From Metering to the Smart Grid

The market for energy, water, and gas metering systems is rapidly changing, driven by new environmental and conservation concerns and regulations. Traditional standalone meters are now being replaced by complex networked systems that utilize a variety of communication methods. To meet the needs of this evolving smart grid, metering developers need solutions that can provide:

  • Leading-edge connectivity
  • Best-in-class metrology
  • Integration & flexibility
  • Advanced security

Atmel Smart Energy Solutions

Not a chip, but a Platform.

Atmel® addresses the needs of the smart energy market with application-specific as well as standard microcontroller, microprocessor, security, memory, wireless, powerline connectivity devices and best-in-class flexible firmware metrology. The application-specific portfolio is defined from ground up to offer designers best-in-class feature sets and good performance in various classes of equipment used in the smart grid.

  • Electricity Meters — Solid-state electricity meters provide energy and power measurement with a data display. They are evolving into smart meters with a variety of communications capabilities. This requires larger memory, more processing power, and compliance with new communications standards. Designers are using different solutions and architectures around the world to address a wide range of requirements.
  • Gas and Water Meters — Gas and water meters are battery-operated. Power efficiency is a key requirement. Gas and water meters provide flow measurement, data display, and efficient wireless communications.
  • Data Concentrators — Data concentrators are used in smart metering applications to collect information from large number of meters and provide a bi-directional communications link to the utility.
  • Energy Gateways and In-Home Display Units — Gateways and displays are key to enabling in-home energy monitoring and management functions which are essential to reducing energy consumption.

The Atmel Advantage

Atmel is well-positioned to address various requirements of smart metering systems designers and engineers with a combination of discrete as well as highly-integrated system-on-chip solutions built around the same processing platforms. This will reduce time-to-market and enable unmatched level of flexibility in addressing new requirements.

  • Leading edge connectivity
    • Low power 802.15.4/4g wireless devices
    • Field proven, Low power PLC (PRIME)
  • Best-in-class Metrology
    • Dynamic range of up to 6000:1
  • Security and Encryption
    • Advanced security engines in system-on-chip-solutions
    • Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ devices offer robust security to safeguard networked metering applications
  • Integration & Flexibility
    • Flexible (SW or HW) metrology
    • Multi-standard Wireless and PLC solutions
  • Broad MCU portfolio & tool support
    • Large array of SAMD, SAM4 and SAMA5 solutions
    • Best-in-class tools from Atmel, IAR, Keil

Enabling Technologies

  • Atmel Smart Energy Solutions
  • Atmel ARM-based Solutions
  • Atmel AVR Solutions
  • Atmel CryptoAuthentication
  • Atmel Serial EEPROM
  • Atmel Touch Solutions