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ATA5781/ATA5782/ATA5783 Summary

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Low-power RF Receiver for RKE, PEG, RS and TPMS Systems

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Monolithic RF receiver IC for the automotive and smart RF markets, providing industry's lowest power consumption and high sensitivity. Automotive applications include remote keyless entry (RKE), passive entry go (PEG), remote start (RS) and tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) systems. In addition, the ATA5781 is also suited for various smart RF applications, for example, remote control systems such as garage door openers or telemetering applications.
The RF receiver IC provide high sensitivity at -122.5dBm typ. (0.75Kbit/s, FSK, Manchester code, at 433.92MHz) and -125dBm typ. (at 0.5Kbit/s, ASK, Manchester code, at 433.92MHz), respectively.
The ATA5781 achieves low power consumption through its superior blocking capabilities, which eliminate disturbances. With few disturbances, the digital logic is rarely awakened, resulting in a current consumption as low as 9.8mA typ. in receive mode (low-band, 310-318MHz, 418-477MHz, 1.2mA, 21ms cycle, 3-channel polling).
The ATA5781 combines RF functionality with a proven Atmel AVR® microcontroller core. Configuration via the EEPROM enables quick and seamless adaptation to the individual application needs. Programming is done via the SPI - even on-the-fly during operation.
The ATA5781 is a ready-to-use version with integrated firmware.

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ATA5781-WNQW QFN WN 32 Automotive(Grade 2) (-40°C to 105°C) Request

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