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Extension Board for STK500 and STK501 to Support AT90CAN128
Add-ons and Accessories
The Atmel® XPRO-Shield Adapter enables Xplained Pro boards to be extended using Arduino shields. It uses two Xplained Pro header connectors and provides a UNO/R3 compatible connector, as well as switches to easily configure pin routing, and break-out headers for extra pins on the target Xplained Pro board. The shield adapter can also be powered from external power supply.
Add-ons and Accessories
The Atmel® Debug Adapter Shield is compatible with Arduino boards and shields, which is used to program and debug Arduino boards using IDE’s like Atmel Studio.
Add-ons and Accessories
A gadget designed to inspire people to play with Atmel development kits and have fun.
Add-ons and Accessories
In-System Programming Cable with Parallel Port
Add-ons and Accessories
AT89C51CC02 Adapter
Add-ons and Accessories

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