ARM Yourself with Atmel | SMART


Smart Solutions for Embedded Systems

The Atmel® | SMART™ line of ARM-based microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) is designed to keep up with increasing demands for high performance, low power, and high-speed connectivity. Atmel microcontrollers make it easier to create solutions that best meet your customers' needs.

Atmel offers the broadest portfolio of MCUs based on the world’s two most popular 8- and 32-bit architectures—Atmel AVR® and ARM®. These advanced devices meet your design needs by setting new standards of performance, power, and connectivity for a broad range of applications. Atmel MPUs bring more power with external memory and blazing speeds. In addition Atmel has incorporated ARM-based cores into wireless and smart energy products. Atmel’s two decades of microcontroller leadership and innovation includes many industry-firsts:

  • The first Flash microcontroller, the first ARM7™-based 32-bit Flash microcontroller
  • The first 100nA microcontroller with RAM retention
  • The first ARM9™-based Flash microcontroller

We continue to leverage this experience to build AVR andARM-based solutions that help you bring smart and innovative products to market.

In order to optimize and simplify the embedded design process we have built a robust ecosystem around our microcontrollers. This enables you to complete your projects more easily and get new products to market quickly. Atmel provides a wide range of software tools and embedded software that support leading operating systems. We also offer low-cost evaluation kits for Atmel AVR and ARM-based solutions.

Whether it is ARM-based MCUs MPUs, Atmel offers a highly-integrated and power-efficient portfolio, enabling you to find just the right device to meet your unique design requirements.

  • Flexible, highly integrated Atmel ARM-based MCUs are designed to optimize system control, user interface management, and ease of use. The ARM Cortex®-M0+, M3, and M4 based architectures share a single integrated development platform (IDP)—Atmel Studio 6. This platform provides time-saving source code with more than 1600 example projects, access to debuggers/simulators, integration with Atmel QTouch® tools for capacitive touch applications, and access to the Atmel Gallery online apps store for embedded software and extensions. Atmel also has a line of ARM-based smart energy chips with integrated communications modems, analog front end (AFE) ICs, and standards-compliant software stacks.
  • Atmel ARM-based MPUs range from entry-level devices to advanced highly-integrated devices with extensive connectivity, refined interfaces, and ironclad security. Atmel provides a full range of hardware and software tools for our ARM-based MPUs to make your design process easier and reduce time to market. Atmel also works with a worldwide network of partners to deliver additional hardware and software solutions for these devices, including a fast-boot Linux OS.
  • Atmel | SMART offers Wi-Fi connectivity with its SmartConnect and SmartDirect chips and modules. Some are pre-certified and get your product to market quickly.
  • Whether you are working on new, existing, or legacy designs, a wide range of Atmel ARM-based devices provides the latest features and functionality. These devices also feature the lowest power consumption, a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals, and high-speed connectivity.