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Jan 27 - Dec 24, 2014
Atmel Tech on Tour

We're bringing technology to you! Join Atmel Tech on Tour at a location near you for in-depth, hands-on technical training that will give you the tools to help you get your design ideas into production.

  • See best-in-class architecture and programming techniques.
  • Discover how to operate peripherals without waking up the core processor.
  • Develop a working application in a day.
  • Learn about wireless systems design.
  • Come up to speed on the latest in touch technology.
  • Get a powerful ARM-Core MCU development system for one-third the normal price.

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Americas Hands-on Microcontrollers
Oct 23 - Nov 6, 2014

Locations: China, Taiwan, Korea

In the free Atmel Tech Live seminars you will learn Atmel’s new product portfolio of MCUs/MPUs, security and wireless devices. Our seasoned product specialists will be there to deliver live demonstrations, share with you useful application tips and industry insights.

Asia Hands-on Microcontrollers
Security ICs