The unique, low-power, non-flickering, directional output capabilities of LEDs make them perfect for indoor lighting under counters and in hallways and staircases; concentrated arrays can also be used for room lighting. Rugged and damage-resistant, LEDs are also a cost-effective solution for outdoor applications such as garden walkways and decorative features.

Features and Benefits

  • The Atmel® AVR® AT90PWM microcontroller supports the DALI standard to network multiple ballasts to a centralized system for tighter light level control and big energy savings.
  • Cost-effective designs require flexibility. Atmel solutions let you build fluorescent lighting solutions based on, for example, a full-featured single-chip AVR especially designed for wireless applications, or a general microcontroller with range of standard-compliant transceiver options.
  • To accelerate time-to-market, Atmel provides development packages with evaluation and debug tools, and ballast demo kits with complete, updatable C code to implement advanced control and protection algorithms in the microprocessor memory.

LED Ballasts

  • LED ballasts must provide LEDs with a constant source of current. Built-in hardware modulator, a high current LED driver and interrupt options makes the Atmel AT90PWM microcontroller well suited for LED applications.

Atmel Products

Lighting ComponentMicrocontrollerWireless TransceiverRecommended Evaluation Kit
Ballast Controller for LED






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