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Atmel maXTouch S Series Touchscreen Controllers

Experience Touch Like Never Before

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The Atmel® maXTouch® U Series controller family delivers a single-chip touchscreen solution for Windows® 8.x certified notebooks and Intel Ultrabooks™ up to 15.6” and Android 18”. These controllers employ a groundbreaking dual architecture that uses mutual- and self-capacitance sensing, which features the industry’s lowest power consumption. Support for a high number of nodes accurately reports the positions of unlimited simultaneous touches—including stretch, pinch, rotate gestures—from a stylus, fingernails or even gloved fingertips. Imagine the experience you can create for users of larger mobile devices, coupled with dazzling speed that completely redraws a screen every 4/1000th of a second.

Safeguard the intellectual property of your tablet and notebook designs with the Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ family of hardware security solutions. Cost-effective and with support for the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256), Atmel CryptoAuthentication ICs can securely validate a wide variety of physical or logical elements in virtually any microprocessor-based system. The devices are available in a variety of space-conscious packages.

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