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Our development software and tools can help you streamline your design process. From the project examples in the Atmel® Studio 6 IDE to our easy-to-use evaluation kits, you’ll have the resources you need to move swiftly from prototype to production.


Featured Tools

Atmel Xplained Pro The Atmel Xplained Pro boards provide you with everything you need to start designing new microcontroller- (MCU-) based applications in minutes.

  • Easy to connect — Through an embedded debugger, Xplained Pro boards connect just with a USB cable to a PC for programming and development.
  • Easy to develop with — The boards are automatically recognized by the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDP), so you get direct access to example projects and documention.
  • Easy to extend — Hardware extension boards provide easy access to all functionality of the MCU. Atmel Software Framework provides a large set of software drivers and components.

Learn more about the Xplained Pro kits.