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A 224-node highly configurable touchscreen controller that is part of the Atmel maXTouch product platform. An optimal and scalable architecture enables smart processing of a capacitive touch image to accurately regenerate and report the user's interaction with the touchscreen. Multi-touch performance identifies and individually tracks touches and allows a range of built-in gestures to be reported to the host processor. The IC provides position data of 12-bit x 12-bit resolution, as well as information on the size and angle of touch. Position data is reported at >250Hz, providing fast and smooth finger tracking, making it suitable for use with demanding applications such as handwriting recognition. Due to the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 80:1, the device works well with fingertip touch and can also be used with a conductive stylus. It is designed to work in demanding, rapidly changing environments. Only the touchscreen area is touch-sensitive, allowing design freedom to place the chip on the main board or adjacent to the sensor. The device is ideally suited to mobile phone-sized touchscreens and can also be used on screens of up to 7", supporting single-touch or two-touch with a larger finger separation.

Key Parameters


Operating Voltage (Vcc):

1.8 to 3.3

Interface Type:


Max. Screen:

7 in



Touch Response:

>250 Hz