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ATSENSE101/201(H)/301(H) Complete

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ATSENSE-201(H) are multi-channel analog front end devices which integrate four simultaneously sampled Sigma-Delta A/D converters, a high-precision voltage reference with up to 10 ppm/°C temperature stability (H-versions), a programmable current signal amplification, a temperature sensor and an SPI interface. Designed to support energy measurement applications in combination with the Atmel® ATSAM4C device family that features a dedicated Cortex®-M4 processor and metrology library and a variety of sensors including Shunt, Current Transformer and Rogowski coils, the ATSENSE-201(H) achieve ANSI C12.20-2002 and IEC 62053-22 metering accuracy classes of up to 0.2% over 3000:1 current range.

Key Features

  • Analog Front End
    • Two-phase (ATSENSE-201(H)) Energy Metering Analog Front End for Atmel MCUs and Metrology Library
    • Compliant with Class 0.2 Standards (ANSI C12.20-2002 and IEC 62053-22)
    • Four Sigma-Delta ADC Measurement Channels: Two Voltages, Two Currents, 102 dB Dynamic Range
    • Current Channels with Pre-Gain (x1, x2, x4, x8) Supports Shunt, Current Transformer and Rogowski Coil
    • Dedicated Current Channel for Anti-tamper Measurement
    • Integrated SINC Decimation Filters. Output Data Rate: 16 kSps typical
    • Integrated 2.8V LDO Regulator to Supply Analog Functions
    • 3.0V to 3.6V Operation, Ultra Low Power: < 2.5 mW typical/Channel @ 3.3V
  • Precision Voltage Reference
    • Standard 1.2V Output Voltage with Possible External Bypass
    • Temperature Drift: 50 ppm typical (ATSENSE-201)
    • Temperature Drift: 10 ppm typical (ATSENSE-201H)
    • Factory-measured Temperature Drift and Die Temperature Sensor to perform Software Correction (ATSENSE-201H)
  • Digital Interface
    • 8.192 MHz Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible Mode 1 (8-bit) for ADC Data and AFE Controls
    • Interrupt Output Line Signaling ADC End-of-Conversion, Underrun and Overrun

Key Parameters


ADC Channels:


Dynamic Range:


Active Energy Accy (%):

0.1 %

Reactive Energy Accy (%):

0.2 %

Temp. Range (deg C):

-40 to 85

ADC Resolution (bits):


Meter Type:



Ordering Code Package Operational Range Carrier Type Samples Atmel Store Availability1 Unit Price2 Buy Online
ATSENSE201A-AUR TQFP 32A 32 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tape&Reel Request
ATSENSE201A-AU TQFP 32A 32 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tray Request
ATSENSE201HA-AU TQFP 32A 32 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tray Request
ATSENSE201HA-AUR TQFP 32A 32 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tape&Reel Request

1Backlog orders can be placed for items currently not available.
2Suggested retail price per unit for budgetary use only.