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ATA5830/ATA5830N Summary

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UHF ASK/FSK Transceiver

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The Atmel® ATA5830 is a highly integrated, low power UHF ASK/FSK RF-transceiver. The Atmel ATA5830 is partitioned into several sections; an RF frontend, a digital baseband, and a low power 8 bit AVR microcontroller. The product is designed for the ISM frequency bands in the ranges of 310 to 318MHz, 418 to 477MHz and 836 to 928MHz. External part count is kept to a minimum due to the very high level of integration in this device. By combining outstanding RF performance with highly sophisticated baseband signal processing, robust wireless communication can be easily achieved. The receive path uses a low-IF architecture with an integrated double quadrature receiver and digitized IF processing. This results in high image rejection and excellent blocking performance. The transmit path uses a closed loop fractional-N modulator with gaussian shaping and preemphasis functionality for high data rates. In addition, the highly flexible and configurable baseband signal processing allows the transceiver to operate in several scanning, wake-up and automatic self polling scenarios. For example, during polling the IC can seek certain message content (IDs) and save valid telegram data in the FIFO buffer for later retrieval. The device possess two receive paths that enable parallel search for two telegrams with different modulations, data rates, wake-up conditions, etc. The highly configurable and autonomous scanning capability enables polling of up to five application channels such as 3-channel RKE, TPMS, PEG. The configuration of the transceiver is stored in a 512 byte EEPROM. The SPI allows for external control and reconfiguration of the device. The internal microcontroller and 6KB Flash can be used to add customer extensions to the Atmel firmware. The debug wire and ISP interface are available for programming purposes.

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ATA5830-WNQW QFN WN 32 Automotive(Grade 2) (-40°C to 105°C) 0 Varies
ATA5830N-WNQW QFN WN 32 Automotive(Grade 2) (-40°C to 105°C) 0 Varies

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