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LF RFID Application Kit ATA2270-EK2 tool card

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ATA6286C Complete
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Embedded ultra low power AVR 8-bit micro-controller IC that integrates RF transmission and LF receiving functionality for wake-up purposes in a small QFN32 package.RF transmission is based on Atmel IP for 432-MHz to 448-MHz frequency ranges with a typical output power of up to 6dBm. Transmission is suited for ASK and FSK modulation with up to a 20-kbaud data rate in manchester mode.Its integrated programmable 125-kHz LF-receiver channel has an extremely low current consumption in active listening mode and is especially suited for wake-up purposes.

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Ordering Code Package Speed Power Supply Operational Range Comment Buy Online Samples
ATA6286C-PNPW QFN PN 32 Automotive(Grade 3) (-40°C to 85°C) Buy
ATA6286C-PNQW QFN PN 32 Automotive(Grade 3) (-40°C to 85°C) Buy