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The Atmel® maXTouch® mXT1664S capacitive touchscreen controller brings the S Series architecture to large touchscreen devices. The mXT1664S benefits from the powerful 32-bit AVR® core and, as a result of the S Series architecture, it has the industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), providing unrivalled touch performance. As with the other devices in the S Series, the mXT1664S includes:

  • Our thinner sensors, which enable the thinnest touchscreen stacks with the noisiest displays.
  • maXCharger™ Technology, which ensures flawless operation with any charger.

The mXT1664S delivers industry-leading performance in terms of narrow stylus operation, touch responsiveness and low power consumption. With 1,664 nodes, the device can deliver high-precision performance on tablets and notebooks, enabling designers to reach Windows 8 certification.

Key Parameters




Max. Screen:

17.3 in

Interface Type:


Touch Response:

>200 Hz

Operating Voltage (Vcc):

1.8 to 12.0