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ATA6843/ATA6844 Complete
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System basis chip for three-phase brushless DC motor controllers designed in the Atmel 0.8-µm SOI technology SMART-I.S.™. The chip forms a BLDC motor control unit for automotive applications in combination with a microcontroller and six discrete power MOSFETs. Works in extended supply voltage range from 5.25V up to 32V.It features a Tjunction of up to 150°C. Its circuits provide a 3.3V/5V linear regulator and a window watchdog. It includes various control and protection functions like overvoltage and over-temperature protection, adjustable short circuit detection, undervoltage management and coast function. Its drivers fulfill maximum safety requirements and offer a high integration level to save cost and space.

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Ordering Code Package Speed Power Supply Operational Range Comment Buy Online Samples
ATA6843-PLQW QFN PL 48 Automotive(Grade 0) (-40°C to 150°C) Buy Request