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AT42QT1010 Complete

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Digital burst mode, charge-transfer (QT™) sensor capable of detecting near-proximity or touch. It features a 'max on' setting which allows the key to re-calibrate to detect subsequent touches when faced with an obstruction for a prolonged period of time. The sensor projects a touch or proximity field to several centimeters through any dielectric including glass, plastic, stone, ceramic, and even most kinds of wood. It can turn small metal-bearing objects into intrinsic sensors, making them responsive to proximity or touch. It is designed specifically for human interfaces and includes all hardware and signal processing functions necessary to provide stable sensing under a wide variety of changing conditions. Only a single low-cost capacitor is required for operation.

Key Parameters


Pin Count:


Touch Sensor Type:


# of Touch Channels:


Temp. Range (deg C):

-40 to 85

Operating Voltage (Vcc):

1.8 to 5.5

Interface Type:

Digital Output

Acquisition Method:



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AT42QT1010-MAH UDFN / USON 8MA4 8 Request

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