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A 1386-node multi-chip solution (4-chips) which is part of the Atmel maXTouch™ product platform. By combining charge transfer and powerful 32-bit AVR microcontroller technology, this high performance architecture enables unlimited touch up to 16 touches, fast response time at over 150Hz, and smart processing of a capacitive touch image to accurately regenerate and report user interaction with the touchscreen. By supporting grip suppression and palm rejection, the screen enables unconstrained usage and intuitive user experience. The device features multi-touch performance, enabling touches to be identified and individually tracked and allowing a range of built-in gestures to be reported to the host processor. Due to the high signal-to-noise ratio, the device works well with fingertip touch and can also be used with a conductive stylus. It has been designed to work in demanding, rapidly changing environments. As only the touchscreen area is touch-sensitive, designers are free to place the chip on the main board or adjacent to the sensor. The mXT1386 is ideally suited to tablet PC, MID, smartbook, and PC supporting up to 15.6" touchscreens. It supports various OS including Linux, Android, and Windows as well as host interfaces like I2C and USB.

Key Parameters


Max. Screen:

15.6 in



Touch Response: