Atmel AVR 32-bit Architecture Manual

Atmel AVR 32-bit Architecture Manual Complete
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AT32UC3C Series

AT32UC3C Series Complete
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AT32UC3C Series

AT32UC3C Series Summary
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AVR32UC Technical Reference

AVR32UC Technical Reference Manual
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32-bit AVR flash microcontroller featuring 256KB Flash, 64KB SRAM is designed for industrial and automotive control applications, optimized for fast communication and motor control. The device family features a floating point unit, FlashVault code protection, single or dual CAN interfaces, dual LIN interfaces, USB with OTG, PWM with dead-time insertion, a 16 channel 12-bit ADC with dual sample-and-hold circuit for simultaneous sampling of 2 signals, a 2 channel 1.5 Msps 12-bit analog DAC. Designed with the multi-layered databus, 64KB on-chip SRAM with dual interfaces, the AT32UC3C offers an outstanding data throughput.

The AT32UC3C Event System provides a connection between on-chip peripherals to off-load the CPU, saves power consumption and provides a 100% deterministic response to external and internal events.

Key Parameters


Flash (Kbytes):

256 Kbytes

Pin Count:


Max. Operating Freq. (MHz):

66 MHz


32-bit AVR

Hardware QTouch Acquisition:


Max I/O Pins:


Ext Interrupts:


USB Transceiver:


Quadrature Decoder Channels:


USB Speed:

Full Speed


Ordering Codes

Ordering Code Package Speed Power Supply Operational Range Comment Buy Online Samples
AT32UC3C2256C-A2UT TQFP 64A 64 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Buy Request
AT32UC3C2256C-A2UR TQFP 64A 64 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Buy Request