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Oct 1 - 3, 2014
ARM TechCon 2014

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Ranked one of the top three must-attend events in the embedded industry, ARM® TechCon™ is more than a conference. ARM TechCon’s unique 360-degree interactive training ground is seeded to connect, instruct, advise and enable the world of electronic and ARM-based computer design provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ARM-based technology. Atmel will be there to answer your questions or just and hear about your latest design project using ARM.

Americas Tradeshow Microcontrollers
Oct 3 - 5, 2014
Maker Faire Rome 2014 - European Edition

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is a project promoted by Camera di Commercio di Roma and organized by its agency Asset-Camera. Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi and Riccardo Luna are the event curators. Maker Faire Rome’s second edition will take place in Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica.

EMEA Tradeshow Microcontrollers
Nov 11 - 14, 2014
electronica 2014

Location: Munich, Germany

electronica 2014 is a global business platform with concentrated expert knowledge, from developers to company executives, in nearly all consumer segments and user industries – from automotive and industrial electronics to embedded, wireless, medical electronics and MEMS. Atmel be there showcasing our latest technology. Visit Atmel in Hall A5 Booth 542 and find out how we are Enabling Unlimited Possibilities for your next design.

EMEA Tradeshow Microcontrollers
Jan 27 - Dec 24, 2014
Atmel Tech on Tour

We're bringing technology to you! Join Atmel Tech on Tour at a location near you for in-depth, hands-on technical training that will give you the tools to help you get your design ideas into production.

  • See best-in-class architecture and programming techniques.
  • Discover how to operate peripherals without waking up the core processor.
  • Develop a working application in a day.
  • Learn about wireless systems design.
  • Come up to speed on the latest in touch technology.
  • Get a powerful ARM-Core MCU development system for one-third the normal price.

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Americas Hands-on Microcontrollers
Jan 6 - 9, 2015
2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Las Vegas, NV

Atmel—a leader in microcontrollers and touch technology — will be going gadget crazy this CES 2015. Make sure to set up a meeting or stop by the Atmel Meeting Rooms -- located in the CES Meeting Place or in the ZigBe Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Lower Level.

Americas Tradeshow Microcontrollers

Archived Events

Dec 10,2013
Atmel's SAMD20: Cortex M0+ Incorporating AVR Ease-of-Use

Location: Online

Webinar on Atmel's recently launched SAM D20 lineup is based on the ARM Cortex- M0+ core, setting a new benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use. It incorporates the best of the features from Atmel AVR micro controller innovations while introducing new peripherals such as the Peripheral Touch controller and new serial communications interfaces. Helga Stevenson is Field Marketing Manager of Microcontrollers for the EMEA region will be presenting.

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EMEA Webinar Microcontrollers
Oct 03,2013
What Is Asymmetric Key Authentication and What It Can Do for You

With hackers stealing your code and counterfeit batteries exploding in your charger, every engineer understands the importance of security. This webinar follows up with Atmel product marketing and application engieering team on the ATECC108, Atmel’s first Elliptical Curve asymmetric key authentication. An asymmetric chip does not exchange encrypted hashes with an another chip; it can be a one-way authentication. This is useful in your products for consumer electronics, consumables, medical devices, industrial automation, and IP licensing. This session will be an overview on the features, benefits, application and how to incorporate into your design flow.

Webinar Microcontrollers
Sep 26,2013
Introducing Atmel’s new SAM D20 ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCU series

The Atmel® SAM D20 ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based microcontroller (MCU) series builds on decades of innovation and experience in embedded Flash microcontroller technology. It not only sets a new benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use but also combines the performance and energy efficiency of an ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCU with an optimized architecture and peripheral set. The Atmel SAM D20 series gives you a truly differentiated general-purpose microcontroller that is ideal for many low-power, cost-sensitive industrial and consumer applications.

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Webinar Microcontrollers
May 15,2013
Introduction to the Atmel SAMA5D3 series, the next generation

In this webinar, hosted by Farnell Element 14, you will learn more about : the Cortex-A5 core, Atmel SAMA5D3 Key Features, Positioning, Target Applications and Benefits as well as software and tools ecosystem.

Webinar Microcontrollers
Apr 17,2013
Atmel AVR XMEGA E Microcontrollers

This webinar introduces the new Atmel® AVR® XMEGA® E series. You’ll learn about key product features, including the new enhancements to the analog peripherals and the new digital innovations. You’ll also find out which applications are suited for development with the AVR XMEGA E devices. In addition, you’ll gain insight into how the XMEGA E compares with competitive devices.

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Webinar Microcontrollers
Dec 05,2012
New Ultra-Low Power 2.4GHz SOC Family for IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Apps

In this webinar, you’ll get an introduction to the capabilities and features of the new Atmel® ATmegaRFR2 family of ultra-low power 2.4GHz wireless microcontrollers. You’ll also learn about the new Wireless Composer and Wireless Library tools available in the new Atmel Gallery apps store that is now integrated into the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform. Finally, you’ll find out how the Atmel ATmega256RFR2 Evaluation Kit can provide a head start on your wireless application design.

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Webinar Microcontrollers
Nov 28,2012
Enhancing Embedded Design Efficiency with Atmel Gallery

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Atmel® Gallery, the industry’s only apps store for microcontroller tools and embedded software. Atmel Gallery is available in the newest version of the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDP), providing easy and secure access to Atmel and third-party extensions and plug-ins, including FreeRTOS.

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Webinar Microcontrollers
Oct 24,2012
Reducing Costs in Future-Proof PRIME Smart Meters with New Atmel SAM4SP32A

In this webinar, we'll discuss the main features of the Atmel SAM4SP32A SoC. You will learn how the device's high level of integration will reduce the cost of your metering products. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of how the device's flexibility supports most of the typical requirements utilities have on the automatic metering infrastructure (AMI).

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Webinar Microcontrollers
Apr 11,2012
Extracting Maximum Performance from Atmel QTouch Composer

Learn how to use Atmel® QTouch® Composer to decrease design time and improve performance of your capacitive touch systems. Learn how to create a project using the built-in Project Builder, tune the design for low power consumption and how system tuning can lower power consumption and increase battery life.

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Webinar Touch
Dec 08,2011
Technical introduction to the Atmel AVR XMEGA with LCD controller

You will be introduced to the features and benefits of the Atmel AVR XMEGA with LCD controller. You will learn about the hardware and software supporting the AVR XMEGA, how to get started with your design, and how to reduce power consumption in your application.

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Webinar Microcontrollers