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Maker Faire Rome 2015

October 16 – 18, 2015
Sapienza University of Rome
Rome, Italy


Atmel is a Silversmith Sponsor at this this year’s Maker Faire Rome. In the Atmel booth, you’re going to find those in the MakerSpace and others in the MarketPlace. Any idea today could be the next big thing tomorrow! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet these Makers and learn about their ideas and be a part of tomorrow.

Who will you see?

ACME Systems




Design and manufacturing of Linux embedded boards based on Atmel MPU. Hi-quality CPU modules designed for the professional market for long term availability, high reliability, low power consumption, low EMI and right price.

Arduboy is a game system the size of a credit card, powered by arduino. Create your own games or download from a free library of open source games online.

Intoino KITS are DIY educational kits for kids, student and makers to learn coding and electronics building amazing connected projects. Perfect to engage everyone with STEM and Internet of Things in a fun and easy way.

1Sheeld turns your smartphone into 40+ Arduino Shield. It’s a board with Bluetooth module and a mobile app that allows you to open your smartphone sensors and capabilities to use it with Arduino.




The Cosino Project by HCE Engineering Srl provides to developers highly reliable CPU modules, custom carrier boards and specific peripherals designed for quick developing in the Industry environment. By a dedicated site, on-line documentation and specific articles you can find whatever you need to build up a professional industrial applications.

Escaping from dangerous dark or smoke-filled structures quickly is crucial for the firefighters who save thousands of lives on a daily basis. In those situations, a rigid and novel indoor navigation device would be of major help. A prototype based on Arduino platform using BNO055 - Absolute orientation sensor from Bosch Sensortec illustrates the capabilities of such a device.

Quin Etnyre is a 14 year old Maker from California. He attended his first Maker Faire at the age of 10, and it was all Arduino after that! He loves embedded electronics and has invented his own line of products for his company, Qtechknow. He has enjoyed teaching kids and adults how to use the Arduino. He recently successfully funded his Qduino Mini, an Arduino-compatible tiny board with a battery charger and monitor, raising $45K and shipping on time with SparkFun in August 2015. He has traveled to San Francisco, New York, Rome, Shenzhen, and the White House to present and demo his projects with Atmel, and has also appeared in Popular Science, Make Magazine, and on the BBC and


While you’re visiting the Atmel booth, make sure and:

  • Take a selfie with @TheAVRMan
  • Pick up your swag. Lots to choose from!
  • Enter into a drawing for an Arduino Shields with the Adapter Boards

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