Atmel features a wide range of technologies enabling you to securely download and play games on a variety of slot-enabled handheld products, regardless of manufacturer or native application processor. Atmel® MicroSD cards incorporate a graphics accelerator, interface logic, and high-end ARM9™ processor. The Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ IC can protect your portable gaming console from counterfeit accessories, such as battery clones that can lose their charge sooner and cause malfunctions such as short circuits. The Atmel Sensor Hub Solutions combines the expertise from our sensor partners with our microcontoller excellence to provide you a tailored system solution which provides real-time motion sensing to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience by utilizing a broad range of sensors.

Portable Game Diagram

Atmel Products

Application ProcessorHardware SecurityCapacitive TouchKeyboard and Joystick ControllerSensor microcontrollerPower Management and Audio CodecMemory
ARM-Based Solutions: SAM9CryptoAuthentication

QTouch® Library

maXTouch Touchscreen controller

Touch Sensor



Analog CompanionsSerial EEPROM

Reference Designs

[ + ] Joystick Game Controller Reference Design

[ + ] USB High Speed Device Mass Storage on SD/MMC Card with AES

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