Atmel® helps you design digital mass storage products that meet size, speed and cost requirements for consumer and business applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Atmel offers application-specific Atmel AVR® microcontrollers and ARM®-based microcontrollers that support the USB Mass Storage (MS) extension. The MS standard guarantees that a product will be useable on many operating systems with no additional coding.
  • Atmel laser diode driver (LDD) ICs, photo-detector ICs (PDICs), and front monitor diodes (FMDs) for optical pick-up units (OPUs) support all current read, write, and re-write standards—making them a great fit for Blu-ray (BD), HD-DVD, and DVD/CD storage applications.
  • A full range of development tools, including reference designs with firmware, evaluation kits, and software stacks accelerate component design.
  • Atmel AVR microcontrollers include memory card interfaces that support MMC and SD cards, Memory Stick and more. These hardware blocks ensure optimal card access performance, as well as internal DMA and high-speed USB communications.

Mass Storage Devices

  • USB flash drives offer users speed, convenience, and capacity. Atmel mass storage solutions with Atmel DataFlash® support full duplex file transfer between devices and PCs. The Atmel AVR UC 32-bit microcontroller series offers outstanding data throughput, with features such as high-speed USB, multi-layered AVR databus, 128KB on-chip SRAM with triple high-speed interfaces, and multi-channel peripheral and memory-to-memory DMA controller.

Mass Storage Devices

Atmel provides developers with valuable, timesaving developer tools and application notes that detail how to create customized products, such as USB Mass Storage class applications.

Atmel Products

ProductMicrocontrollerCapacitive TouchDesign SoftwareRecommended
Evaluation Kit
USB KeysAVR UC3 A3 Series

ARM-Based Solutions


QTouch® LibraryAVR32 Studio

AVR32 GNU Toolchain

AVR UC3 Software Framework

QTouch Studio




Reference Design

[ + ] USB High Speed Device Mass Storage on SD/MMC Card with AES

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