroller and Transceiver)
- STK600
Capacitive Touch: QT600
Wireless: AVR Raven

Reference Design

[ - ] ISM Band PCB Antenna Reference Design

Abstract: This reference design is to demonstrate a 915MHz/2.4GHz ISM band PCB antenna, which is compact and cost effective and can be easily integrated with corresponding ISM band transceivers like AT86RF212B/AT86RF233.

Key Features:

  • Compact PCB Antennas for 915MHz and 2.4GHz ISM bands
  • Easily integrate with Altium design and Gerber files
  • Return Loss, Radiation Pattern, Gain, and Efficiency measurement results

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